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April 3, 2016

Present: Alex, Maggie, Russ, William, Richard (facilitating), Marilyn (minutes), Chris, Corey, Lauren, Joshua

Meet and Greet

Erich: second meeting; born and raised in Cuba “in a sharing mentality.” Emigrated to Germany for 7 years; in U.S. 12 years. Is interested in living here. Is interested in sharing a unit. No pets or pet allergies. Good do maintenance, is not an expert but grew up in a family that fixes things. Has a regular source of income (works with Gatlin). Accepted as a prospective member.

Review of Minutes

Minutes accepted

Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(William Browning) Contest 'No-Show' for DCU on Friday 3-25-16 as this was the night of the Good Friday party. Tabled by William.

New business

Corey on behalf of Steward. Yellow card submitted by Michelle, D.J., and Andi P: Andy and Michelle got into a disagreement over the apt. temperature; Andy is alleged to have defaced the thermostat and made it impossible for Michelle to adjust the temperature. Situation may need mediator.

Richard: Will be posting a notice about the April 16 labor holiday tomorrow and posting a list of projects people can sign up for.

Corey: There is an annual income statement that each of us needs to fill out so that we can have documentation that we are providing housing for low-income residents. If you haven't completed one you will receive an-mail from Corey with a link to a Google Doc. The documents are kept locked up, and reporting is anonymized. Also reminds us that it is time to pay rent.

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