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August 21, 2016

Present: Melissa, McAllen, Donny, Victor, Ashli, Burgess, Michelle, Paul, Garrett, Hannah, Ramona, Joshua, Richard, Corey

Meet and Greet

Review of Minutes

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Agenda Item 1

(Joshua) Discuss and vote on a name for the new pantry fridge.

I suggest “TARS” from Interstellar.

A suggestion list will be put on the fridge and later voted on

Agenda Item 2

(Richard) Unless covering the no-show of another member, food-related (cooking or buying) makeup labor is capped at three hours per month.

Richard: People are regularly opting out of assigned labor and making it up with food-related labor, so capping that labor would decrease the problem.

Michelle: The kids occasionally don't come to the kids program, sometimes as often as 2 weeks a month. This prevents me from being able to make up those hours.

Corey: Would this also apply for somebody who has dinner cook but orders food instead?

Richard: Considered that, but no it doesn't address that

Paul: What percentage of makeup hours are done through this, how many hours would this eliminate?

Richard: Depending on the person, up to 40 hours over 6 months.

Concerns and Friendly Amendments

Michelle: I have pre-arthritic symptoms in my back so I can't do alot of the makeup labor e.g. maintenance. Everybody eats the food when I bring it so I don't see what the problem is.

Richard: The way I handle makeup labor that isn't doable every week is to just put it on the schedule. E.g. he put Carey on the schedule for bread pickup/bathroom.

Ashli: Out of two problems, people opting out of labor on the one hand and our massive no-show backlog on the other, the second is way bigger. This seriously undermines our ability to make up labor and come out of a labor debt, and for some of us food-related makeup labor is one of the few labor tasks we can regularly do.

Donny: I think what Richard's trying to solve here is people opting out of labor, which undermines the labor schedule. Maybe this could be turned into a very general labor item that could be more helpful, because the way it's written is very specific and targeted.

Richard: I'm just responding to the bulk of where this opting out is coming from, I don't want to de-incentivize makeup labor in general

Corey: I agree with Donny

Burgess: I don't think a week passes that myself or Marilyn don't pay for part of the ingredients for the dishes we make, and there are other cooks too who regularly take money out of their pockets.

Michelle: Those of us who are in a massive labor debt, can we be allowed a chance to get closer to zero before this is enacted?

Paul: I feel this is singling out particular people, I feel the cap is too low, I feel this isn't the right time to do it when people are doing it with a 6-month backlog of labor

Richard: I did have a more general proposal originally, you (Paul) suggested I just target food

Victor: When I cook, I always put in more than an hour and a half, I don't have a problem with this.

Burgess: My comments weren't directed at Michelle

Ashli: These comments aren't respecting that for some of us putting down money to buy food is a sacrifice

Melissa: I understand where you're coming, but we have this standard so that people who do have means don't abuse the system by buying their way out of labor hours

Donny: I'd like to wait on this agenda item and see if we can generalize it more

Michelle: What do you mean in the meantime we'd generalize it?

Donny: I'm basically just saying we should table it, and we should make it about more than food

Joshua: I don't see any difference between dinner cooks buying a pizza when they don't make a dish, and people buying extra food to add to the labor when they're not scheduled for it - it fills labor holes. I think it's a bad policy, and the worst time to enact it

McAllen: Essential labor shouldn't be thrown by the wayside, and surplus labor used to replace it.

Garrett: If we pass a house policy allowing us to exchange $10 of buying food for 1 hour of labor, we're all saying as a house that that's okay

Paul: Still thinks 3 hours is very low

Victor: Addressing the monetary financial issue, I'm on a fixed income and I pay for and put out dishes without asking for labor credit

Item tabled by Richard

Agenda Item 3

(Richard) Review and possibly dismiss a collection of sundry no-shows

Richard: One of these was of Carey for Chris, the no-show was based on inability to find an ingredient in the kitchen. As far as Richard knows, there's no expectation on Food Buyer to keep any one ingredient in the kitchen.

Melissa: I took a picture of the fridge on the day Chris was no-showed.

