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June 21, 2015

Present: Corey, Paul, Jessica, Marilyn (minutes), Gatlin, Richard (facilitating), Jack, Michelle

Meet and greet

Therese Alder, 512-721-8826, here for first meeting, interested in moving in, no immediate deadline; can cook, clean, and garden; has a son Jacob, almost 3 y/o; no pets; looking for an apt. Not currently employed.


Reviewed from June 14, accepted

Wiki Updates


Agenda item 1

(Paul) Add emptying the outside recycling bins to Courtyard Clean duties. Paul: this is currently not in the labor description for courtyard clean. PI: Richard would rather make it part of trash patrol, which occurs irregularly, about 3x/week. Richard: friendly amendment to change this to trash patrol duty. Accepted as amended: Add emptying the outside recycling bins to trash patrol duties.

Agenda item 2

(Paul) If a member gets a yellow card while they are under a behavior contract, this triggers an automatic member review. Paul: If someone is under a behavior contract they should be on best behaviors, so this would indicate violation of the contract. CQ: Does this conflict with current policy to call for automatic ending of membership for violations of behavioral contract. Reply: that only applies to terms of behavioral contract, so this would add in other egregious behavior violations. Concerns: was there anything that prompted this? Reply: No immediate need. Richard: So this isn't really needed? Paul: This would be to prevent making rules under duress. Item accepted by consensus.

Agenda item 3

(Paul) Codify the voting process. Proposed:

Officers typically run for 6 month terms at a time. Elections take place in December & June, with new officers taking office in January & July respectively. Elections will be organized by the current session's steward and labor czar [HM 12-1-13]. Nomination sheets will be posted for all electable positions in the commons. Anyone can nominate someone for a position, but the person must sign off on it to be considered in the running. Nomination sheets should be up for at least a week, and the final collection time should be specified. After this, voting begins for elections with more than one accepted nomination. Ballots are distributed to all members, with accommodations made for members with disabilities. Completed ballots can be turned into a specified location in the commons or to those responsible for elections. The time from initial distribution of ballots to votes being collected and counted should be at least a week, and the final collection time should be specified.

Elected positions with no nominations at the end of the nomination period will restart the nomination and voting process for those positions. Empty elected positions mid-term due to resignation or departure will result in a mid-term election to finish out the rest of the standard term. These special elections will also have a week for nominations and a week for voting, although these time periods can be accelerated at the discretion of the steward/labor czar, as long as the revised schedule is made clear to the house. If no one accepts a nomination for an elected position after two nomination periods, or in the absence of an elected official due to resignation or departure, the steward will either fill that role or, in cooperation with the labor czar, designate someone to fill that role.

Board Representatives serve 1 year terms [HM 2-2-14].

(N.B. These rules will take effect after the current election cycle.)

Paul: Trying to capture what we do now, with a couple of additions, e.g., giving at least a week for nominations and another for voting; writing a procedure to include notifying those with disabilities; adding the process in cases where there is no nomination for a position. Concerns/friendly amendments: what if someone intimidates others not to run; everyone nomination should be voted on. Paul adds that there should be the option for write-ins. Friendly amendment to insert: Ballots will include all nominees and an additional vote of no-confidence. Blank option for write-ins might be added. Decision made to turn this into a discussion item so that more people can look at this before it is accepted. What to do if there are more no-confidence votes than votes for a nominee? Suggestion: re-start the nominations for the position. Tabled by Paul, to return with updated language.

Agenda item 4

(Paul) Require commons clean and DCU to be done by a certain time. Midnight seems reasonable for daily cleaning tasks. DCU must put up leftovers within two hours after a meal is served to avoid potentially hazardous food situations. CQ/PI: None. Concerns/friendly amendments: During a long meeting someone might not want to step out to take care of the food. Paul: it's a brief task to do the food and the rest could wait. Friendly amendment: deadline of 4 a.m., accepted by Paul. Accepted as amended: Require commons clean and DCU to be done by 4 a.m. DCU must put up leftovers within two hours after a meal is served to avoid potential hazardous food situations.

New Business


:-) HUZZAH!!! HOORAY!!!!

Still more to do on the boiler room to bring it up to code, thinks in the future there may be weekly shutdowns from 8 am to 6 pm to continue the work for a few weeks.

Paul: Ongoing discussion on e-mail about potential compensation to residents for the prolonged hot water outage, because utilities are guaranteed in our contract. There is discussion of what funds might be used, including NASCO's.

Cynthia: Want to have a 4th of July cook-out? Hannah has e-mailed people but not gotten a reply. Marilyn volunteers to bring in a kiddie pool.

Ballot counting postponed because Richard doesn't have access to the ballot box and needs Hannah. He will do it as soon as possible and post results.

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