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January 10, 2016

Present: Ryan, Jamie, Russ, Chris, Hannah (facilitating), Paul, Corey, Marilyn (minutes), Gatlin

Meet and Greet

Andy McKenna, needs a new place to live, has lived in cooperative housing, friend from Sasona told him about LaRe. No pets, does not want to live with cats, looking for a single room, can do office work, cooking, speaks Spanish, an apprentice at Yellow Bike.

Review of Minutes


Wiki Updates


Agenda Item 1

(Richard) CHEA board representatives shall receive two hours of labor credit per week when they have additional responsibilities on the board (chair, treasurer, or secretary). Richard: CHEA members only get one hour credit per week, but they are doing considerably more, so he would like to change this to prevent burnout. Point of information: College co-ops give their Board members rent breaks to offset their personal risk in case of a suit, because they are legally liable for what the co-ops do. Question: Do we still have a large labor surplus. Could we potentially give them three hours? Richard: Would like to try two hours first. Item accepted by consensus.

Agenda Item 2

(Richard) Remove monthly fee, membership fee, and deposit from associate membership. Remove associateship tier 2. Richard: Associateship may be inaccessible to those who have less time and money, so this would open associateship to more prospective members. Concern: If there is no fee and if there is property damage by associates how would we pay for it? Richard: Never has this happened, and the $25 fees would not help us cover significant damage. As this is an affordable housing project Richard is seeking to lower the barriers to entry. Corey: We are opening ourselves to more fiscal risk, so the associate membership agreement should be rewritten to make Associates liable for damage. Ryan: Keeping up with whether or not fees and labor were up to date made it hard for MemCos to know if Associates were eligible to move in. Richard: Making this accessible might increase our number of Associates and possibly even include neighbors. Corey: What would happen to the Associate clause that says that someone $100 behind on membership dues loses status? Others: We would have to look at labor fines as a possible reason for termination. Point of information from Russ: He thinks the associate fee is reasonably because it pays for meals, although he would like to drop the fees. Response from Michelle: We get a lot of food donation; if food supplies become a problem we could re-visit this. Similarly, if we get a large number of Associates we could look at setting a limit. Item passes by consensus.

Agenda Item 3

(Corey) Completely remove membership fee for now. Corey: NASCO has changed its new member policy; instead of paying NASCO based on the number of new members CHEA will pay a flat annual fee. Questions: What will the new fee structure be? It will be $27 per year per member (whatever number of members we determine). Number of members will determine number of votes. Point of information: We have already paid the NASCO dues for last year under the old system. Item passes by consensus.

Agenda Item 4

(Corey) Reimburse anyone who paid a “$50 membership fee” after November 1. Corey: This correlates with #3; NASCO changed its accounting fee in October but we did not make the change and continued to collect fees. Item passes by consensus.

Agenda Item 5

(Paul) Shorten time potential members are on the member priority admission list from a year to 6 months (one lease). This has no effect on current associate members. Paul: Contacting old prospectives is a burden on the MemCo, as people on the list for a long time have moved on. Clarifying question/point of information: If someone has gone off the list after a year (current policy) they can re-apply, but they go back to the bottom of the list. Could we re-write policy to bring them back higher on the list? Response from Paul: Under the new policy someone could call in or come to a meeting every 6 months to stay on the list. Corey: MemCo could put an item on the agenda to maintain prospective status for those whose status is about to expire. Item accepted by consensus.

New business

Michelle: John Van Lowe, who has been delivering food to us from a garden needs cardboard for the garden, and he has started a cardboard collection area in the NW corner of the parking lot. Ryan recommends letting trash patrol and ground labor know so they won't throw it away.

Paul: Coordinators meeting Wednesday established that Claude's family will be asked to have his apt cleared by January 15. They have agreed, and their would be a legal process to clear the apartment after that.

Ryan: We are still under the original roof and he has gotten bids to replace it, approx $60K. To save money he is investigating CHEA and/or LaRe alone becoming a community land trust would give us property tax advantages of $3K to $12K. To do this we would need to ask people about their incomes when they sign the lease and have a certain percentage of people within certain income levels. He will have to find out more to answer the question of someone staying here if he/she starts making more money. We would need a professional staff to manage these complex issues.

Corey: Board meeting 8:45 Tuesday at Sasona; big topic will be a harassment policy.

Hannah: Neighborhood Association meeting tomorrow night at Redeemer Lutheran; she is vice-president and Donny is secretary of the group. This is one aspect of community and local management, so for those who are interested please come; who shows up at meetings determines what a neighborhood association is. A local candidate for state representative, Huey Fishers, will be there before the meeting.

Richard and Gatlin are deputy registrars and will be registering people to vote. Hannah asks that they check into the legality of using our non-profit property for this activity.

Russ: Uber and Lyft are under the gun with the City Council. On Jan 18 a political action committee will submit petitions to City Council to keep the services. He has petitions, and a local group is paying $85 for a 6 hour shift to collect signatures. He can give interested people more information.

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