Corey: In the future, no-shows like this should give details, e.g. what ingredients weren't available, if we're going to take them seriously.

Richard: (Having looked at the picture) It seems Chris was making a good-faith effort, so dropping the no-show

Richard: The next is by Hannah. She no-showed every coordinator who didn't show up to the coordinators' meeting. At best, it's a premature no-show (if coordinators don't make up that hour through their coordinator labor)

Hannah: These people didn't do any kind of reporting via meeting or email for the whole month prior to that meeting

Richard: Then it's inconsistent, because several other coordinators didn't put out reports for July

Hannah: I don't want it to fall on me to make these people accountable again.

Hannah suspends no-shows

Richard: Last week Carey did a no-show of me for four or five days in a row. One of them I agreed with. One of them was based on people writing incorrect labor information on the sheets, which Richard isn't responsible for. Carey seems to be on a vindictive streak against me. I'd like to toss these and issue a yellow card for Carey.

Paul: Which one did you agree with him on?

Richard: For getting the labor report out late, which Carey interpreted as not doing it at all and thus no-showing him. Does anybody want to join in on a yellow card? I think this is uncooperative behavior.

Garrett: Currently, if a no-show is written for somebody, the Labor Czar reviews it?

Richard: In some cases the Labor Czar uses their discretion, in cases where it's uncertain they take it to the table.

Agenda Item 4

(Ari – Monkeywrench Books) Hi La Reunion,

I just wanted to send over the agreement we discussed at your meeting. We have divided it into what we will expect from you, what you can expect from us, and what we will both be responsible for. There is also an appendix at the end with Contributor levels defined.

Both Parties: 1. The minimal term of this agreement in terms of payment is September 15, 2016 – September 15, 2017. The length of this term may be extended to September 15, 2018 or September 15, 2019 if agreed upon by both parties. 2. The minimal term of this agreement in terms of goods delivered is October 15, 2016 – October 15, 2017. The length of this term may be extended if both parties agree on length of time and if payment terms are extended. 3. The minimum amount to become a contributor is $20 a month, or one installment to cover the course of 12 months ($240).

Monkeywrench Books: 1. Monkeywrench Books will deliver zines, buttons, and other applicable ephemera and services according to your Contributor level by the 15th of every month starting October 15, 2016. 2. Monkeywrench Books will ensure that all volunteers starting October 15, 2016 can provide all in store services such as coffee and discounts. 3. Monkeywrench Books will keep La Reunion informed of the initial contract details with the copy machine servicer, as well as any subsequent changes that may arise with the copy machine servicer. 4. Monkeywrench Books will be available for communication via email for any questions or concerns that may arise.

La Reunion: 1. La Reunion will designate the amount of money you would like to contribute (minimum $20), and you understand you may increase the amount at any time; however, you may not decrease the initial or subsequent amounts (if you desire to increase) during the year. 2. La Reunion is agreeing to pay the designated amount by the 15th of every month, or you agree to pay in one installment by September 15, 2016 to cover a period of at least 12 months. 3. La Reunion understand that the minimum commitment as a Contributor is one year, and you will keep Monkeywrench Books updated on any changes in accordance to your agreement as a Contributor. You also agree to be in communication about any questions or concerns you may have. 4. La Reunion is allowed to collect funds from co-operative members according to your own discretion, as long as funds are available for Monkeywrench Books by the 15th of the month or by September 15, 2016.

Please take a look at the following appendix with our Contributor Levels. Please let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to let us know when you have reached a decision!

Thanks for your time! Sean, Ari & Xy Underground Publishing Wing Of Monkeywrench Books

Contributor Levels:

$20/mo: - 15% discount for all members - Free Coffee - Zine Delivery: 5 copies of 1 title a month - Freebies!

$45/mo: everything above PLUS - Zine Delivery: 5 copies of 2 titles a month - Zine Menu (you pick two from a list of ten zines on that month's subject) - Grab Bag of Buttons

$60/mo: everything above PLUS - Free Book for Co-op Library - Poster delivery (four times a year) - Regular “sponsored in part by” spot in our newsletter


Burgess: What's a zine?

