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March 6, 2016

Present: William, Meg, Corey, Cynthia, Paul, Ryan, Marilyn (minutes), Richard

Meet and Greet

Victor Hauser, 2nd meeting, referred by Abby at Caritas lived at 2 co-ops in the past and served as cook and was in administrative and board positions. Recently moved back to Austin. Accepted as a prospective member.

Review of Minutes

Reviewed and accepted

Wiki Updates

Laundry room clean has added cleaning of exterior dryer vent.

Membership policies have changed to require only 1 hour labor per week, and remove CHEA members from priority for admission.

We have removed recursive amendments from the consensus process.

Officer descriptions have been added for steward and safety officer.

Agenda Item 1

(Richard) Reduce late fee to $10.

Current late rent fee is $25, and Richard points out that this hits the people least able to afford it. This would apply to both late fees, on the 7th and the 21st. Ryan, the treasurer, and Corey, the bookkeeper agree this would be okay. The item passes by consensus.

New business

Ryan: We should have a standard mileage reimbursement to apply to all the labor that requires driving. He would have no trouble cutting checks when mileage is reported. He wants this to become a house policy to make it equitable for all.

Richard: Labor Holiday Proposals, later in March or early April, date TBA. Proposals include: put website and phone number on the building, clean and organize and build shelving units for maintenance closets, power wash walls and courtyard, paint Commons bathroom wall, paint computer lab, deep clean kitchen and pantry, touch up paint on kitchen cabinets, clean out alleyway, build new section for compost, install new bike racks (which we have), demolish alley chain fence, paint building, remove shutters (they are falling off and have no paint underneath them), master key the apts, expand the courtyard flower beds, (widen the long north-south bed and shorten the T's in front of 105 and 110), prime 208. He will assemble a sign-up sheet and see which items get sufficient volunteers. He will also put up some dates for people to vote on informally.

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