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April 24, 2016

Present:, Maggie, Burgess, Cynthia, Marilyn (minutes)

Meet and Greet

Ramona T, 2nd meeting, former cooper, would like to move in but since there isn't space right now hopes to become an Associate and visit for meals regularly. Working. No pets. Has been an officer and loves to cook, has skills as editor, web design, interested in mediation. Accepted as a potential member.

Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Corey) Reimburse Corey for half the cost ($37.50 of $74.99 without tax included) of new printer toner for his printer. About 75%-80% of the printer's use is for Co-op stuff (Wiki updates, board minutes, financial notices / notices to vacate, and any other house related things sent to me when the commons printers aren't working).

Corey: He acted on his own to buy toner, after using what had been left in the office in the past. He has a receipt. Q: Why not reimburse the total cost? Maggie would like to be fair in a way Corey might not be fair to himself. A: He uses the toner for some of his own business and feels half the cost is “an easier ask.” Item accepted by consensus.

New business

Corey: our House Manual has a new section with CHEA policies on grievance procedure and harrassment policy. It is not yet on a web site. The MemCo's will have everyone sign an addendum to their leases acknowledging the new policies and procedures.

Hannah: Invites others to a meeting tomorrow night on housing planning for the city (North Village Library, Burnet & Steck) at 6 p.m.

Corey: He has been working to put together computer, TV, and arcade game for the former office space in the Commons. The computer and TV are usable.

Donny: Do we know the status of the purchase of the required fire extinguisher; we are expecting the inspector this week. No one at the meeting knew the answer to this; DJ has been looking into it and needs a definitive answer on what to buy. Consensus of the meeting was that DJ should go ahead and make a decision and get the mounting clamp ASAP.

Cynthia: The dish raid was not required as people have returned most missing dishware.

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