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February 22, 2015

Present: Rebecca (minutes), Corey, Richard, Donny, Marilyn, Burgess, Nolan, Paul, Hannah, Andy, Cynthia, Don

Meet and greet

Agenda item 1

(Donny) Spend up to $110 on a locking file cabinet from Office Depot to continue the conversion of the Apartment Office.

Donny- quickly open up space in office, need file cabinet and l….. to store documents securely.

POI and CQ: Burgess- extra space we have won’t exist anymore once we make that decision

Concerns and amendments: Donny- the file cabinet could go in the computer lab, just somewhere further back from the door, but it would be locked. Hannah- what if we put it in the garage? Donny- it might be bad for the paper, maybe too humid. I’m looking at ones that are 2 or 3 drawers. Not super high priority, but the more we have in the commons, the better.

Consensus for item 1 to pass.

Agenda item 2

(Donny) Spend up to $120 on a chain link gate from Lowes to protect the Security Camera system and Internet hardware, as part of continuing the conversion of the Apartment Office. As part of this, commission Maintenance to install it and create a new power outlet inside the gated area.

No one could mess with our security system, there would need to be some maintenance labor to put in the gate. The kind of gate you would put on a fence, hinges on one side, and would just swing open. Like a cage.

CQ and POI: Richard- is this gonna eat up a lot of usable space? Donny- no, there’s room to make the gate contiguous with the wall. Nolan- CQ is the intent to have that area to just be open all the time? Donny- to make the office part of the commons, using the same key. The door would be locked but with the commons key. Andy- how big are the holes in the chain link gate? Donny- you would have to be a really small child to reach through. Hannah- will the monitor and cpu still be exposed? Donny- no, they are already on the shelves.

Concerns and amendments:

Nolan- the wireless gear needs a cooler environment. Maybe don’t run the heater in there in the winter, and let people know that it needs to be cooler in there. Paul- I think it should be fine. Corey- ideas: don’t like the idea of moving the electrical, they sell locking covers to put over, would be easier and safer, $9 and effectively does the same thing. Donny accepts friendly amendment. Cynthia- there have been kids coming over here and skipping school and getting on our wifi, and that’s for our coop. Marilyn- are they damaging anything? Cynthia- I don’t know what they’re doing. Donny- the AC in this room is really insufficient. We have talked to mark smith about a mini split to get this room air conditioned. That might long term help with the problem that Nolan brought up.

Consensus to pass item 3.

Agenda item 3

Nolan: If Nolan is not notified electronically of a no-show within 24 hours of it being posted, it is not valid.

Nolan- 3 concerns: 1. Needs access to the no-show sheet. 2. Timely access to that information. 3. There needs to be a reason to provide me access. I would have thought that before someone hands me 6 no-shows, they would have let me know about them in a timely manner.

CQ and POI: Andy- Would you accept putting all three items together to pass as one item?

Finger waggle down, so addressing them one at a time.

Cynthia- we all do our part, I think Nolan has done his part. He cooks for us, he makes up for his labor. We all have our own lives to live. We all should come together while we’re here. Let’s stop being so picky about everything. Richard- I see no-show sheets every 48-72 hours. Paul- its been about 2 weeks since the last no-show report. Hannah- this is the first time that we’ve done this. There is def room for improvement. It’s good that we figure these things out now. You’re not the first person to feel attacked by this. Nolan- I was expecting you to say that. There were a number of opportunities to handle this before it escalated to a meeting. Hannah- I’ve heard from others that have had the same issue. Nolan- this point does not state who was responsible for no-showing me. Nolan- if someone goes and writes on the sheet, I have no idea that someone did that because I can’t see the sheet.

