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March 22, 2015

Present: Cynthia, Jack, Hannah, Corey (facilitating), Rebecca (Minutes), Ryan,

Meet and greet

Russ Rodnick - first meeting, needs to find another place to live, likes to live with people, is a homebody type, but likes to work with others, no pets or pet allergies (maybe cats? but not severe), prefers a whole unit, likes to cook but whatever needs to be done he could work with it., William - first meeting, used to live here, looking to move back, used to do maintenance and wants to do maintenance again, looking for a single room, no allergies.

Agenda item 1

(Richard) Dismiss Don's courtyard clean no-shows.

Richard- when bumped all former tenants up to 4 hours, don was not aware that he was on courtyard, took a whole month for him to realize, wants dismissal for these hours. wanted to do this openly, i don't care about throwing them out, just an honest mistake.

all passes!

Agenda item 2

Change labor/steward/membership to office expenses (Ryan)

Ryan:need an office expense category, sometimes just need paper, all the other officers have a budget, I buy office supplies occasionally, category that is set in the budget, there is something that y'all approved behind this.

Hannah- poi: this is defunding money that i have some oversight over, only used it to buy office supplies so far with it, but what if i need to buy something that isn't an office supply?

ryan: put it in the budget so we can plan for it.

all passes!

Agenda item 3

Give Ryan labor credit for activities related to working on CHEA staff creation.

Ryan: started keeping track of stuff that is coop related but not really my labor, 14 hours for the month for creating a job description and proposal, like business plan. wants to get credit for these hours.

Richard: concern: it would be cool if these types of plans were presented before hand instead of asked for after the fact, but just for the future.

all passes!

Agenda Item 4

Discuss laundry room. (Cynthia/Ryan)

Cynthia: putting up signs on the doors about using powder soap. use liquid soap only and coming to get your clothes when they are done. and not overload them.

Ryan: laundry report, we're gonna pay off the washing machines in less than two years when we planned for 3-5 years, we should buy another washer and dryer set, that will just be profit in a short time, the amount of expenses are a lot more than we budgeted for, we should provide high efficiency laundry detergent, so that people dont mess up our machines.

Translate into spanish as well.

Agenda Item 5

(Jack) Approve payment plan.

Jack: got pretty behind in rent, got one job and didn't work out, but got another job, then the other called back, so probably has two jobs and has income tax coming in,

Ryan: scheduled to go to court tomorrow, jack would get an eviction notice tomorrow morning

Concerns: cynthia: jack has been having a hard time finding a job, but he's been keeping up his rent, i trust him to pay his rent.

hannah: would like to see this not become a chronic thing,

approved that Jack gets a payment plan set up.

New business

Hannah: thinking of having nasco people come stay on our couches in the commons; made the facebook event of the coop birthday party on May 2, pinata, whole pig, turning 2!!! considering renting a moonbounce,

voting of election for new kitchen manager iiiiiiisssssss…………!!!!!!!!!! Meg! (congrats)

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