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January 24, 2016

Present: Michelle, Anne, Richard (facilitating), Russ, Corey, Paul, Marilyn (minutes), Michael

Meet and Greet

Maggie Rochelle, worked with Molly at BookPeople, recently returned to Austin, went to school here. Is a painter, former University of Iowa teacher, and family is now in Houston. No cat allergies, looking for a single room, can cook, garden, is a “fix-it” person.

Reed Moran-Goss, from Austin, a lot of co-op experience (Pearl St), has done cleaning labor, looking for a single room, no pets, no allergies.

Sandy Lugo, from Austin, with dtr Cynthia, has a 15 y/o son, looking for needs a 2 bedroom place, unfamiliar with co-ops, can cook and clean.

Kathy Wong, new to Austin from Oklahoma City, unfamiliar with co-ops, looking for a single room, can cook and clean, would like to learn gardening, no cats or cat allergies.

Review of Minutes

Read and accepted

Wiki Updates

Updates to Associate fine structure, labor credit for board reps, and reducing the time on the wait list for prospective and Associate members. Updates accepted.

Agenda Item 1

(Anne) Provide kitchen fire extinguishers in every unit. A few weeks ago sparks flew as she was changing a bulb in a faulty light fixture. The following week she discovered there was no grounding wire in a fixture. There are a lot of smokers and people cooking and not attending their stoves. Finally, there was a fire in the courtyard yesterday with a smoker. The co-op is not required to have fire extinguishers, but if we have them we are obligated to keep them charged. The smallest is $20 and 2.5 lb with 10 year guarantee; the next is $40 and 5 lb with a 12 year guarantee. Her proposal is that the fire extinguishers would be property of the co-op. Points of information: some units have them, so we might not need to buy twenty. Fire depts will re-charge them for free. We have at least four large ones in boxes in the courtyard, so probably small fire extinguishers would be sufficient. Concerns/amendments: none. Proposal accepted by consensus. Straw poll: group supports purchase of the smaller one.

Agenda Item 2

(Richard) Reduce associate labor requirement to one hour per week. (Paul facilitating.) He is interested in reducing the barriers to Associate members; some people are coming twice a week, which can be a burden. Questions: how did this come about? Richard has noted that long-time associates tend to drop out. Open membership is a principle of the Rochdale co-op ideals and this supports open membership. Do we have enough labor without them doing 2 hours a week? Yes. Proposal accepted by consensus.

Agenda Item 3

(Corey) Approve revised CHEA contract for La Reunion. (provided I've finished rewriting it in time for the meeting)

Agenda Item 4

(Jesse L Mabus) Establish a new payment plan as I have been unable to make payment of my rent. He lost his contract gig 2-3 months ago, hasn't had income since then, has a research position at ACC, but is getting fewer hours and smaller pay than initially promised. He will start working at an elections office on Monday, so will have income again to start making up about 2/3 of the amount in arrears. He is 2 months in arrears and would like to pay $650 a month to catch up. Points of information: We have passed a similar proposal once in the past. Concerns: Last payment received was November 18. In August he requested a payment plan for $170 labor fines, which he is working on. Current amount owed is $1220 and contract ends June 30. He would need to pay $735/month for rent and back rent to catch up by June 30. He has only paid 1/10 of his labor fines. Response: He owes $860 in rent and the rest in labor. He will pay $600-900 for monies in arrears by Feb 1, and then $645 per month for 2 months. Question: Are you now keeping up on labor? Response from Richard: 7 no-shows in December, which puts him at risk of member review. Question: What is your labor? Garden, Commons clean, courtyard clean. Has the most difficulty keeping up with Commons clean because of other obligations. Richard says the days could be swapped. Proposal passes by consensus.

New business

Claudette and friend will pick up most things tomorrow and we will store his chair; we can then begin maintenance work for a Feb 1 move-in.

Michael just became an Associate member.

From Russ: What is the possibility of doing extra labor? Extra labor can be used to offset other labor but not rent.

Corey is re-writing the rental contract and invites review and comments.

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