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July 5, 2015

Present: Jess, Beth, Ryan, Richard (facilitating), Meg, Alex, Paul, Jack, Marilyn (minutes), Corey, Cynthia, Don

Meet and Greet

Mike Nalty, first meeting, would like to share an apt, no pets or pet allergies, can cook and do cleaning labor, is a vegan, does not yet have a job but has some savings.

Review of Minutes

Last week's minutes reviewed and approved

Wiki Updates

Added wording about late fees for rent.

Agenda Item 1

(Automatic) Membership review of Jess Hay for labor under-performance in April. See for April no-shows. Discussed by Richard: Nine no-shows converted to fines in April. Response by Jess: In reviewing his membership Jess has seen that he will have less and less time to do labor. He is deeply grateful to all that that co-ops have given to him, is very proud of this co-op, and does not want to leave on bad terms. He and Beth are going to request a change of their contract to allow them to stay month to month until they can find a new place to live, preferably by the end of the summer. He has kept up on his fines and requests DCU and Commons Clean labor in order to fulfill his obligations in the meantime. Unanimous decision for no action.

Agenda Item 2

(Paul) Create a Composter position, reporting to and appointed by the grounds coordinator.

Responsibilities include:

* Taking sealed commons compost bucket (which can live outside the commons door, near the recycling) to the compost pile daily.

* Regularly cleaning the compost bucket to avoid pests and odors in high-traffic areas.

* Regularly layering compost to avoid pests. This usually involves covering 'green' layers with 'brown' layers.

* Turning compost pile as necessary.

* Working with the grounds coordinator to collect brown matter on-site and off-site as necessary for use in the compost.

* Moving mostly-decomposed compost to finishing pile as necessary.

* Working with the grounds coordinator to judge when compost is finished and can be used in the garden.

* All other compost-related tasks.

This is a one-hour-per-week position.

N.B. I know that at least one person is ready and willing to do this task (Michelle)

Paul presented the item as above. PI/CQ: Is meat composted? Response: No. Is there an expectation that members will know what to put in? Response: There will be a sign with the compost bucket by the Commons. Concerns/friendly amendments: None. Proposal passes by consensus.

Agenda Item 3

(Paul) The preliminary parliamentary process has been proposed, had a period of public perusal, progressed, and is poised for passing.

To be clear, this is proposed language for officer/coordinator elections.

Preview the public Google Doc for the particulars:

The main additions to extant policy is the addition to ballots of a “no-confidence” option so that if someone is unopposed there is a way for people to express their wishes. It also addresses the issue of what happens if one of two people sharing a position resigns. PI/CQ: Is election by plurality or majority? Response: Plurality. Concerns/friendly amendments: Richard – what do others think of plurality wins? Response from Ryan: plurality decisions eliminate the needs for run-offs. Concerns/friendly amendments: none. Proposed changes to election process passes by consensus.

Agenda Item 4

Ryan: Proposal for Hot Water Rent Credit: Ask the board to use $100 per Apartment from the vacancy fund to credit each apartments rent due to loss of hot water in June. During last week's discussion the house was uncomfortable about going ahead with this without asking the CHEA board. PI/CQ: Do we need to have a lawyer's opinion about the amount. Ryan: It will be up to the CHEA board to discuss the amount. Corey: 60% of the board is not from LaRe, so the amount may change. The price of hot water includes more than gas because it also includes the infrastructure. CQ/PI: Will people on a voucher program receive the credit? Ryan: yes. Proposed amendment from Meg: make the proposal $50 per bedroom. Concerns: We need to justify our request so as not to support a culture of “cash grabs” by either house. Ryan: that will be up to the lawyer. Friendly amendment: $50 per bedroom or whatever the lawyer recommends, accepted by Ryan. Friendly amendment: make it $50 per person to reflect the inconvenience to individuals. Ryan: not accepted. Jess: If the organization is hiring an attorney the attorney will have loyalty to the organization and may give very minimal rent credits. With the language of the current proposal we might be obligated to accept that. Ryan: Ask for $50 per bedroom, with advisement that Daniel Miller of NASCO suggests having an attorney approve this. Meg: Daniel Miller is the one who suggested $100/apt. La Re will ask the board for $50 per bedroom rent credit. Revised proposal: La Re will ask the board to use money from the vacancy reserve fund to give a rent credit of $50 per bedroom for the loss of hot water in June as recommended by Daniel Miller of NASCO. Proposal as amended passes by consensus.

New business

What would people think about adding an additional resident in a “tiny house” in the parking lot. Objections raised re: legality, use of utilities.

Meg may take on job of organizing My Fit Foods deliveries on Wednesdays. She would like to extend our bounty to our neighbors. We would invite them in to pick up food. Cynthia says a prior effort in this direction resulted in people taking more than what we were offering. Other suggestions came up about ways to distribute the food in a way that it won't sit outside in the heat. Richard mentions that KAF has objected to us sharing the food beyond our walls. A volunteer, however, has praised us for sharing with others.

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