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February 8, 2015

Present: Rebecca (minutes), Ryan, John, Destiny, Corey, Richard, Donny, Nolan, Paul, Hannah, Marilyn, Claude, Gatlin, Burgess, Andy, Dusana, Cynthia, Don

Meet and greet

Bart (second meeting): wants to be an associate member, wants to move in, does a lot of food stuff with John, has regular source of income

Jason (first meeting): worked with Ryan, he does anything scientific that has to do with human health, is interested in living here, sharing an apartment, no pets or pet allergies, agricultural labor would be preferred. Trained as an organic inspector!, has regular source of income

Destiny (second meeting): Wants to move in, labor: likes cleaning

Both Destiny and Bart accepted.

Agenda item 1

(Donny) Repeal “childcare labor credit” policy due to legal concerns discussed last week.

Not really clear in the minutes from last week,

We did indeed repeal the policy that we said we repealed last week.

POI: Ryan- Why did we repeal it? Donny- Legal advisor said we were making it easier for people with children to live here, and open to lawsuit from others that do not have children.

My hope was we would discover a way to make it easier for people with kids to live here while being legal. Repeal this so we are legally protected.

Concerns/Amendments: none

Consensus to repeal. So repealed!

Agenda item 2

(Gatlin) Amend official Kitchen Coordinator officer description to the following (or something similar), and make this change on the wiki Officer Description page:

“1. Ensures that the common kitchen is well furnished and well stocked, and that all appliances and utensils are in working order.

2. Assists cooks in acquiring any necessary ingredients or utensils to prepare a meal.

3. Observes that cooking and cleaning labor is performed or else notifies the Labor Czar(s).

4. Works with cooking and cleaning labor to coordinate alternate labor when necessary.

5. Inspects expiration dates and safety of food, properly disposing of it when necessary.

6. Communicates with members performing commons cleaning, fridge cleaning, or other kitchen cleaning labor about any specific concerns.

7. Communicates with food donation / procurement labor about any specific concerns.

8. Listens to house concerns and communicates clearly about any issues raised.”

Reading through wiki, list was vague, wants to make descriptions more itemized and specific. Would be easier in future to perform officer reviews. Wants structure to be clearer.

POI: Paul- Reads old description: (talks about spokes and hubs)

Concerns: Burgess- Is there anyone who actually wants to do this job? Richard- Someone was elected to it. Gatlin- it sounds daunting, but I don’t think there’s anything to prohibit two people from sharing it. Burgess- I like it. It can be done. Corey- amendment: works with maintenance to let them know when appliances don’t work. Gatlin- amendment to Corey’s amendment: has one requirement to work with other officers if needed. Final amendment accepted tentatively. Richard- another amendment: could we drop the cooks requiring certain ingredients? I wouldn’t want to see the kitchen manager no-showed because a spice is missing, or something. Gatlin- good point. Yes, I accept. Strike number 2 from the list. Assist cooks in acquiring any necessary ingredients or utensils to prepare a meal.

Consensus accepts proposal with the two amendments.

Agenda item 3

(Tim) Retract Tim's late fees.

Corey takes item up: Doesn’t remember Tim ever asking

POI: Andy, vaguely remembers Tim asking previously for a late fee to be waived before.

Concerns: Andy- he’s super behind on labor as well, he owes us a lot right now. Burgess- coming up with a policy for people who have a track record of not doing labor. Doing labor would be considered as part of what we decided about late fees. Ryan- how much labor does he owe? Richard- not sure, but Andy says 8 hours behind. Ryan- we should table it and let him advocate for himself. Corey- labor is a separate thing. We have another system for labor, totally separate issue. Andy- yeah, it’s something to note, but I was hesitant to bring it up in the first place. Richard- The labor issue is enough to trigger a review. Hannah- I would be cautious of setting this precedent that the first time you ask to get late fees waived, I don’t think we should set that expectation. Corey- like Ryan said, we should table the item until Tim is here to hear all the concerns.

Item tabled

New business

Ryan: Finance report: did pretty well in January, probably because ppl were gone for holiday. We have used all the money that we allocated for minor maintenance, but over $9,000 still left for major maintenance.

Hannah: 1. Coordinators meeting on Wed at 8:30 PM. Labor holiday firming up as well. 2. Sam wants to remove the chain link fence in the back. Paul- did we determine if that is our property or the people across the way? Hannah- pretty sure it’s ours. Donny- concern: there’s a sign, this fence is here to keep food and stuff away to prevent problems with dogs. Hannah- Sam is also willing to come and speak at the meeting. Burgess: the property line is the most important issue. Would anyone be opposed to removing the dead hackberry? Jason- most fences are built on the property of the people building them.

Ryan: I’ve started a time log spreadsheet that I and Rebecca use to show our hours.

Andy: maintenance meeting on Tuesday at 8 PM

Donny: 1. We, LaRe, have been invited to dinner tomorrow night (Monday) at Marjorie Daw, cool house near 38th and ih-35. Donny will come to commons at 5:45 PM and carpool people who want to come. 2. Thusday 8:45 PM yoga class. Sign up for it!

Corey: we have a new NP board rep and it is Meg. At CHEA level, we are trying to develop an administrator position. Paid part time staffer for CHEA. Could keep our systems going. It’s getting kind of hard to manage two houses now in Austin.

Meg: Around the World party, either Feb. 26 or 27. It will start in commons with a dinner at 6:30 PM. After dinner, we will travel around the apartments of those that want to participate. I would also like to hang up some posters in the laundry room, just propaganda stuff and wants to get translated.

Richard: have a nice list of labor holiday proposals. It’s on Valentine’s Day! Richard reads a long list.

Finish garden beds in front

Paint LaRe logo on front of building

Deep clean kitchen and pantry

Deep clean maintenance closets

Remove tiny closet in pantry

Relocate office contents, goal is to make the office part of the commons and move the filing cabinets with our important documents and secure them somehow in the computer lab or something.

Find more dishes for coop. Sweep/voluntary turn in of coop kitchen things.

Maintenance backlog, e.g. 109 and 205. Priming, caulking, anything we can persuade maintenance to do.

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