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September 27, 2015

Present: Ryan, McAllen, Richard, Anne, BUrgess, DOnny, PAUL, COrey, GEnieva,

Meet and Greet

GEnieva: lives at Sasona, BOard REp

Review of Minutes

COrey: NOTHing new to report.

Wiki Updates

Agenda Item 1

(Automatic) Member review of William for accruing 20 hours of no-shows in a one-month period.

WILliam is going through a mdical dificulty currently which is affecting his ability to do labor

P: DO you plan to make it up in a timely manner?

W: I believe I can

R: 2 labor related mem reviews wev done it was decided to do behavor contracts. He thinks its acceptable to continue.

ANdi: WILLiam is obviously making an effort

W: I“d prefer to just pay my fines all at once rather than do a payment plan.

Straw poll for eviction, beh contract or no action: NO ACTIon

Agenda Item 2

(Automatic) Member review of Robbie for accruing 19 hours of no-shows in a one-month period.

Straw POll: NO action passes.

Agenda Item 3

(Automatic) Member review of Jesse for accruing 9 hours of no-shows in a one-month period.

A LEtter of Jesse's written by him in his defense was read.

Straw POll: NO action

Agenda Item 4

(Automatic) Member review of Chase for accruing 13 hours of no-shows in a two-month period.

R-He is also on a beh. contract

Straw POLl: NO ACtion

Agenda Item 5

(Richard) Discussion and straw poll to select labor holiday projects

Hannah: need 4-5 ppl for muralling

DOnny: WE ned some more sturdy shelves for the garage.

HAnnah: HOW feasible would it be to fix the broken stairstep?

W: IF we use something other than concrete, it would be possible

STraw POll:

MAIn projects on the list of things people decided on are

-power washing

-fixing the banister

-REmoving some of the courtyard beds

COrey: WE NEed a contractor to replace the railing

PAUl: WE can just tighten it with racheting wrenches

BURgess: WHEN will our meal be?

R: around 2pm in commons

Agenda Item 6

(Andi P) Penalties from any labor hours missed while a member is in a hospital, including a psychiatric hospital, shall be waived.

ANDi: reasoning behind prop is that it's vital to support members with disabilities.

W: DO We need a doctor's note?


CYnthia: PEOPLe should still be expected to complete their labor in order to keep the community going well. EVErybody should do their part.

ANdi: Menta health issus can be just as dabilitating as physical maladies. ALSo, I”m specifically referring to members who are in the hospital.

COrey: WE have waived hospitalized member's labor in the past.

BUrgess: FOR example, we waived Jack's labor when he was hospitalized

MOtion passes.

Agenda Item 7

(Paul) Clarify in the manual that membership coordinators should not sign both parts of their contract. If the membership coordinatorship is shared, the other party can sign for the cooperative. If it is not shared, the steward or the treasurer can sign for the cooperative.

P: WANTS to clarify that MEMCOs shouldn't sign thier own contract. THE steward or treasurer should sign.


MARilyn: AN oficer othr than the roommate of the MEmCo should sign their contract.

Donny: MIGHt want to include a board rep as someone who can sign.

MOTion passes as ammended.

Agenda Item 8

(William) Extend a payment plan for William to pay of back rent, labor fees.

W: I“M on a payment plan going back to when I first moved in.

C: W can just negotiate a new payment plan

R: ARE you OK WIth tabling this?
W: Yes

New BUSniness

SOME SASona members are concerned that there is a lack of communication btwn CHEA's board and Sasona members.

H: CHEA BOArd can help faciltate social interfacing btwn members

D: IT WOULD be nice to have role of the board clarified.

WOUld like to see more interaction btwn. the two co-ops

ANdi: WOUld ik to see more members who are interested attend undoing racicm workshops. THe board should help facilitate that.

Ryan: HAVE informative images to show at GMMs, a new member orientation

H: WE Have $800 available for folks who wan to attend the NASCO Conference

ANdi: LAte fees that accrue for hospitalized members should be waived.

COREy: That's not house policy, but that's how I've been going about it.

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