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May 29, 2016

Present: Russ, Richard, Ryan (facilitating), Hannah, Eliciia, Marilyn (minutes), Lauren, Chase

Meet and Greet

Timothy, acquaintance of Ryan through Casar campaign, Austin since high school;, UT graduate; no pets or pet allergies, would like to share an apt., current lease ends in August but he has some flexibility, could do maintenance, willing to learn other jobs.

Melanie, former UT co-op resident and also lived in a mega co-op in Los Angeles. Immigration rights attorney, doing detention center work, will be traveling till November or December. Would like to move in then and share an apt. Has allergies to cats and dogs and nuts. Open to any labor, likes being outside.

Review of Minutes

Accepted with amendments: The first item, to provide $1356 to CHEA for late-tax penalty, was accepted; amendment by Russ saying that there is now a squegee in the courtyard for clearing standing water.

Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Increase labor credit for Dinner Cook and DCU to 1.5 hours, reduce labor credit for trash patrol to 0.5 hours. Consider those who wish to stay scheduled at over four hours as volunteering for extra labor each week (i.e., no extra labor credit). Allow the Labor Czar 1-2 weeks to work these new values into the schedule.

Richard: Certain positions require more time or less time, and some are time-critical/high responsibility and deserve more credit (DCU, dinner cook). He is asking for extra time to fill in some gaps on the schedule before it is finalized. He is willing to put in the time to do that. No PoI, CQ's, or concerns. Accepted by consensus.

Agenda Item 2

(Richard) Adjust labor credit for the following officerships to 3 hours apiece: Board Representative, Bookkeeper, Events Coordinator, Food Buyer, Labor Czar, Maintenance Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Treasurer. These new values will be effective at the start of the new officer terms.

Richard: We have to twist arms to get people to sign up for officer positions, partly because of time, partly because of responsibility. PoI: Lauren says she spends more than 2 hours on events. PoI: Maintenance is being reduced from 4 to 3, while the others are being increased from 2 to 3. Concerns: Hannah brings a friendly amendment to include a requirement that after the next officer elections the coordinators report at house meetings at least once a term. Accepted by Richard. Discussion about the exact schedule for reporting. Amendment: The Steward will be responsibile for scheduling the reports. Accepted by Richard. The proposal and amendments were accepted by consensus.

New business

Party update by Lauren: Next Saturday's La Re anniversary party will start at 5 p.m.; the moon bounce will be here from 5 to 9 p.m.; she is working on getting a keg. We will have tarot readings by LoveStar! Lauren is planning barbecue. She will reach out to the Saturday cooks to make appropriate sides. Richard wonders if there will be someone overseeing the kids, and Lauren says she will request people to work shifts for that. An official hat was proposed. She would like help with decorations and will send out an e-mail and Facebook announcement about what is heeded.

Ryan: The Baby Boomer Co-op development at The Grove has funding from the National Co-op Bank and has developer approval; we need to support the development in order for this to go forward. There are important meetings June 1, June 7, and June 16. The developer is offering rides in a limo bus! Ryan also recommends attending the ACBA forum at the Fourth Tap Co-op. Contact Rya for more information.

Russ: Does the co-op have an emergency preparedness plan? His stepbrother works in this field, and he will us bring some ideas.

Ryan: There will be a march for pedestrian safety awareness, and Ryan will have a meeting with a Casar staffer this week to find out more.

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