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June 7, 2015

Present: Andy (facilitator), Donny (minutes), Burgess, Marilyn, Hannah, Ryan, Rebecca, Richard, Corey, Don

Meet and greet

Monica and Julie,

Kaliska: Filming at La Re in August? Agenda item next week. General reception positive. Some monetary renumeration.

Agenda item 1

(Burgess) Amend labor credit decision for Quickbooks training. Only apply the labor credit once an individual does their first hour of bookkeeping work for the co-op.

concern raised about duration of keeping track of who took the course.

Individuals will be doing actual useful data enry, during course.

Tabled by Burgess.

Agenda item 2

(Burgess) Have the co-op pay John Van Lowe's associate fee in recognition of his continued work in bringing us food through KAF. Also, give JVL $15/month as partial repayment for the gas he uses to voluntarily bring us such food as long as he continues to be an associate.

Burgess: $15/month would come from food budget.

$600/month of value is delivered by John.

Concerns raised about how to get John to accept money.

Also, John hasn't yet signed as an associate, so no fee to waive. But he seems to want to be on the wait list.

Item passes.

Agenda item 3

(Ryan) Approve budget.

Budget increase is limited due to Richard discovering extra $ / bookkeeping error.

House interested in $10/bdrm/mo increase

Discussion of maintenance reimbursements and old furnaces.

Passed. Budget goes up $10/bd/mo in August.

New business

Donny: Update on water heater, there are 2 and a half walls put up out of three, put on the metal for all the outside tomorrow, there is still a lot more work that needs to be done, electrical stuff that needs to be brought up to code, but we can run it before some of those things. The boiler looks like it will run for a lot longer, though. So that's good.

Ryan: Idea for efficiency improvements for individual apts. Only that resident gets improvements at the expense of everyone else. improvement fee for that apt. the coop doesn't lose out and the people in that apt. benefit from the fixes in that one apartment.

Donny: board meeting: chea passed a budget, burgess delivered a bunch of receipts to Ryan. a week of endings: Tim moving out, two people from Sasona showed up just to hang out!! We can talk about making the commons bathroom handicap accessible. yay! Possibly we could get funding for that.

Richard: labor credit reading out loud

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