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May 10, 2015

Present: Andy (facilitating), Marilyn (minutes), Burgess, Richard, Gatlin, Andy G, Cynthia, William, Hannah, Corey

Meet and greet, Tim

Andy Peterson, former member, interested in returning, does DCU, no pets or pet allergies, wants a room, prefers end of June

Agenda item 1

(Richard) Ban Thomas Hill from the common areas of the coop. Richard: He has been a nuisance, e.g., insulting to Cynthia's community, writing inappropriate things on agendae, and was indignant when he was confronted. PI, CQ: Is he an Associate? No, a part of Tim's community. Burgess: He appears to be taking bites out of food and returning them to the pantry. Cynthia: “They're just kids.” Accepted by consensus.

Agenda item 2

(Tim) Repeal Yellow Card from Richard and Burgess. (Tabled, Tim declines to discuss.)

Agenda item 3

(Tim) Discuss executive nature of the house, for example the dish raid. (Tabled, Tim declines to discuss.)

Agenda item 4

(William) Create payment schedule of 3 mos. for William's deposit. William paid one month's rent on moving in but not two months. PI: This could be regarded as the deposit and he could make a payment plan for the rent. Friendly amendment to change this to create a payment plan for the rent. Accepted by consensus as amended.

New business

Burgess: Where are the roaches? None recently: kudos to all the people doing DCU, kitchen clean.

Hannah: Mark Reymond, who has been banned, has been on the property recently, and if she sees him again and he is not on his way to someone's apartment she will re-explain this and ask him to leave, but ultimately may need to call the police. Please don't invite him into any Commons areas.

Marilyn: Announces a Civic Academy on Immigrant Justice, Sunday, May 31, 12:30-2 p.m., sponsored by the Equal Justice Center, Austin Interfaith, and the Congregational Church of Austin. This will be an action forum to learn what we can do about legalization efforts, dealing with immigration prisons, etc. Parking is free at the University Coop Garage at 23rd St and San Antonio; the forum is at 408 W 23rd St. Snacks from 12:15-12:30.

Richard: Labor reports come up in 5 days, and missed labor will convert to fines.

Andy G: Maintenance may remove old gutters 5/18 and then replace them.

Hannah: Announcement of yellow cards: one to Tim about his friend's action (see above re: Thomas Hill).

Corey: There will probably be a QuickBooks training with CHEA sometime at the end of June, early July. There will be an election for a new CHEA board rep at the end of June, a replacement for Donny, who is resigning. Interested people should come to Board meetings, talk to Corey or Donny. Over the net five meetings the Boar will continue to refine the proposed CHEA administrative positions.

Hannah: Craft night Wed, 5/13/15, in the Commons. Bring your own craft or participate in one provided by Michelle and Hannah.

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