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August 28, 2016

Present: Burgess, Russ, Corey, Paul (facilitating), Marilyn (minutes), Donny, Richard, Gatlin, Ramona

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Labor credit received in exchange for in-kind donations to the coop is limited to four hours monthly.

Richard: This is to address the problem of people avoiding their labor by buying food instead.

Points of information and clarifying questions

Donny: What is the effect on backlog?

Richard: He would apply this going forward.

Paul: This would be purchased items?

Richard: Anything that someone provides, e.g., a donated couch, would be counted as in-kind contribution.

Russ: Would this apply to pizza?

Burgess: Yes, unless it is pizza on a night when one is assigned to cook.

Richard: Disagrees, says ordering pizza would count as a now-show.

Corey: You would still get a no-show for cook, but ordering pizza would be capped at 4 hours a month.

Madeleine: You could buy pizza twice a month and prepare a meal the other two nights.

Paul: What percentage of our labor is done this way?

Richard: Across the house, very little, but some cooks have done it 50% of the time and used it to make up other non-cooking no-shows.

Friendly amendments and concerns

Richard: Cap at 3 instead of 4, because with 4 we are allowing people to buy off 1/4 of their labor.

Points of information, clarifying questions:

Paul: Not 1/4 because some months have 5 weeks

Richard: You are right. Most months have 4 Mondays, which we count as the start of a new week.


Paul: How is this different from last week's proposal?

Richard: Last week's included only in-kind donations of food.

Friendly amendment accepted.

Proposal accepted as amended.

Agenda Item 2

(Richard) Review and possibly dismiss a collection of sundry no-shows.

Richard: Corey no-showed Carey for no food, but Carey bought pizza, and at the time of the occurrence there was no limit on buying pizza.

Corey: Rescinded

Richard: Carey no-showed Chris for failure to buy food

Carey: There were carrots and a few other things and from KAF, but not enough to cook with.

Ramona: She had to buy food in order to cook.

Richard: He will accept this as a no-show and allow Chris to contest it.

Agenda Item 3

(Carey ) Contest remaining no-shows for bread/bathroom labor. ~9.5 hours.

Carey: At that time he was spending 2-3 hours on bread donations; the labor was getting done, and he was bringing bread in during inclement weather, but he didn't always sign off his labor, and a no-show for that is ridiculous.

Points of information and clarifying questions

Burgess: It's not ridiculous to automatically no-show for not signing off.

Corey: There were 3-4 weeks when trash was not being taken out of the bathroom, and there was no sign off.

Carey: Says he was signing off.

Richard: There were nearly 20 no-shows, most of them because of no signature. Hannah reviewed the sign off sheets and Richard reviewed. Merely non-signing is granted for the asking. In this case multiple people have said the bathroom was not cleaned.

Carey: Says he will not clean toilets for several hours after several hours of hauling bread.

Corey: We don't know it if you don't sign, and we didn't see the 3 hours you are claiming for hauling bread.

Paul: We don't have a record and others report that labor was not being done.

Richard: We don't have any new information this week, so I think last week's decision is sensible.

Carey: I did the labor and I was no-showed. People could have complained.

Madeleine: Maybe someone who didn't no-show you didn't complain because they just thought non-signing would a no-show.

Russ: It's unfortunate that there wasn't earlier communication about what you were doing.

Carey: And Richard wasn't keeping the records and notifying me.

Corey: You did admit to not always cleaning the bathroom, but you are asking us to credit you for other labor that you did not record.

Richard: Carey came to him saying there wasn't enough to do in the bathroom to account for an hour, and he could combine that with bread delivery to make an hour. But there was an uptick in bread delivery?

Carey: Yes, and sometimes there were large volumes of bread they asked me to take.

Ramona: We should take into account that he is a good cook and laborer and we should not upset him. This may not be a big issues to others in the house, and he feels deeply about this.

Corey: During all of this period of time were bread and bathroom tied together?

Richard: Yes, at first there was regular signing but that stopped once the bread deliveries were rolled in with bathroom labor.

Gatlin: So if either activity counted toward credit, and he was doing some of it,

The proposal passes.

New business

Donny: 30 minute maintenance meetings every week will start Monday (tomorrow), but there not be a meeting on Labor Day.

Richard: There may be confusion over what has been passed re: the backlog of labor, and the hard deadline is September 8.

Madeleine: CHEA is having a retreat October 8 at Pace Bend. No agenda planned yet. It will be a camping trip. Talk to her or Joshua if you have ideas.

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