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July 10, 2016

Present: Donny (facilitating), Madeleine, McAllen, Paul, Marilyn (minutes), Victor, Nolan, Lauren

Meet and Greet


Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Paul) Establish a bike program at La Reunion, a la Orange Bike Project (OBP) at 21st St, with a small amount of labor and budget. We already have some co-op bikes, but no bike library/renting system yet. OBP rents co-op bikes out, but I was thinking just a bike library for residents and friends for now. With space and a little motivation we can do nearly all bike repairs here. I plan to ask Yellow Bike Project for help procuring a stand and tools once I have the co-op's go-ahead.

Create a Bike Wrangler position:

  • Maintain co-op bicycles and and note their users.
  • Help members repair their bicycles.
  • Help to fix or remove broken or unusable bicycles locked up on our racks.
  • Run public bike education workshops at least twice a year, possibly working with people at Orange or Yellow Bike Project. Teach skills like replacing tubes, patching, along with more advanced topics.

Ideally this would be an appointed 1 hour labor position, with $10/month budget for tools and supplies (under the maintenance category).

Clarifying questions: Madeleine: What color would we call the bike project? Paul: Don't have a name yet. Not sure where we would house it; could store bikes at Yellow Bikes until we have a designated space. Where would the education workshops be? Here, for us, and advertise it outside, too, and tell Marley to tell everyone in the neighborhood. Points of information: at 21st St there is a Bike Master and a Bike Squire.

Concerns/Friendly Amendments: FA from Nolan re: bikes on railings: Add another bullet, “Make sure that bikes are locked in appropriate places.” Accepted by Paul and the proposal as amended passes unanimously.

Agenda Item 2

(Paul) Remove “hostelers” part of Membership Coordinator description. We have not ever, do not, and are not planning on accepting hostelers in lieu of residents. This is a holdover from the Sasona Membership Coordinator description. Wax it.

Paul: One of the longest parts of the coordinator description is about this, and it is not something that LaRe does. Clarifying questions: What if we want to have a hosteler? Reply: We can bring it to the house if we want to. Why can't we have a paying guest? Because it gets into the politically hot city issues about rules and regulations of short-term rentals.

New Business

Do we want to have a movie night? I will send a survey. Nolan: Speakers have been stolen, so we can't.

Paul: The Commons was burgled Friday morning, and rent checks were taken. If you put your check in the box before July you should cancel it. There will be no late fees this month.

Meg: Presents the various options about buying a new refrigerator. Melissa suggests that we just turn up the temp in the freezer side of the “Food Unit/Mothra” refrigerator in the kitchen and bypass replacing the pantry fridge until we can do a remodel and bring in a commercial refrigerator.

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