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April 12, 2015

Present: Richard, Robert (Second meeting), Jack, Donny (Facilitating), Alex, Andy, Meg, Corey, Jessica, Michelle, Paul, Tim (Minutes), Cynthia, Jose (Second meeting)

Meet and greet

Robert - “Here again for a second meeting, live in the neighborhood. Want to check it out”
Richard - are you trying to move in?
Robert - Eventually, are there openings?
Andy - not right now really

Jose - From 21st, likes maintenance labor, knows meg

Jose and Robert are both accepted as potential members of La Reunion.

Agenda item 1

(Richard) Reverse part of the decision made last week; viz. withholding money from Carey's deposit.

Richard - Would like to reverse half of the decision made last week, alright with Andy getting compensation for electricity, would like to reimburse Carey's deposit. Private debt is different than co-op debt, we can't say in a lease that we can with hold money from someone's deposit as a house legally.
Paul - so the proposal is to reimburse Carey's deposit?
Richard - correct
Andy - wouldn't want to have to cover private debt with the house
Richard - its a bad situation
Corey - this could be habit forming
Richard - could review him for it
Cynthia - sounds like something the two room mates should work out
Jack - does carey need that much electricity? there's got to be a way he can pay it, it's only fifty dollars
Cynthia - i don't think it's right to take it out of his deposit, but he needs to come to some sort of conclusion as to what he wants to do, and pay it, or not live here.

Vote - Unanimous consensus, Carey's deposit is reimbursed

Agenda item 2

(Richard) Resident members must keep electricity service active for their respective units. Roommates of a unit must agree upon a specific splitting of monthly electricity costs or otherwise divide the costs equally amongst themselves. A member may bring a complaint of a roommate's nonpayment to a house meeting and request (1) immediate compensation of the unpaid share directly from the house and (2) a transfer of the debt to the house. All new contracts signed must include this requirement (contract portion to be word-smithed by legal counsel?).

Richard - this is tabled


Agenda item 3

(Corey) Redefine commons clean labor descriptions to better reflect changes to the space. IE Commons Clean A would be responsible for everything pantry-side of the hole in the wall (minus the kitchen and bathroom), and Commons Clean B would be responsible for everything computer lab-side of the hole in the wall. Proposed tasks adopted from current descriptions:

Commons Clean A (Pantry Side)

  • Sweep and mop the TV room, hallway, and pantry.
  • Put away anything left out in the pantry.
  • Empty garbage that may be in the pantry.
  • Clean microwave.
  • Straighten the bookshelves.
  • Wipe down the table.
  • Generally make sure everything’s looking tidy.

Commons Clean B (Computer Lab Side)

  • Put away folding chairs and any other items left out.
  • Sweep and mop the purple room, computer lab, and office.
  • Put away any items left out on the large table and computer desks.
  • Wipe down the large table.
  • Empty garbage that may be in the computer lab.
  • Generally make sure everything’s looking tidy.

Corey - Merging sweeping and moping to keep things in the same area.
Cynthia - so we are gonna split this up, i thought it already was?
Paul - just re-splitting them to make further sense of the assigned labor
Richard - it seems like the mess making potential is still greater on the A side, so maybe we could move the line over to the lamp (extend b's territory to half of the living room)
Corey - won't really matter
Richard - your right.
Meg - who takes out the pantry recycling?
Corey - will add 'take out recycling and trash in commons' to commons clean b
Friendly amendment is accepted

Vote - Consensus, the definitions (with the friendly amendment) have passed.

Agenda item 4

(Richard) Meet the candidates running for Outreach Coordinator.

Michelle - as outreach coordinator, I want to do outreach at the center I work at as there are a lot of minorities over there, want affordability and spreading that across the land
Tim - I have experience booking events, and would like to get closer to Sasona

Agenda item 5

(Andy) Waive both no-shows from Carey.

Andy - Carey has written me up for two no shows, one was for not fixing the toilet in the commons, I can't force people to do maintenance as coordinator without shackles. The other was for not having access to tools, they are all accessible to members of maintenance, I understand others may want access, but its pretty easy to contact someone on the team. I find both no shows ridiculous.

Vote - Consensus, Andy's no shows are struck down.

Agenda item 6

(Andy) Disassociate any compensation for any labor from any specific source of income. To cover Fixer and future labor positions compensation must be a general line item in the budget.

