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April 5, 2015

Present: Rebecca (minutes), Hannah, Dusana, Marilyn, Gatlin, Ryan, McAllen, Alex, Andy (facilitator), Tim, Burgess, Corey, Richard

Meet and greet

Todd: first meeting, senior at UT in spanish and portuguese, graduating this year, semi-interested in becoming a member/looking for a room

Erin: first meeting, brought Todd, interested in living here, graduated from UT a year ago, looking at other coops too, but like the way this one is styled, open to either sharing or unit to self, no pets, prefer not to live with cats because of allergies, likes to cook, has done cleaning and various other things at other coops, fine with anything.

Robert: first meeting, just visiting, lives right around the corner, landscapes a lot, thinking about becoming a member, labor: can do it all

Agenda item 1

(Donny) Discuss the state of relations between the two CHEA houses with an eye towards improving ties.

Hannah takes item: GMM that Sasona doesn't really feel as friendly towards us as I wish they did. I would like to see us be better sisters to each other. don't get that sense of solidarity from them. kinda been a historical thing. try to figure out ways to be more proactive and we should really support each other instead of compete. put it in the outreach coor job description. coordinate some interhouse activity every two months or so.

more of a discussion instead of making decision.

Marilyn- Is board level is collegial or competitive?

Ryan- I attend board meetings a lot, Clayton and Hannah are really good people. they got on board as soon as they moved into Sasona, they are extremely friendly. not like other people who live there.

Tim- we should have a frisbee golf outing.

Alex- i lived there, they are a hopeless case. that culture is so broken.

Hannah- we don't have to be involved in their politics to open up our relationship. I used to live there, their somewhat conservative attitude towards things outside of their coop is a little weird to me.

Alex- seen so much resistance to the idea of la reunion at all. food buyer has refused to cooperate with our food buyer even though it would help both houses. broken culture will affect our relationship with social functions.

Tim- what was the goal between food buyers?

Alex- combine funds to get bulk prices and stuff.

Ryan- they don't have their finances very together, don't follow fair housing laws, don't have open membership, it would be good for us to figure out these things.

Gatlin- what are ideas for things we could do to foster more sorority?

Hannah- maybe try to arrange a dinner over there, but also bring contributions or money so there are no bad feelings afterwards. try to improve our relationship.

Ryan- if you don't take anything, they'll resent you. not very welcoming.

Gatlin- we should try, none of us knows if this will work. maybe this is an opportunity for them to grow out of that.

Agenda item 2

(Donny) Revisit motion to reclaim the Commons bedroom as soon as feasible.

No one takes up item.

Agenda item 3

Budget Discussion(Ryan)

Ryan- Talking about the budget: confirmation from Clayton, we would have a 3 percent increase in lease payment. I also added some things onto the budget.

$25 a month for La Reunion party, and also the fixer budget line.

lease: $13,322

utilities: decreased to $2150

food: increased to $650

kitchen supplies: $30

tech: increased to $110

grounds: $25-30

outreach: $25-30

legal: $75 a month

maybe we could put labor fines into a legal fund, that would be a good use for that money.

Richard- March no-shows are tallied. 68 hours of no show in March

Ryan- after sunday meeting, had a conference call with Daniel about funding, NASCO says if an organization wants to add a paid position, they would provide some money for that bc this position would alleviate some work, in future, provide CHEA with $700 a month to use on a staff person. Sasona might not want a staff person, but I'll talk to Daniel about getting a staff person for La Re.

Hannah- how certain are we about getting this money?

Ryan- he sounds pretty sure that we will get money, not sure how much, 2-8 month range, though.

Agenda item 4

Increase treasurer hours to 4. See following link for evidence of need, and for Paul and Rebecca for being awesome and joining me in keeping time sheets.


Ryan- did about 16 hours in January, 14 in Feb., now that we have to administer labor fines in a real serious way, i think the time need is going to go up. it's gonna take a lot of time for a while.

Richard-Do the sheets underreport the hours that you do every month?

Ryan- no they are pretty accurate.


Richard- if you add up those three, its about 12 hours per month, maybe starting out at 3 hours per week might be more reasonable. Friendly amendment rejected by Ryan.

Andy- looked like you were researching some stuff and not letting anyone know about it. friendly amendment to at least once a month bringing info about research to meeting. Ryan accepts this amendment.

