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March 15, 2015

Present: Donny, Hannah, Dusana, Corey (facilitating), Marilyn (minutes), Burgess, Michelle, Richard, Cynthia, Paul

Meet and greet

Agenda item 1

(Paul) Proposal: That the membership coordinator be required to notify the house when membership is newly granted or revoked. CQ: add to membership coordinator job description if passed? Concerns - None. Amendments: Specify that notification will be per e-mail list. Time frame within 5 business days. Amendments accepted, proposal accepted as amended.

Agenda item 2

(Corey - Donny facilitating) Propose any changes made to the wiki regarding the documentation of house policy must be ratified by the house at the beginning of house meeting after meet and greet. Corey explains: There is no formal process for updating the wiki, so this creates accountability. It should be simple, just a reading of the edits and corrections if there are inconsistencies. CQ/POI: Does ratification mean using the consensus process? No, just reading and correcting, as the Board does with its minutes. Would editing the Wiki without house consent be treated as a no-show. Response: It could be treated as a yellow-card offense. Can this be locked down with administrative software? Response: this could be considered in the future. Concerns: Instead of making this a no-show consider locking it down so that not everyone can edit and potentially make mistakes and get yellow cards. Marilyn comments that as written anyone could edit as long as edits are brought to the house meeting. Proposal passes by consensus.

Agenda item 3

(Corey) Propose the creation of a 1 hour a week Wiki Maintainer labor position that is appointed by the Tech Officer.

The duties of the position would be as follows:

  1. Update the House Manual, Officer Descriptions, Labor Descriptions and any other important information regarding house policy on the house wiki with changes resulting from house decisions.
  2. Maintain a physical copy of the House Manual, Officer Descriptions, Labor Descriptions and any other important information regarding house policy that is publicly available in the commons.
  3. Bring changes to documents regarding house policy before the house for ratification. (Note: Only if agenda item 2 passes)
  4. Collect and post physical agenda items to the wiki's agenda page before the deadline. (Note, removing this duty from Steward, Steward still prints out and posts agenda to door)
  5. Find and post missing meeting minutes to the wiki when necessary and possible.
  6. Offer interpretations and clarification regarding house policy when needed.
  7. Can be asked by the house to step down from the position via an agenda item at a house meeting.

CQ/POI: None. Concern: splitting up the responsibility for the meeting agenda (#4) might increase chance of inconsistencies between on-line and printed versions. Friendly amendment: Wiki maintainer has to consolidate and post both agendae by Saturday at noon. Did not move forward. Friendly amendment: Remove item 4. Latter amendment accepted. Concern: The Tech Office could appoint himself/herself, but this would be obviated by point 7. Proposal as amended accepted by consensus.

Agenda item 4

(Donny/Ryan) Discuss in more detail the CHEA Administrator position, the creation of which to be voted on at the General Membership Meeting on March 28th. This is to be a paid position of about 15 hours/week. The proposal will be posted on the Wiki for review prior to March 28. All are encouraged to attend that meeting. Hannah and Donny answered some questions about the proposal, edited out the top line of page 3. Funding plan needs to be okayed by NASCO official Daniel Miller.

Agenda Item 5

Expenditures Policy(Ryan)

When you purchase something for the coop write on the receipt:

-Your Name/Initials

-One of the following categories:


-Kitchen Supplies








-Check number(if applicable)

If one receipt has two categories, write the breakdown on the receipt for each category.

If not all the items are present, the bookkeeper and treasurer will work in conjunction to identify the shopper give them warning. On the third instance, give the shopper a no-show.

CQ/POI: None. Concerns: Are there two kinds of maintenance in the budget? Answer: Yes, divided by purchases size. Concerns: Who determines the no-show? FA: A no-show will be valid upon the third instance (because the bookkeeper/treasurer should not have to no-show the shopper). Alternate proposal “purchaser is eligible for a no-show on the third instance.” Question: does this make the bookkeeper the only person who can determine the no-show? Answer: bookkeeper or treasurer. Another comment: it is possible that the bookkeeper or treasurer can give the no-show on the first or second. Alternate amendment: eliminate the no-show proposal. Accepted by consensus. Concern: How are purchases handled if there is no paper receipt. Answer: cancelled check with memo line, invoice showing paid. Amendment: Policy will be printed, laminated and placed over the receipt/rent box. Accepted by consensus. Proposal as amended accepted by consensus. Proposal for now should read “Membership, labor, and steward” instead of “office” as there is no office category.

Agenda Item 6

Redefine the Steward/Membership/Labor line item as “Office” expenses. (Ryan)

CQ/POI: Can't the treasurer make this choice by himself. Answer: Ryan might be looking for transparency. Concern: This change might not let officers make purchases that aren't directly office-related. Concern: Since Ryan's not here we should wait for him to explain this far and table this agenda. Proposal tabled.

Agenda Item 7

Agenda Item 8

(Robbie, Paul, Michelle, Jessica) Membership review of associate member Brad. Please see attachment. Paul presents, Marilyn confirms that she did notify Brad of this review and that he acknowledged this, sent return e-mails saying he would be here for this membership review. Because he is not she read his written response to Michelle's complaint. Others expressed concern about his being intoxicated at all encounters and not being a good fit here because he doesn't have a good level of awareness of others. Someone else saw him set his hair on fire while lighting a cigarette; he was not aware of it until it was pointed out. Straw poll: In favor of termination of membership. Secret ballot: Decision to terminate membership by 9 to 0. Stipulations on termination: Ban from common spaces because some members feel uncomfortable around him. Passed. Proposal to reimburse him his total outlay, including NASCO membership, $85. Passed. Marilyn will e-mail him the results of the membership review.

New business

Labor report from Richard: 68 no-shows in January; 116.5 in February, but two people accounted for about 1/3 of those hours; there may be some corrections for February. He has offered some members an opportunity to change their labor. Some people did not document Labor Holiday hours, another documented hours that were not considered valid.

Burgess: Has seen underage people drinking and bringing their friends to drink here. Hannah offers to “lay down any law,” telling people not to come here, but she would like house ratification for that. General consensus is that we should find a way to stop these activities, but no one said they will take this up.

Michelle: Is having allergic reactions in her apt. Hannah recommends she bring a proposal with quotes for any costs, e.g. mold testing.

Andy: Maintenance meeting is March 16 at 8 p.m.

Richard: Ballots are up for kitchen manager and when completed should be put in the rent box to be counted at next house meeting, March 22.

Donny: We need to prove to the IRS that we are meeting our mission of providing low-income housing by keeping locked records of income surveys.

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