Andy - right now, the fixer position is tied to the 106 bedroom, and since there is talk of removing the 106 bedroom, we should re-define fixer as to disassociate it from 106, so that we can keep that position if and when the room is no longer leased.
Corey - Currently the fixer can be compensated for hours from 5-10, should the line item be the max or min?
Andy - Ryan currently has it listed as max
Richard - friendly amendment, can we make this minimum maximum five hours, so that we are just budgeted for five hours, rather than up to ten.
Andy - I'm cool with that, he already budgets for five percent surplus in any case
Donny - That might be getting too detailed, treasurer should do his job, we shouldn't do so much at the meeting.
Richard - he will throw it back at the meeting anyhow
Andy - he can show us the charts with 5, and up to ten,
Jack - was it ever really decided the two were associated?
Donny - it was to solve some past issues

Vote - Consensus, no amendments

Agenda item 7

(Andy) Allow no additional contracts to be signed for the 106 bedroom.

Andy - there's been some energy behind making the commons the commons, would like to simply start by not signing any more leases on the unit, to avoid having anyone kicked out.
Paul - what happens when there is not a room available
Andy - he would asked to move out, or ask for an extension
Richard - when does your lease end
Tim - the end of June
Meg - shouldn't it be a priority to find Tim a unit over new members?
Andy - it is
Cynthia - we do want to make the commons commons, but if we can't find a spot for him, he will will have to stay, and nobody will move.
Jack - So the rent will raise even more?
Andy - yes
Richard - give Tim the option of an extra month after current lease without having to ask house.
Corey - IF at the end of Tim's contract, there isn't a place to move into, we give Tim the first availability.
meg - regarding the amendments, finding a room mate is more difficult than that. No offense Tim. and if rent is to go up, we should maybe see a long term income sheet.
Andy - we have a long term plan to eliminate the fixer position by July, right now this is just the next phase of freeing up the commons. in regards to the amendments, sign no additional contracts, allow Tim another month after contract to find another unit, or another place to live.
Richard - just a one month extension permitted by the house, without intention
Paul - just make it so that he wouldn't have to move out if a room doesn't open up
Richard - rejects
amendment is accepted
Donny - the house doesn't owe anyone an extension to anyone, and reserves the right to move people out of and into other units.
Tim - wouldn't want to be rushed into living with a room mate that I am less than comfortable with

Vote - Consensus

Agenda item 8

(Andy) Talk about and possibly confirm a color scheme for the building for repainting this summer.

Andy - I would like to paint the exterior of the coop (courtyard, and outside walls) the outside should stay yellow, courtyard has had suggestions for terra cotta colors.
Richard - exterior should be purple
meg - green gutters

consensus reached on Sherwood green for gutters

Corey - let everyone paint their own area of the wall
Andy - should use paint rollers rather than sprayers for that
Richard - prep stuff with tape

Agenda item 9

(Meg) Better define Courtyard Clean A & B and who is responsible for emptying garbage can, ashcans, and recycling bins in courtyard.

Meg - I have been trying to keep track of people doing their courtyard clean, and it's hard to know if someone has done the courtyard clean without better definitions. It should be one person doing it.
Richard - We should divide territory, but technically both people are supposed to sweep up all of it. It should also cover the causeway
Meg - meanwhile this week it remains undefined
Richard - i will no show people
Donny - this is a discussion
meg - can't we just resolve this? say east west north south?
Corey - we split it north half and south half
Gatlin - we should only vote on things in the agenda, so people know how a meeting works, and we should think about relaxing things
Donny - i don't think we want to pass a vague labor description, but we can fix up a proposal for next time
Richard - not sure 106 door divides courtyard in half
meg - does it include upstairs?
Richard - it should
Paul - should they clean bird bath
Richard - that is a part of grounds

Richard - we should not consolidate as I need more tasks for people to do.
meg - while taking to from Sasona, he told me Hannah (of the south) is the minute taker for the meetings of the CHEA board, and maybe we can use our labor for that
Donny - we can't pass this as it is not specific

Agenda item 10

(Meg) Enlarge Commons space by longer renting out room adjacent to Commons.

Meg - went to a NASCO meeting, they thought it was weird to have someone living in the commons, as the commons should be more equally shared and not vague. Not much space for events.
Donny - we can discuss this, but we don't really have to decide anything here. I agree though, commons should be commons, and we will have more space with more walls being knocked down.
Andy - I guess, is the proposal to move Tim into the first unit available (assuming the other tenant is down to room with him)
Richard - would Carey be suitable?
Tim - still thinking about it


New business

Richard - vote now!!!!!
Corey - the other night we had an event happen in the laundry room. some people locked themselves in, we have a lock that has been keyed to the commons key.
Cynthia - we should shut it down at ten o clock at night

Andy - maintenance meeting is tomorrow, Monday 4/13/2015 and 8pm
Also, we will be tearing down the wall between the meeting room and the old office on the 20th and 21st

Paul - I am an apprentice at yellow bike now, so if anyone wants to come down and work on bikes let me know.

Richard - the march no show lists are out now!!

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