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July 19, 2015

Present: Richard, Ryan (facilitating), Cynthia, Burgess, Meg, Andy, Marilyn (minutes)

Meet and Greet

Oliver Markley, currently at Sasona but it's no longer a suitable place for him to live and needs a place to live, preferably by the first of August. Would like a 2 bedroom apartment. Has done various kinds of labor at Sasona. Has no pets or pet allergies. There were allegations of sexual impropriety at Sasona, and he does not feel he was allowed to give his side of the story so asked for a contract break. He does intend to give additional information at a CHEA board meeting. He has a difficult time remembering names and “little incidents” but believes he was falsely accused.

Review of Minutes

Reviewed, no changes

Wiki Updates

No presentation.

Agenda Item 1

(Meg) When new potential members attend meetings ask, “Are you aware that becoming an Associate, paying the dues and performing labor will advance you on the wait list above those who are not associates?”

Introduction: There has been a complaint about us by a Kansas couple for not complying with fair housing for not notifying them of the Associate option. Other co-ops deal with this by having distance Associates bring a request to the house for an exception. Proposed friendly amendment: apply it to the second meeting, not accepted. Friendly amendment that the information be given without the scripted language (see above), removing the quotation marks. Accepted. Accepted by consensus as amended.

Agenda Item 2

(Meg) Discuss Megs time at the NASCO Board of Representatives Meeting in Buffalo, NY.

a) Discussion: She reports a new policy, that every new non-CHEA member has to pay the $50 membership fee, even if they belong to a non-CHEA NASCO co-op. She learned about a pair of co-ops in Buffalo, NY, that had conflicts between the two and appointed outreach representatives to meet regularly, set up frequent events for the two. This would carry one labor hour per week. Richard feels this could be incorporated into the current outreach coordinator position. Meg would like our current outreach coordinator to be more involved with neighborhood and intra-house activities and not add Sasona. There is a CHEA Board member who has been assigned this task already, and is trying to learn more about the cultures. The new NASCO board had to make a decision about where to expand next; financing for Lawrence, Kansas, is uncertain but the Ohio property is starting up. Poor code compliance and chronic rent non-payment of a Santa Cruz co-op is jeopardizing financing for other NASCO properties.

New business

Andy: Coordinator meeting will be the first Tuesday in August, the 4th

Ryan: Is planning an affordable housing campaign. Is organizing with others in our council district. Corey and Hannah are also participating. The general strategy is to emphasize bikeability and affordability with developers, which might become a city council campaign. Our rent (without utilities and food) = $356 per bedroom. The proposed development is 75 acfres at 45th St and Bull Creek, to include mixed use housing, retail, and parkland. We can participate on Facebook, “Friends of the Grove,” and at meetings. There are two other smaller properties at Justin and Burnet and at Justin by the Metro station/railroad tracks. City planners will be looking for input from this area on Burnet Rd development.

Meg: Have we looked into ordering our food from the same source as Sasona, Segovia? Ryan thinks it's mostly produce delivery.

Quickbook training reportedly not very effective, and she would like to invite Daniel to come and present again; Andy would like to invite a CPA or some other expert on using the software. Ryan has talked to Daniel about the deficiencies, and has done more work with the CHEA finance people already, and our entries are almost complete.

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