Concerns and amendments:

Donny- all 3 of these items make a lot of sense to me. May need some modification. Its gonna be practically difficult to notify you in 24 hours. Maybe we can come up with an amendment for that. Nolan- I’m about to start DCU next week. I’m concerned that if I do it, and then someone trashes the kitchen the next morning, I might be no-showed. Hannah- we should extend this beyond Nolan to all members. Should be more generalizable. Putting the responsibilities on the members that no-show you makes more sense. Nolan- could we make it that if someone no-shows me, they either email me or tell Richard? Burgess- that seems complicated, bc involves two people other than Nolan. Hannah- I like this system better than any other. I’d like to keep going in this direction. Andy- maybe it should go through the labor czar, just to be more amenable. Hannah- I have concerns about whether 24 hours is feasible. Maybe 48 would be a compromise. The labor czar has in the past given the person who did labor the benefit of the doubt. Nolan- I have already tried that and I still had to bring the no-show to this meeting. Richard- writing nolan’s name in the rules is too narrow. We could come up with something that works for everyone. Covering any possible case of someone getting no-show. I could do a weekly report. Corey- labor czars already have to pick up some of the sign off sheets anyway, so maybe they could pick up all of them and do a weekly report. Communicating the no-show to people who don’t have access to see the sheets seems fair to me. Paul- can we get a restatement?


  1. Notify everybody, regardless of who they are.
  2. Changing it from a 24 hour notice to a weekly notice. (Now accepted by Nolan)

Don- I was behind 30 hours one time, and I had time to make that up.6 hours is not much compared to 30 hours.I have no reason why we shouldn’t work with you.You gotta want to do them.Not just doing the hours period is another ball game.

Richard- we have sign off sheets, and if someone signs off and is no-showed, we won’t process that.You can just email that you did DCU and we can see the time stamp showing that you did your labor in a timely manner.Would this help with accepting the weekly notice? Nolan- I guess that’s fine.I can give it a shot.Burgess- he carries the sign off sheet electronically?Richard- yeah, for the case of Nolan. Yes.Nolan- Yeah, that’s fine.I accept the amendment to change to a weekly notice of no-shows. Gatlin- by some means that notifies both the person and the labor czar or have the labor czar notify the person being no-showed? We don’t necessarily have to commit to one way of notifying someone.

Andy- If Nolan is not notified electronically within one week of the no-show, then it is not a valid no-show.

Corey- labor czars have to put out a report of no-shows every week through house meeting and email,

Donny- I like what andy stated, but replace Nolan with “blind members”

Paul- sounds like Richard’s proposal for weekly no-show reports, could be used to satisfy Nolan’s request.

New proposal: If blind members are not notified electronically within one week of the no-show being posted, then it is not a valid no-show.

Votes: passes with consensus

Agenda item 4

Nolan: No-shows cannot be issued for incidents further than a week in the past.

POI and CQ:

Nolan- The intent is that you can’t decide arbitrarily that someone didn’t do work several weeks ago and no-show them.Corey- maint no shows are all done at the end of the month.Would that be in contradiction to this amendment? Nolan- I would be willing to exempt that.Andy- its super easy to fall behind on maint but also easy to catch up.I would like us to be exempt from that.Richard- likewise with grounds keeping.Case that Nolan is speaking on I asked him about what he wanted to do and , nothing was happening in Jan on tech projects. When I brought it to nolans attention, he gave me things that had been done in October and February, but nothing in January.There was a labor assignment for someone and for an entire month nothing was done.

Nolan- Paul, do you remember when we talked about techwork? Paul- yes

Nolan- what Richard says is technically correct.But Richard, your emails are very vague.You know where I live and you know my phone number.And now I’m on the hook for 4 hours of labor.And I have an email from you saying that you waived these hours on Tuesday and then brought them back on Saturday. Andy- POI: talked to Richard the other day and suggested that he not wipe anyones no-shows and they should be brought to the house.Sounds like tech is one of those situations that you can fall behind and make it up quickly.Is that correct? Nolan- yeah that’s fair.Paul- there are some hours that can be counted for this month that Nolan has helped a lot with the system.Cynthia- I didn’t do my labor for like 2 months, but I made it up.Hannah- getting the feel that numerically these hours are balancing out.What is the total balance?Richard- they are pretty much neutralized now that Nolan has helped Paul this month.Hannah- your circumstance is different and needs a little more communication.

