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May 24, 2015

Present: Andy (facilitating), Marilyn (minutes), Meg, Corey, Alex, Burgess, Paul, Donny

Meet and greet

Edward Baldwin, Oklahoma, does urban gardening in his neighborhood, has lived in informal cooperative situations. Wants to move to Austin next month (possibly delayed by flooding where he lives). Has a reliable source of income. Also cooks. Would like a room. Allergic to cats, has 2 dogs. E-mail:

Allyson Plantz has been invited by Dusana to stay with her until Allyson joins the Peace Corps in the fall. After detailed discussion the consensus was that she will sign a housing contract with Dusana when Dusana is available. She will be expected to do four hours labor per week.

Minutes approved from last meeting

Wiki updates:

Minutes-taker will read highlights of previous meeting for house approval.

“Members that have started a payment plan within the last 2 months of their contract are only eligible for a 3 month renewal. If a member becomes delinquent on the payment plan they may not sign another contract or payment plan without house approval.”

Agenda item 1

(Corey/Donny) Grant labor hours to co-op members who decide to participate in the upcoming Quickbooks training hosted by NASCO. Corey presented, saying it's an important thing for more people to know. CQ: No date yet, probably June or July. Concerns: Unknown how many hours for training and credit? None established in this proposal. Perhaps someone can't attend the course because of the schedule and therefore couldn't get training or credit. Donny offers to table until exact hours known. Friendly amendment: cap the credit hours at four. Concern: giving credit for these extras might not leave us enough hours to meet basic labor needs. Proposal passes as amended.

Agenda item 2

(Richard) Except by prior arrangement with the labor czar, a member may not use makeup labor to cover more than four hours of no-shows, plus one-half of any additional hours of no-shows, acquired in a single month. If the labor czar does not accept a prior-arrangement request from a member, the member may instead bring the request to a house meeting. Richard presents the proposal and adds that this is to address a concern about someone possibly avoiding all their usual labor in favor of make-up labor, with any labor debt converting to fines on the usual schedule. CQ: This would be for what period of time? A: per calendar month. Concerns and friendly amendments: We have a lot of mechanisms to catch people who aren't doing their labor and possibly evict them. This might be “one step too far,” not allowing someone to make amends within the time allotted. Richard: there is no mechanism to deal with someone who routinely misses their scheduled labor. There are 4-5 people per month derelict on half their labor. Another mechanism would be membership review. It may not be worth the extra complexity. We have a few people who don't do their labor and don't make it up. Burgess: is doing 11-16 hours a week, making up others' labor. Donny: There are a few people who seem to blow off their scheduled labor, which makes the house not work as well as it should. He does think that it may be overly complex, and proposes a friendly amendment that in a given month one can only make up half of missed labor unless previously arranged with Labor Czar beforehand. Richard accepts the friendly amendment. Further discussion: It does make it hard when we schedule someone for something they don't want to do. Fine payments don't really compensate for missed labor but will convert to membership review eventually. Corey points out that when he communicated that something was left undone yesterday someone else stepped in to do the make-up labor, and he doesn't want this to dissuade anyone from doing make-up labor. On the other hand someone can get bonus hours. Would this policy mean that someone can't use banked hours to make up for no-shows? It would be better to prevent no-shows. There is no consensus to move forward and Richard tables the proposal.

Agenda item 3

(Corey) Discussion on misinterpretations regarding the “$100 in money owed to the Co-op” rule, its implications, and proper implementation. See the “Due Dates, Late Fees, and Payment Plans” section of the house manual and minutes for 9/14/14 Agenda Item 3 for reference. Corey presents information about previous discussions documented 9/14/14 and 8/17/14 that leaves these issues unclear. Unclear if someone can sign a lease if they haven't received a notice to vacate. It's also possible that someone could sign a lease a month in advance and then get a notice to vacate within the month. Ryan issues a monthly report on who is negligent on a payment plan, but usually at the end of the month problems are cleared up. He feels the process between Finance and MemCo needs to be good to avoid legal conflicts, so perhaps to cc: each other whenever there is any action involving membership.

Agenda item 4

(Hannah) Approve Outreach Coordinator job description:

Organize and personally supervise a minimum of one well-organized house activity event a month. The event should be advertised via e-mail and print. Larger events should be advertised on Facebook, smaller events can be advertised on Facebook at the Outreach Coordinator’s discretion.

Possible monthly events can include movie screenings, discussion groups, outside speakers, board game nights, craft nights, jam sessions, straight up parties, or whatever else that gets people together and building community.

Seek to connect La Reunion to the wider community and foster relationships to this end. Attending meetings of the neighborhood association is a great place to start.

Take point on organizing La Reunion's annual birthday party some time in March, April, or May. Coordinate advertising the event, food preparation, procurement of at least some beverages, the performance of the ritual, clean-up, and anything else to help make the event successful Recruit other members as needed.

Coordinate at least one event per election term that seeks to bring together residents of La Reunion and our sister co-op Sasona, with the intent of fostering familiarity and a sense of mutual identity as CHEA houses.

Amendment: Leave out “performance of the ritual.” Amendment: Move the part of the Membership Coordinator description about advertising to the Outreach Coordinator position. Objections raised to the second amendment as the two positions have different goals with their advertising and may overlap; the amendment was not accepted. Word-smithing needed. Corey will do that and present the final wording at next meeting. Job description approved with the first amendment.

Agenda item 5

(Hannah) Change official Sunday dinner time from 6:00 to 6:30. Discussion: there is a tendency for people to finish dinner and leave before the meeting because of the long wait as currently scheduled. Proposal accepted.

New business

Danny will be making holes in first floor thresholds this week to allow wheelchair ramps to be dropped in at any time.

Ryan has gotten our trash company to release us from our old contract, saving $40-100 per month.

Gutters not yet installed because an e-mail did not get through so he will go to the office in person. We have pre-paid a significant amount so he is going to demand a date.

Corey: We will ask NASCO for more minor maintenance money and less major maintenance money. Next board meeting is supposed to finalize the Sasona/La Re split in mortgage payments.

Richard will send out labor report tonight.

Major maintenance budget has $6000 available for us to do a big project this fiscal year.

Burgess: He and Meg will soon be providing new pantry, buyer, and coordinator descriptions and plans for routine purchases.

Next month is elections month.

Paul is trying to buy ink cartridges, Ryan advises him to use the house credit card.

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