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March 8, 2015

Present: Andy, Donny, Corey (facilitating for 1, 3, 4, 7, 8), Burgess, Hannah, Marilyn (minutes), Paul (facilitating 2, 5, 6), Ryan, Richard, Molly

Meet and greet

Andy Dean, accepted as prospective member, November 30, 2014. Studying biology at ACC, looking for a room, meanwhile will become an associate, can do wood-working and maintenance. Has a dog which may join him if he moves in.

Agenda item 1

(Hannah) Amend Steward officer description. Her proposal – Remove mention of Wiki editing and updating policies on the Wiki; eliminate mention of representing the house to the CHEA board and reporting back CHEA activities; eliminate references to monitoring committee activities (we don't have any functioning committees). No concerns or friendly amendments. Proposal passes by consensus.

Agenda item 2

(Corey/Hannah) Discuss Z's refusal to sign a lease since early January. Propose that 109 with Michelle's consent be scheduled to be filled by Alex G. per limit/communication from Membership to Z on Wednesday indicating the first person to sign a lease at this point would be entitled to the room. Hannah presents: Notice to vacate was posted 3/1/15, notice was sent asking her on 3/4/15 to sign the lease before someone else instead signed it, and on 3/5 Alex G signed a residency contract. CQ and POI: Ryan agrees with Z that by state property law she was technically on a month-to-month lease until she was given the notice to vacate on 3/1. The contract does not say that the lease converts to month-to-month. This is a threat to cash-flow. She has been paying rent. She has not come to a meeting to request shorter or month-to-month lease which is the usual alternative to sign a lease. Tabling this will not change the process that is underway. Hannah has asked for mediation with Z, but Z said she wouldn't prioritize time for mediation. Concerns: Z appears concerned that we can't provide the housing she wants; we can't guarantee that, so neither party should sign a contract. FA from Ryan: We should make explicit that we are not offering a lease to Z; she has refused it and we are rescinding the offer. Corey would prefer to table this, as the process is underway already. CQ: What happens if she now wants to sign? Ryan: that is why I proposed this amendment. MemCo: We offered her the opportunity to sign again this week and she refused. Hannah: Uncomfortable that Z is not here. Donny: A contract with Alex G has already been signed by the MemCo, so we cannot sign one with her. Amendment withdrawn. Additional concern and general feeling: She is paying for access to food and the Commons and may continue this until she leaves. Additional concern: This should be a discussion, not a proposal. Corey states this is actually a discussion as current policy covers the situation, but bringing it as a proposal gives members the opportunity to make amendments. Proposal to table because this is not well stated and because Z is not here. Corey and Hannah accept.

Agenda item 3

(Richard) Throw out all no-shows reported by Z in 2015. Richard says Z no-showed the labor czars for not posting a labor trade sheet, which is not a requirement of the job. In addition, she was not a member during the period when she reported the no-shows, and he does not want her to sent a precedent of someone posting a long list of no-shows because of other conflicts with the house. Andy says Maintenance Coordinator was also no-showed for not providing request sheets, but there is no mention of forms in the house manual and we don't have them now. She also no-showed Marilyn (twice) because of conflicts over her signing her lease. Concerns: Donny is not in favor of throwing out no-shows en masse. Ryan: Z is not a member. Donny: He is not sure of that. Ryan: month-to-month occupant is a tenant, not a member. Donny: this is a new area for us and not clear in our policies. Hannah: her complaints are not part of officers' job descriptions, e.g., ryan was no-showed for not giving her credit for charitable donations to the house but did not provide receipts for most; she also asked for a receipt for donations for which she had been reimbursed. Friendly amendment: If anyone wants to re-endorse the no-shows after further investigation they will be reinstated. Donny blocks but does not get any seconds. The proposal passes by consensus.

Agenda item 4

(Richard) Name Meg Seidel as Interim Kitchen Manager until the current special election is decided. Discussion: Election will be in about two weeks. Concern: this might bias the vote during the upcoming election (she is one of the candidates). Paul put in friendly amendment that he would be the interim, and Burgess offered to fill him in on duties. Accepted by consensus: Paul to be Interim Kitchen Manager until election.

Agenda item 5

(Corey) A member whose contract has expired with CHEA will have 30 days to either re-sign a contract, or find resolution in regards to their contract via a house or board meeting. If this is not done by the end of this 30 day period, the member in question's membership is officially revoked, and a 30 day notice to vacate will be given to the former member. POI: Signing a lease should occur 6 weeks before the end of the lease. This is in the job description for the Membership Coordinator. The job description instructs the MemCo to find another tenant if the lease is not signed. CQ: How hard is it to get a commitment 6 weeks ahead? A: It is do-able, but not everybody does it. There should not be an assumption that someone can go to month-to-month status if there is no lease. POI: These are not mutually exclusive processes. Concerns and friendly amendments: FA to say that membership expires at the end of the contract. FA accepted by Corey. 2nd FA: If a member does not receive notice a month in advance they will have another 30 days extension on current contract. Discussion: tenants have the responsibility to know their lease dates. The tenant could no-show the MemCo instead. 2nd FA withdrawn. Revised proposal per Corey accepted by consensus: If at the end of the person's contract they have not re-signed the contract their membership will be revoked and a 30 day notice to vacate will be given.

Agenda item 6

(Z) Two hours of cook a night for house dinners that are chef's choice, one that is Z/GF-friendly, one that is vegan required. Tabled by Z in writing.

Agenda item 7

(Tim) Get a new toaster. Richard presents for him; current toaster arcs. Discussion: We have toaster ovens but those aren't safe with our current circuits. Hannah volunteers to make the purchase. Group agrees by consensus to purchase a toaster, budget cap of $35.

Agenda item 8

(Michelle, Jessica, others? Could not read signatures) See attached statement requesting prospective member Brad be removed from prospective status and not allowed in commons spaces. Paul: Brad has made people uncomfortable and been disruptive. POI: Brad is an Associate, so this needs to become a membership review. Proposal to table until next week after he has been notified of this item. Question to one of the complainants to ask what will allow her to feel safe if he is on the grounds. We could ask him in the interim not to be in the Commons or interact with those who have made the complaint. Marilyn volunteers to contact him.

Agenda Item 9

(McAllen) After three consecutive no-shows, Grounds members will no longer be allowed to be on the Grounds crew unless they initiate a discussion with the Grounds coordinator about plans to make up their hours. (This was tabled because the item did not make it to the written agenda.)

New business

Donny asks if his friends can use the wheelchair that's kept in the office. Accepted.

Ryan has been nominated to the ACBA Board; there will be an election, so we need to be sure we are still members; the Board has the responsibility for this.

Hannah: The exec director of ACBA, has a community planning grad student who will be visiting for dinner Tuesday at 7:30.

Andy: Next maintenance meeting is Monday, 3/16

Corey: It's time for re-election of the community Board rep; Abby has the position currently and will probably run again, but he asks for additional nominations if we have any; deadline is 3/21.

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