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November 15, 2015

Present: Corey, Don, Donny, Hannah, Joshua, Paul, Richard (minutes), Ryan

Meet and Greet

Review of Minutes

Wiki Updates

Agenda Item 1

(Corey) Payment plans may be offered to or requested by residents with outstanding balances as a means to pay off their debt over a period of time and avoid eviction. Such agreements must be signed by both the resident, and either the Bookkeeper, Treasurer or Steward.

Debts covered by a payment plan shall not accrue any new late fees.

Scheduled payments made as part of an ongoing payment plan are in addition to the resident's monthly rent.

Residents are expected to make payments in full and by the exact date as outlined in the signed payment plan. Failure to do so shall be considered a violation of the payment plan agreement and a notice to vacate shall be issued.

Officers shall not be permitted to authorize, without house approval, a payment plan:

1) For any person already on a payment plan.

2) If the payment plan would extend past the end date of a resident's lease.

[no points of information or clarifying questions]

Concern from Paul: “Either” refers to two things, and there are three things.

Corey: I'll change it.

[passes by consensus.]

Agenda Item 2

(Ryan) Approve a budget of $100 to purchase supplies necessary to construct a new table to replace picnic tables currently in the courtyard.

CQ from Joshua: Is the $100 to replace one table or two?

Donny: It's to replace one.

PI from Ryan by proxy of Paul: Picnic tables good.

CQ from Richard: What budget would this money come from?

Corey: “Miscellaneous”

Concern from Donny: There is no one on the hook to build the table.

FA from Richard: No money will be spent on this until there are two people who accept the labor responsibility to build the table.

FA to FA from Donny: Alternatively, a prefabricated table may be bought instead.

[Richard accepts]

[FA to FA passes by consensus]

[FA passes by consensus]

[Proposal passes as amended by consensus]

Agenda Item 3

(Richard) Reinstate Sam's previous labor fines, allow Sam to pay them in exchange for a contract extension through the end of December.

CQ from Don: What about doing labor instead of paying?

Richard: We could amend the proposal that way.

[Paul reads statement from Gatlin]

[FA from Don: Allow Sam to work off some hours instead paying the full amount.]

[Richard accepts]

CQ from Richard: It's $300 exactly that he owes?

Corey: Yes.

[FA accepted by consensus]

[FA from Paul: Sam can do labor through the end of November, pay what is owed at that point, and can then be further reimbursed for up to the original amount owed for any labor done through the end of December.]

[Richard accepts]

CQ from Ryan: How will this interact with a notice to vacate? When do we put up a notice?

FA from Ryan: I propose we add a clause to include a notice to vacate for the end of November.

CQ from Richard: So we just sit on a valid, outstanding notice to vacate through December?

Ryan: We will issue a new end-of-lease notice to vacate on December 1st upon receipt of payment by the end of November.

[Richard accepts]

[FA accepted by consensus]

[Proposal accepted by consensus]

New business

Hannah: Discussion of the “picnic table” incident.

Richard: New ballots for the special election will be printed tonight.

Ryan: There will be a political rally to have the city permit “granny flats.”

Hannah: Thanks to all the folks who participated in the coop bike tour!

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