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May 31, 2015

Present: Rebecca (minutes), Andy, Jesse, Burgess, Hannah, Ryan, Corey, Donny, Marilyn, Paul

Meet and greet

Shane: first meeting, moved from Portland, wanted to stop by and see the coop, his girlfriend has lived in coops, in the Navy for a while, likes living in community, interested in becoming a member and moving in here, flexible time frame, either one bedroom or whole unit, no pets, used to have allergies to cats, but has had a dog in the past. has a reliable source of income, labor: maintenance, gardening, cooking, whatever, Masters in public policy in Michigan. Girlfriend got a job here.

Agenda item 1

Agenda item 2

Agenda item 3

New business

Marilyn: went to meeting about the crisis with immigrants, civil rights era of our time, opportunity for citizens to make a difference, to move things forward, to get things better, wants to host a letter writing evening here. She will let us know when that is gonna be. Maybe this could be replicated in this neighborhood, talked to Michelle about outreach of this idea. Addressing both issues, posted on the corkboard.

Hannah: Ryan and Hannah are organizing a park work day event, work with neighborhood association, 9 am til Noon on Saturday, June 6

Ryan: might be a cool idea to make a political group on threadable, so we might give political people an email that they could contact us about that kind of stuff

Corey: board meeting coming up, approving the financial budget for CHEA for this next fiscal year, there has been a lot of debate lately, if you care about your rent going up or not going up, come to the meeting, they are open for everyone to come and comment, here at La Reunion at 8:45 pm on Tuesday in commons

Burgess: do we have a forwarding address for Tim if he really did move out? We don't know for sure if Tim is moving out or not.

Paul: we can now walk all the way around the coop!

Ryan: solar installers could happen, got a ball park quote for this unit (the commons), $45,000, we could potentially put down a $10,000 down payment for something like this. We have tools and moneys to help us lower some costs.

Corey: Rebecca called the fire dept. N o gas now, we have had a leak by the main on the southwest corner, we have to hire a plumber to come fix leaks, have to do the pressure test, if we pass they turn the gas back on. Corey dug up the pipe and could see where the leak was occurring. Good benefit of this gas fiasco, we'll figure out if there are any other leaks, we know how to shut off the gas now, we will not blow up, we will save some money.

Cynthia: cleaning, we spent all that money for bed bugs and stuff, we need to keep things clean, wash our clothes, keep out the bugs!!

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