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February 7, 2016


Attendees: Paul (facilitator), Hannah, Chris, Corey, Jamie, Melissa, Dusana (minutes), Jeanne (visitor)

Meet and Greet

Jeanne, grad student at UT Austin in chemistry. Has a medium-sized fluffy dog that likes people.

Preference: Gardening, could cook on weekends but not weekdays

From Wisconsin

Hobbies: rock climbing, kick boxing, musical instruments

Paul explains requirements of becoming an associate and two meeting requirement to become member.

Review of Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting approved

Agenda Item 1

(Corey) Rekey all maintenance/grounds closets & garages to the commons key where physically possible. POI: Proposal would be myself and/or other members of maintenance doing this, thus 0 financial cost. TLDR: I have too many dang keys and this doesn't make sense.

Always a hassle having to cut so many different keys for new maintenance folks, has to carry around so many keys himself.

Corey: would be easier to just re-key maintenance and grounds to one common key rather than re-keying all. Will change this in amendment at end.

Corey: currently are at least five different keys, wants to at least re-key these (doors include maintenance closet, garage, rooms, boiler, garage, grounds closet.)

Corey: amendment: key them all to a common key. Will get re-key kit for it.

Amendment passes.

Item with amendment passes.

Agenda Item 2

(Paul) Laundry Room Clean shall have the additional duty of cleaning the lint trap with a broom regularly.

Was leaking dust everywhere, had to clean quickly before fire inspection came.

PO: Hannah: Would you be willing to let Lauren know how to complete task and inform of added duty?

Paul: agrees

Item passes.

Agenda Item 3

(Corey) Establish a phone-based emergency point of contact for Austin Fire department

Paul: thinks should be safety officer

Corey: thinks we should provide a couple numbers in case first is unreachable. Can go w/ safety officer and steward?

Paul: thinks fire department would be ok updating our numbers if/when officers change. Just need to have this written into the officer description so we don’t forget.

Amendment by Corey: add the following description for safety officer and steward: register your phone/contact info w/ Austin fire department as emergency point of contact.


Agenda Item 4

(Corey) Approve prorating 102 rent for February until such a time when the bathroom door and small bedroom floor repairs are completed

Corey: 102 has needed a lot of work. Maintenance has carried over while people have been moving in, wasn’t bathroom door, Russ had to put bed in living room, still working to fix floors. Doesn’t foresee pro-rating rent for whole month, thinks essentials should be done in next few days.

Provisional pro-rating dependent on when certain maintenance tasks get done.

Corey can notify house via email when essential maintenance tasks are completed.

Chris: Can we cap at 15 days max?

Corey: currently capped at end of this month. If for some reason things didn’t get done, we would need to discuss again next month.

Corey: agrees to pro-rate up to 15 days.

Amendment passes.

Passes w/ amendment.

Agenda Item 5

(Joshua) Forgive Joshua $40 in labor fines incurred in October 2015, when he was a new member and didn't know that DCU had a sign off sheet.

Paul: Richard is OK w/ this.

Corey: Lots of little mistakes of not informing new members when they move in. Sees Joshua doing labor consistently, doesn’t think we need to financially burden him w/ this.


New business

Board meeting at Sasona this Tuesday at 8:45pm.

having a party Feb 13th (upcoming Saturday).

Corey: pay your rent if you haven’t done so yet.

No other new business

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