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June 19, 2016

Present: Paul (facilitating), Ryan, McAllen, Angus, Richard (minutes), Lauren, Nolan, Sarah

Meet and Greet

Angus, first meeting. Interested in moving in. Would like a single room. No pets or pet allergies. Enjoys cleaning labor (especially toilets).

Review of Minutes

Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Ryan) Budget

Has three budget scenarios: $7.50 increase, $10.00 increase, and $15.00 increase (sent to mailing list). Anticipated fees (late fees and no-show fines) are now being included in the budget. In all scenarios, the kitchen and food budgets would go up by $100 apiece. The fixer is fully funded in the $10 and $15 budgets.

New business

Ryan: ACBA potlock on Wednesday (June 22) at Whitehall.

Corey: There are still officer nominations going. There might be another nomination period if some positions aren't filled.

Angus: Party at the Treehouse Coop on Saturday (June 25)!

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