2 wiggles up, lots of mediums, lots of no wiggles, two blocks.

Richard- his hours have only added up to about 12 hours, I don't think his hours would increase to 4 hours a week.

Ryan- i'm already doing 3 hours a week plus a little extra. I should be awarded for the work i've done in the past, not the work i will do in the future.

Vote: blocks remain, so item is table for time being.

Hannah- Would you change it to 3 instead of 4?

Ryan- 3.5?

Richard- no because a half hour of labor assignment doesn't exist. it doesn't seem like a consistent month by month thing for this job.

Ryan- last time i asked for the extra stuff sheet, i asked for that before I did the labor.

Andy- concern: right now you are assigned to maintenance as your other two hours. you have only done 1.5 hours this year so far. disregarding your other labor. i think three hours is fair.

Hannah- i think 3 hours is a good place to start, if you are going over, you can always come back to another meeting and try to increase.

Ryan- there are also projects that need to get done that i haven't even started on. i would use this time.

Hannah- i am probably the only person who could testify that he actually is doing all those hours on the computer and not having fun with me because of it. i have a little different perspective.

Still stands at 4 hours

Votes: still 2 blocks, item tabled. present them as make up labor.

Agenda item 5

(Gatlin) Codify our consensus proposal process as the document available at and add it in the relevant places on the wiki. The goal is to capture what we currently do, and friendly amendments to better capture this are more than welcome. Gatlin asks to table this, asks others to review the process posted at the accompanying link

Gatlin- Andy sent me a revised copy, I accept andy's changes and should supercede what the agenda item says. reads new proposal process

what we can do right now, and how do we determine what we decide at meetings,

POI and CQ:

Tim- for blocks there only has to be one relevant concern? there don't have to be two different reasons to block? it should just be one. (Andy changes “reasons” to “blocks” in 1.09 A 1 B)

Gatlin- will edit and send back.


Gatlin- adds 4.6: At the discretion of the facilitator, previous amendments may be revisited before the proposal is finally tabled.

All upward wiggles, this is codified as what we already do! Proposal passes

Agenda item 5

(Richard) Grant Claude a 2-hour weekly labor credit, Delia a 1-hour weekly labor credit.

Richard- proposed this labor credit thing and then forgot baout it. go ahead and implement it for the most obvious cases. Claude: putting 4 hours on claude is a good way to run him out of here. 2 hours would be good for him. quite limited int he types of labor he can do. Delia is less extreme case, she has some paralysis in hand, limits her mobility and causes her pain. not quite as hard for her, so we would just take away 1 hour for her.

Corey- in our house manual, we are supposed to make reasonable accomodations for ppl with disabilities. if there isn't an assignment to match up with that,

richard- I agree with that. as an alternative, ppl could

ANdy- we've gone over labor credits in the past, we had to repeal in regards to having a family, because they were discriminatory.

Ryan- different from having a family because this is based on disability. could potentially be opposing fair housing.

Hannah- these are different matters in the eyes of the govt of fair housing, bc with family types you could be seen as discriminating against single people, but you would not be seen as discriminating against non disabled people.

Andy- any reason that Nolan wasn't considered?

Richard- i emailed him to ask him, he said he wanted to think about it.



All hands up wiggling- passes!

Agenda item 6

(Meg) Phase out renting Commons room this month, revamp the currently rented out room into a home theater/yoga space.

Tabled, no one takes it up.

Agenda item 7

Gatlin facilitates

(Andy) Reimburse Andy $59.51 plus any additional charges for electric bill charges during the time of February, March, and April from Carey N.D.'s deposit.

Andy-i've approached him to try and get reimbursed, could not get a hold of him, half of each of two electric charges. doesn't seem willing to pay it himself, only wants 59.51.

POI: we have done this for Burgess and Jesse when Frankie had lived with him and she didn't pay her electric bill.

Concerns or amendments: Marilyn- the house is being asked to pay a person's bills. are there other possible solutions to this so that Andy is not stuck? something like a membership review or yellow cards?

Ryan- We would be acting as a financial intermediary between two roommates. we would give that money back when he moves out and he won't get all his deposit back.

Nobody blocks this proposal, this proposal passes.

New business

Andy- we have maintenance meeting on April 13, some folks that didn't record maint labor.

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