Paul: A small-form publication often with political content

Corey: I personally think if we do this, it should be a pass-the-hat, individual contribution arrangement

Melissa: I don't see any point of La Re supporting this as a co-op because we don't get any needed benefit from it

Not taking this up as a house

Corey: The question is, if we still make this happen through individual contribution, are people comfortable with the contribution being made on behalf of La Reunion

Yes by straw poll

Agenda Item 5

(Carey ) Contest no-shows for bread and bathroom labor.

Paul: Reads statement - “I believe there are ample witnesses to the fact that I was regularly bringing in bread during this period, often multiple times a week and sometimes in large, physically taxing volumes. I also maintained the bread-rack, disposing of old breads and cleaning the containers to stave off molding. The bathroom was in low use and was attended on an as-needed basis during this time according to my availability. I do not believe I should have any no-shows for this labor.”

Paul: How many no-shows is this?

Richard: 19, and that's at one hour a week

Hannah: I counted them as no-shows because Carey didn't sign

Donny: What I think he's saying is that he was on the schedule for bread and bathroom, that the bathroom didn't need much doing but he was doing the bread regularly so he shouldn't be no-showed.

Hannah: In some cases if he just signed off for one, we still gave him the benefit of the doubt and gave him credit.

Corey: There was a time when it looked like nobody had cleaned the bathroom for a while

Hannah: We could do some arrangement like 50/50, where we keep half of the no-shows

Corey: If he has been doing bread labor, he at least hasn't been doing deliveries from Texas French Bread for part of the time

Richard: Carey did let me know when he switched jobs, and within a week of that he was switched to laundry labor

McAllen: If I were in a situation where I needed to cover one labor with another, I'd communicate with the Labor Czar about it

Donny: How long ago was this?

Richard: About 2 months ago. He's now on bathroom and laundry room

Friendly amendment to cut no-shows to half

Donny: Concern that we have a lack of facts, there's alot of uncertainty

McAllen: Why was he no-showed

Richard: He didn't sign

Melissa: Does he know that's why he's being no-showed?

Richard: He does

Corey: Concern that if he continues this behavior, this will happen again the next time a no-show report comes out.

Proposal passes with amendment

Agenda Item 6

(Victor) Discuss co-ops ability to supply the nutritionally-necessary six glasses of milk per day during radiation therapy.

Victor: I'm having several operations in the next couple days. They can't start radiation therapy until those operations have healed. They say I'll have to maintain a certain amount of calories per day because my body will be struggling to heal itself. Six cans of Ensure or Glucerna will supply half of this, so six glasses of milk would supply the rest. Throughout this, I won't be able to eat any other co-op food. This works out to a little over 2 gallons of milk a week. I'm not worried about the logistics of it but only to see if the co-op finds the arrangement (providing milk to Victor) acceptable.

Ramona: Will food stamps help cover this?

Victor: No, I'm on a government program that makes me ineligible for food stamps.

Garrett: How do we get milk?

Paul: Chris picks it up from Costco Ramona: It sounds like a very worthy thing to do

Paul: Is this something you spoke to Chris about?

Victor: Not yet, I wanted to get house approval first

Paul: How much does this cost?

Melissa: About how much it costs for each co-oper's share of the food and dinner program, it's about equivalent

Corey: Restating agenda item - The Food Buyer will, in addition to what they're already buying, buy 3 gallons of milk a week to be delivered to Victor in unit 211, for up to 10 weeks.

Donny: I don't want us to in any way imply that the House is buying medical services

Ramona: What role does Meals and Wheels play?

Burgess: They don't deliver milk

Proposal passes

New business

Donny: Progress report on income forms: We're still waiting on answers to our questions from Doug. We could start to hand them out, but I really think we need an answer to these questions or there's going to be a bunch of confusion. In the meantime, ICAST is asking for us to fill out Austin Energy release forms and submit them to Paul.

Donny: Per Melissa's question, I want to switch to doing a half-hour maintenance meeting every week.

Hannah: I'm working to organize a Wooten Neighborhood Happy Hour at Mr. Tramps bar once a month. This coming Tuesday 6-8pm

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