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May 22, 2016

Present: Burgess, David, Don, Donny, Gatlin (facilitating), Hannah, Joshua, Michael, Richard (minutes),

Meet and Greet

Michael: First meeting, no allergies of any kind

David: Second meeting, accepted as prospective member.

Review of Minutes

Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Joshua) Contribute $1356 to CHEA from La Re Savings account to cover 60% (usual share of expenses based on membership capacity) of IRS penalty for filing 2014 form 990 113 days late.

NOTE: Interest begins to accrue on June 6th. Bad things happen when you don't pay the IRS.

Ninja edit by Corey: Sasona also has a proposal to cover the other 40% on their agenda for tonight.

QC from David: Why were we late?

Joshua: I became treasurer of CHEA in January, and there was a discussion with our accountant in which it came up. It turns out we are very late.

PoI from Russ: I've heard of zero-balance accounts that empty into a second account at the end of each night.

QC from Burgess: Is the account interest-bearing?

Joshua: No, it is a checking account.

[accepted by consensus]

Agenda Item 2

(Donny on behalf of Don Marshall) Address Don's officer review of maintenance coordinator position. (Reasons and signatures posted on Commons corkboard. Last week, Don requested this be added to the following week's agenda)


Agenda Item 3

(Corey, Joshua, Paul) Officer review of Don (Maintenance Coordinator)

PoI from Joshua: I signed mostly because of the fire extinguisher thing. I feel it was handled poorly and is under the purview of maintenance. I also feel that in general there has been a lack of coordination and leadership.

PoI from Don: He came to last week's maintenance meeting thinking it was the member review, and he seemed to want to participate in the discussion.

PoI from Richard: There have been previous maintenance coordinators who have done as little coordinating, but it's now complicated by the fact that the maintenance crew is also doing nearly nothing.

PoI from Hannah: I feel he's done at least as much as any coordinator, but perhaps not in coordinating.

PoI from Donny: He was more engaged his first term and less so this term.

PoI from Don: When I do call maintenance meetings, no one shows up. If someone else wants to take the reigns, that's cool.

PoI from Burgess: I haven't witnessed anyone changing my air filter. There is a prescribed schedule to change the drain on the new refrigerators and freezers.

PoI from Michael: I handle maintenance at Avalon Coop. When I inherited the position, it wasn't clear to how to track issues. I setup a system with a clipboard hanging on my door for people to report issues.

QC from Michael: How can this few people make such a decision?

QC from Hannah: When are the new elections?

Richard: New terms begin the first Monday of July. Election must happen in time for that.

[decision of “no action” determineed by straw poll]

New business

Hannah: A housing affordability report I helped write will be presented at Scholz Beer Garden, Thursday at 6PM.

Donny: William did some maintenance makeup labor in my unit replacing bathroom tiles.

Joshua: There has been a bit of standing water in the courtyard. We should do something about it since mosquito season is coming.

PoI from Russ: I'll put a squeegee out in the courtyard for people to use.

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