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July 17, 2016

Present: Donny, Paul, Russ, Victor, Corey, Ms. Cynthia, Ryan, Lauren, Garrett, Melissa, Ashli, McAllen

Meet and Greet

Garrett's 2nd meeting. Lived at 21st Street for a year and a half, was Maintenance Coordinator. No pets, no allergies.

Accepted as prospective member.

Review of Minutes


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Agenda Item 1

(Paul) Update Treasurer and Bookkeeper descriptions to state, “Accept only checks, money orders, and Dwolla.” We've been accepting Dwolla most of this year, but have not updated the manual accordingly. Eventually this should also be changed in the contract as well.

Paul: It’s really a contract with CHEA, so I’ve been nervous to do it without house approval

Donny: Yes, it should go through the board if it goes through the CHEA contract.

No concerns or amendments

Agenda item 1 passed

New business

New business #1

(Melissa speaking on Ms. Cynthia’s request) When DCU people don’t do their job, that’s been falling on Ms. Cynthia to pick up the burden, which isn’t at all fair to her. Melissa recommends having a back-up DCU person who isn’t Ms. Cynthia, or alternatively that Ms. Cynthia should be financially reimbursed via the labor fine system.

Donny: Is there a no-show sheet coming up? If DCU people aren’t being no-showed there’s not going to be any accountability for this.

Melissa: Clarifies that the financial reimbursement was her idea, not Ms. Cynthia’s.

Paul: Can somebody speak with Ms. Cynthia that it isn’t her responsibility and that she can claim labor credit for it?

Ashli: That doesn’t solve the problem. Ms. Cynthia has tons of hours of labor credit racked up if she ever wanted to claim it, it’s going to keep adding up, she’s going to keep doing it, and nothing’s going to change.

Melissa: It doesn’t solve the problem. Dinner clean-up still has to get done.

Russ: What’s the process if we notice somebody’s not doing their DCU?

Lauren: I think the Labor Czar is behind on informing the co-op who’s not doing their labor?

Paul: Right, there hasn’t been a no-show sheet sent out on a monthly basis.

Corey: I think there’s at least one person we can member review just based on knowing they’re not doing their labor, regardless of when the no-show sheet comes out.

Melissa: Would it be possible for Meg, as Kitchen Manager, to just do a check if DCU’s been done?

Lauren, Donny: Yes, she’s been doing that regularly.

Melissa and Ashli will discuss an agenda item for a back-up DCU position, in the meantime anyone who sees DCU not done is encouraged to step up and claim credit for it.

New Business #2

(Corey) Things have been wild with rent because of the break-in. There’s also been a delay with maintenance because we don’t have house credit cards to shop with yet. Please give rent checks or copies of your money orders directly to Corey, since we obviously need to get rent paid this month and fixing the rent box is gonna take some time. We have paid our lease payment to CHEA for this month, though, from our reserve fund.

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