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May 17, 2015

Present: Hannah, Marilyn, Corey, Richard, Andi, Cynthia, Paul, Andy G (minutes), Donny (facilitating)

Meet and greet

​Andi’s second meetings. Confirmed ability to pay rent.

-Vote: Approved as prospective member.

Agenda item 1

(Marilyn) Facilitator of house meeting will review minutes for accuracy and bring written corrections and additions to the next meeting or give them to one of the minutes takers to be presented at the next meeting

Points of Information & Clarifying Questions: none

Concerns & Friendly Amendments:

C To help make it easy can the notes be printed and presented for review at next meeting?

Reply Worried about not knowing how many copies to make. There's also a difference between casual reading and focused reading. Really wants someone to take a close focused reading.

C Unless the notes are reviewed at the meeting can’t see it happening. Doubtful that people would take the time throughout the week to read the minutes.

PoI Other places review past minutes at the start of each meeting. One person will pull it up on computer and read them out loud.

CQ Is this going to be someone's responsibility?

Reply The person facilitating that meeting.

Reply The facilitator is volunteer based, not assigned. If not assigned it forces the facilitator to show up at the next meeting.

Reply The responsibility should be up to anyone showing up at the next meeting.

FA The responsibility for reading the previous meet minutes should be the minutes taker of the current meeting. - Accepted

C If the person set to take minutes doesn't show up then the reading would be delayed.

FA Only read the highlights from the previous meeting. - Accepted

Item 1 Passed As Modified: The current minutes taker of a meeting is responsible for reading the highlights of the previous meeting notes in order to insure the accuracy of the notes. The minutes will then be accepted by consensus of the house.

Agenda item 2

(Richard) Credit each Sunday's meeting facilitator 30 minutes of labor.

​Points of Information & Clarifying Questions:

POI People like bribing people.

Concerns & Friendly Amendments:

C May encourage people to facilitate for the wrong reasons.

PoI Could ask the person to step down for doing a bad job.

C Could make some people not do their normal labor with no consequences.

PoI Same with all labor. If someone does a bad job with other labor they will be reassigned.

FA Not allow the same person to facilitate twice in a row. - Not Accepted

FA To start next week - Accepted

Item 2 Passed As Modified

Agenda item 3

(Donny) Discussion: Please keep both Commons doors closed. We have security as well as fly-related reasons for this.

​Reason: Really important because of people banned from the commons

​Discussion Lots of suggestions to get door opener/closer. Everyone should keep windows closed as well.​

New business

​Richard-Was late on labor report. Reading makeup labor.

Andy-Gutters tomorrow.​

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