Concerns and amendments:

Richard- there are plenty of no shows that happen well after the time.An upward limit I’m okay with, but 7 days is too soon.Nolan- understand the whole idea that legitimate labor was not done, if it went unnoticed, then the labor is insignificant.Someone needs to be on top of it the next week.Corey- exempt grounds and maintenance work as friendly amendment. Nolan- accepts.Donny- no-show should be as the start of a conversation, not the end of a conversation.Don- I was given time to make up my hours.Just have to meet the needs of everyone.Richard- extend to one month, friendly amendment. It might be done at a certain point in the month all at once, not necessarily one hour each week.Donny- Richard’s amendment might be incompatible with the first amendment.Offer as an alternative.

Nolan, do you accept exemption for grounds? Nolan- yes

Do you accept exemption for maintenance? Nolan- yes

Do you accept change in proposal from one week to one month? Nolan-

Donny- tech is a little like maintenance, it might take you several weeks to catch up with your work. …………

Nolan- I understand, I guess so.

Burgess- are you being asked to do more labor than you are comfortable with?



Agenda item 5

Nolan: Dismiss all of Nolan's no-shows. It is unfair to hold no-shows against someone who could not read them, or for whom it was no one's responsibility to convey them in an accessible form. It is also unfair to expect a reasonable challenge for missed labor weeks or months after the fact.

CQ and POI:

Nolan- if I just didn’t do something, I would own up to it.Z no-showed me for not doing towel labor.I genuinely did not know that I still had that labor.It went by for weeks and I got no-showed.It would have just been nice to have been told what my new labor was.Second no-show was for towel labor the second week.But I did that labor.Sarah was there with me.I brought them back. 4 no shows for the tech labor.Thought we were gonna have more of an active tech team.I didn’t ask for credit for ………. I’d settle for 10 hours of credit for that 40 hours of work that I did.In November, I spent 4 or 5 hours on making a back up wiki for the house.

Richard- first no show, Z commented on sheet that Nolan talked to labor czars and asked to be taken off of towel labor.On labor holiday, Z came to me about towels. Said they’re still not done.Told her she could do towels on labor holiday.I took her word for it.Did report on Sunday for no-shows, told Nolan about 48 hours after no-show.I also told Nolan, I would throw out my no-shows but he still had Z’s.other cases of other people who got lots of no-shows.Andy said they should all be dealt with publicly.Thought the same.Our system takes care of this problem for Nolan, surplus labor takes care of labor debt.6 hours, I would throw out at least 1 of them.Paul- supports throwing these out as well.Nolan has been a huge help.Towel issue- was just an issue of the system in place.

Concerns and amendments:

Hannah- I’m inclined to vote to throw these no shows out. But I don’t want this to happen again.It is your responsibility to communicate with the house, maybe do that in the future instead of becoming resentful.

Nolan- own that I should have told the house that I paid this money.I just thought there was more trust in me than there actually is.There is a little inconsistency that tech and grounds and maintenance can have hours build up for a month, and then not accept that I did surplus hours last year.Richard- you could have reported those surplus hours though.Having surplus hours does not mean you can just get a no-show thrown out, if it’s a legit no show.

Donny- no shows are not meant to be personal.Not an indication that somebody doesn’t trust you.

Voting on each instance of no-shows one at a time:

3 instances: 1 towel labor, 1 towel labor, and 4 for tech

Votes on 1st towel labor: consensus to waive this no show

Votes on 2nd towel labor: consensus to waive this no show

Nolan tables the 4 tech no-shows: the no shows still count, and Nolan will find other means to cover these hours.

New business

Burgess: putting in membership review for non-existent kitchen coordinator.

Donny:yoga sign up sheet, Wednesday at 6 PM.

Gatlin: Consensus flowchart on dry erase board in dining room, take a look at it, make changes if you want with marker and eraser.

Paul: cable internet I have in my apt is about 20 times as fast as internet that the coop has.Hopefully we will get faster internet soon.

Hannah: Around the World Party on Friday!!!!See your own door for details.Make food and beverages!

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