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March 1, 2015

Present: Carey, Donny (chairing), Andy, Cynthia, Dusanna, Richard, Marilyn (minutes), Ryan, Corey, John, Paul, McAllen, Cynthia

Meet and greet

No visitors

Agenda item 1

(Corey) Cap surplus Labor hours a member can bank to 12.

CQ: Would the hours expire at a certain time, and would that apply to new members preparing their apts? A: No expiration. Anything that labor decides to give labor credit for could be credited to the bank of 12 hours. Could you accrue more bankable hours at another time if you did use them? A: Yes. POI: None. Concerns: Why 12 hours – that may not fit for a whole month, how about 16 in a month. Corey is okay with anything between 8 and 12. Friendly amendment: make it 16 hours. Corey accepts. No other concerns. Passes by consensus as: Cap surplus labor hours a member can bank to 16.

Agenda item 2

(Corey) Adopt an Officer review policy. This one is a modified version of the Officer review policy sasona has ( ).

  1. An Officer Review is a public review of an elected house officer's performance at a house meeting. An Officer Review can result in a vote to remove the Officer from their position. The house cannot end an officer's term prematurely by any means other than an Officer Review.
  2. Any three (3) members of the house may call an Officer Review of any officer by publicly posting the reasons for the review by Friday at noon before the meeting.
  3. The Officer being reviewed has a right to fully address all of the reasons for the review.
  4. The Officer does not have to be in attendance at the meeting to be removed from office. The Officer being reviewed may write a response, which will be presented at the meeting, if they are unable or unwilling to attend the meeting.
  5. After discussing all of the reasons for the review, the Chair will ask the Officer in question to leave the room while the meeting decides whether to call for a vote to remove them from office. While the Officer is out of the room, no new issues will be brought up. If any new issues are brought up, then the Officer will be called back into the room and given the chance to address those issues. The vote will take place while the Officer is out of the room.
  6. The vote will be a secret, written vote, tallied by the Meeting Chair and the Steward. The vote can be taken on paper ballots, prepared by the Meeting Chair.
  7. If 3/4 of the members present vote to remove the Officer from office, then that person will be removed from the position for the remainder of their term.

CQ & POI Could the officer just step down without going through the process? A: Yes. CQ: Does the Steward have to be there to count the votes? POI: With membership reviews the Steward only has to count votes and be present for eviction. Concerns: Should we compare to the membership review to be sure it is in line with that and avoid future needs to amend this process? Concern: Maybe we would want to give the officer the option to improve by creating a behavioral contract instead of ending the term? A: During the officer review the officer could bring up changes she would make, and with a 3/4 vote to remove it may be possible to find a compromise. Enforceability may be difficult with a behavioral contract. Friendly amendment: allow the house to approve an interim office pending election. Corey: Current default is that the Steward takes over In the event of a vote to remove an officer. Corey agrees to amend proposal with #8: Members present at the meeting can discuss and select someone to take over duties until a special election can be organized. Proposal and amendment accepted by consensus.

Agenda item 3

(Hannah) Institute an automatic membership review if a member receives six or more no-shows in a month, eight in two months, or ten in three months. This does not include no-shows that have been successfully disputed and recalled. No-shows will not begin counting towards automatic membership reviews until April 1.

CQ: No-shows would count toward this tally when they would be obligated to pay labor fines. What happens if you pay off your labor fines every month? A: Could accept that if proposed. CQ: When would this go into effect? A: The review would not take place any sooner than 6 weeks after the end of the month in which the no-shows accumulated. CQ: Why this proposal? A: People who consistently do not do their labor should not be in a co-op as it puts an unfair burden on others who may burn out. CQ: This is not an automatic eviction, just a member review. Concerns: Increasing “automation” of the membership review process lessens the responsibilities of members to call each other out. A: This is good, because it lessens the likelihood of problems being ignored because members don't want to be considered the “bad guy.” Concern: Membership reviews shouldn't occur easily. A: This is already a fairly high bar. And if no one wants to talk about it this could be a very brief process. Friendly amendment: “The Steward will post the member review as per usual member review policy.” FA accepted. Further FA: make it “Steward or another coordinator will post the amendment.”It is still possible to have a discussion with a member and see behavior change before we ever get to this far in the process. CQ: Who would initiate the process? A: The bookkeeper would initiate the process because the missed labor hours are reported to her for fines and are tracked by her. Friendly amendment: “Payment of debt does not wipe out the count of no-shows but labor does.” Accepted. Friendly amendment: “Increase the numbers of hours that have to be missed to 8 in a month, 12 in two months, or 15 in three months.” Accepted. Friendly amendment: “No-shows will not begin counting towards automatic membership reviews until April 15.” Accepted. Members accept these as friendly amendments. No blocks. Proposal passes by consensus with 4 amendments as above

New Business

Ryan – We could change our trash pick-up from four times a week to three times a week and instead make that a recycle pick-up instead. He has already dropped the Saturday pick-up as an experiment (saving us $80 a month). We will pay that amount for recycle instead. This would free up 8 hours of labor a month. This does not require co-op approval, but there was general glee and excitement among those present, especially the member currently responsible for taking our recycling to Ecology Action. We will have to decide where to put it, probably in a current parking space.

Donny – Corey and Andy and he are still working on opening up the office to the Commons. A locking filing cabinet will cost about $210. Digital storage would be nice but we need to keep original leases for 3 years. We have a locked electrical receptacle to protect our security system and Internet.

Richard – Maybe he will ask for a grace period on people paying fines because a lot of people owe a lot of money. Others seem to feel they should be billed and then ask for help if they want to.

Hannah – Reminder of coordinators meeting at 8 pm Tuesday, March 3, followed by CHEA board meeting at 8:45 pm

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