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April 19, 2015

Present: Lauren King, visitor; Ryan, Corey (facilitating), Lauren, Jessica, Alex, Richard, Paul, Hannah, Burgess, Marilyn (minutes), Carey

Meet and greet

Ali Free: Will be moving to Austin from Missouri with partner Gus in August. She will be at UT. She can do any co-op labor.

Gus Bova: Also moving in August with Ali, and they would like a place together; he will have a job working at a shelter for immigrants refugees. Can garden, also has been a fixer and can cook.

Second meeting for both; accepted as prospective members.

Lauren King, second meeting, friend of several co-op members; works as a reading teacher and librarian; cooks, cleans, organizing things. Accepted as prospective member.

House manual updates

New Commons Clean and A and B Duties

Agenda item 1

(Richard) Allow previously unreported KAF labor to wipe out Jon Van Lowe's no-shows from January onward.

Has missed his scheduled labor because of school schedule, but at the same time he has been putting a lot of hours (120 last month) for KAF, keeping La Re and others fed. He will be moving from here to South Austin but would like to continue as an Associate and help us out with KAF. Questions: how much missed labor; answer: about half his hours. Friendly amendment: add that as long as John continues as an associate and remain active with KAF that we budget him $20 a month. Richard does not accept this currently but will consider it in the future. Proposal accepted by consensus.

Agenda item 2

(Richard) Amend labor and officer descriptions with labor hour values, using the present labor chart as a starting reference.

None of the current officer descriptions have labor hours included. Up till now he had sole discretion in this manner and no longer wishes to be drunk with power. Proposal accepted by consensus.

Agenda item 3

(Molly) Move free pile somewhere inside. Richard takes up the proposal.

There is one above the washing machines, unlabeled. Points of information: Richard thought the intention was to make it available for others. Question: where could we put it and keep it dry but still available. Would labeling help it get used? Concerns: Cynthia and Ryan concerned that the clothing might harbor bed bugs, and things are not being taken out of the free box. Hannah has had to take the box to the Goodwill a couple of times; describes it as “a crawling mass of crap” and would only accept it being in the laundry room. Friendly amendment: Keep the free box the laundry room, label it, and include it as part of the laundry room labor. Lauren: Maybe items could be sorted and some thrown out and the 21st Street Co-op has included a number of additional things like lamps and electronics. Jessica: Maybe organize a clothing swap instead of a box. Proposal accepted as amended.

New business

Cynthia brings up Adrian's concerns that some neighborhood parents aren't bringing their kids to the children's program because they have observed drinking and smoking in the courtyard. This was outside of children's time, but he is thinking about shutting the program down. Burgess feels that we have done a lot to accommodate the program, and worse things go on in the neighborhood. Hannah likes the program and the fact that Adrian is volunteering his labor to improve the neighborhood. He has opinions about how we operate, but he has not become an Associate and therefore has no standing to directly address these issues. Richard: this program provides labor for only one co-oper. Ryan: No one living here takes advantage of the program, so maybe it's time to end it. Hannah: Adrian is likely to drop this.

Ryan: We don't have to have a new budget in place until July (prior misunderstanding about the start of the new fiscal year). Will have a proposal next week. We have not been able to change our contract with our current waste management company, which is extended for another year; and the new one with the recycling company lasts five years. We will being paying an extra $40/mo until March, but at that time our costs will go down by $140/mo. He will write new finance document for both houses, which have inadequate bookkeeping job descriptions.

Hannah: Coordinators meeting Tuesday at 8 pm; all invited, ESPECIALLY ANYONE WHO WANTS TO HELP PLAN OUR MAY 2 BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!

Richard: Has last-minute make-up labor requests he wanted reviewed: Molly 1/2 hr for cleaning up Commons after a party; Tim 1/2 hour for scrubbing the birdbath; Chase 1 hr for chopping up a mattress; Jessica 1/2 for bringing in plants and cleaning mulch; Tim 1 hr for cooking an extra dish on Monday. February missed labor turns to fines now. Chase and Jesse are on labor plans. Sam will have to be membership reviewed.

Burgess: Tim's friends have damaged 1/3 of the poppies; Burgess got them to stop. Tim is on the spot as far as trying to control his peers' behaviors. Our request that he limit the number of guests is not always honored.

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