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January 25, 2015

Present: Rebecca, McAllen, Burgess, Z, Carey, Corey, Brad, John, Destiny, Donny, Richard, Jack, Gatlin, Dan, Jessica, Claude, Alex

Meet and greet

Brad: second meeting, really enjoys cooking and cleaning as well as what he said his first meeting.

Destiny: first meeting, wants to become associate at first, then interested in moving in. no pets or allergies, yes to stable source of income, likes to clean, help with garden, manual labor, already helps with KAF. Very dependable on Sunday mornings

No reasons why Brad cannot become a member, Brad becomes a member!

Agenda item 1

(Azzurra) Ban Joshua Fallow from the property.

Z: doesn’t feel safe having him around. He has been violent to Tory on multiple events. Wasn’t as aware of it at first when he applied for membership here. He grabbed her hair to leave a bruise, he hit her and she blocked and got a bruise on her arm. He took my keys with him and held them hostage to force me to bring his stuff downtown. He threw the keys at a mutual friend without reason. I don’t see any reason that his behavior would change. Now that Tory and he broke up, he probably doesn’t want to continue to be a member. If he steps a foot on property, he should be immediately be asked to leave.

Concerns or amendments: none

We all vote to ban Joshua Fallow from the property.

Agenda item 2

(Donny) Add policy giving current CHEA members priority on waitlist, just above associates.

Donny: Someone from Sasona wants to move in here. I realized we don’t have a rule about this. It should be easy to move between CHEA coops.

Questions/Info: none

Concerns/amendments: Michelle- concerned with how this is going to work with item 3 of this agenda. Z- I think we should give CHEA members the same status as associates, but not priority. What is it like at Sasona? Do they have the same policy? Donny- They are looking to make the same policy, but they haven’t yet. Z- Friendly amendment: whoever signed a CHEA contract first would have first priority to move in.

Anyone with a contract with CHEA will be placed on the waiting list at the same level where associates are placed currently. Amended!

Agenda item 3

(Azzurra) Give priorities to families/peole of color/underrepresented populations on waiting list.

Z- Some concern how we do this under fair housing. We’ve lost two Hispanic families, did their immigration status play into that? There has been a demographic shift since we moved in. I just want everyone to think about this. The money to become an associate for some of us is a hardship. Over time, we might end up seeing the same kind of demographics that we see at Sasona. This is a conversation that we should continue having.

Brad- I would much rather have a mother and children move in before I do.

Richard- advertising strategies might could change. We post on craigslist, we use word of mouth, but maybe outreach or memco could use other strategies.

Gatlin- we cannot deny someone affordable housing, but we can’t give preference.

McAllen- agree with Richard, changing our advertising strategy would help I think.

Z- Could the house request that within a month, the mem-co come back with a long term strategy to reach out to other organizations or neighborhoods? As an amendment?

Carey- we could always do that next meeting.

Corey- Since this is just a discussion, and not a proposal, I’m not sure.

Richard- we can informally resolve to do this.

Tabling discussion

Agenda item 4

(Burgess) Discussion of damage done by and ways to repair/replace gutters. Real structural harm coming from gutters above 205 and 206.

Burgess: Our gutter systems high point starts at 208. No water that falls on our roof is getting to the down spout. The high point isn’t the high point anymore. No water is getting past that point. It is washing up to a 6 feet wide sheet and eroding and getting at the roof. We need to save the building or not. The more rain we get, the faster it will get worse. We could go to gutter people, or someone do some homework, take a look at it, find a solution. It continues dripping a week after a rain. It’s a serious problem. We should find a member to research and help protect our building from being eroded. There is a rule about roofs, you don’t get on them unless you have to.

Z- Can we also build in rain barrels to the solution?

Donny- when we bought the property, the gutter was nonfunctional. It was not considered an emergency. Now we can start to think about it. We did this at Sasona a few years ago. I was the guy who did the research on that. You might be able to get me to do that again. Tentatively volunteering to research this.

Richard- Andy says we have $7000 to use for major repairs.

Z- Is there any preventative maintenance that we can do in the meantime?

Burgess- we should not get on the roof until absolutely necessary.

Agenda item 5

(Carey) Ban Torey from the property.

Carey- has written statement. Covers three incidents-reads statement.


Burgess- Is Tim a witness to events that happened in commons?

Carey- yes, he said he felt very uncomfortable.

Z- Torey had been asked to also write a statement. She is trying to get out of this unstable relationship. She was hospitalized Thursday night, and released. She is not in condition to be here. I want to advocate on her behalf.

Concerns for 10 minutes:

Richard: concerned about the last bit about the altercation that happened in here. To carey- your own behavior was pretty deplorable and provoking.

Carey- she threatened me three times in my home. Because I wouldn’t give her what she wanted? That’s not okay.

Destiny- Is there a tolerance level for threatening? If that’s not okay, then a non member should not be able to threaten a member. Conflict of interest to have that behavior allowed?

Z- About the last incident- I saw bruises on her scalp and arm, then she cracked a bowl over his head.

Carey- I was hoping she would be here to talk about that. That struck me as an odd statement because I don’t remember hearing a bowl break or seeing debris from a bowl.

Z- I saw the bowl in the trashcan, people saw blood from his head. She was trying to get you to leave the commons to be protective over you more than anything.

Burgess- A non member cannot tell a member to get the hell out of the commons. Personally, the question of children coming into the world or not, is up to the woman having the child. Torey is high maintenance, I find that Carey has been part of 2 out of 3 events in the commons. There is no bad guy, just two hurt people, one by history, one by circumstance. How much maintenance can we handle?

Richard- There is one possible instance of a vague threat.

Destiny- Is there any protocol for associates? Like probation or something?

Z- Torey has been accepted as a member, but not technically because she hasn’t paid her fees. I agree that something should be done, but maybe not ban her. Denying somebody membership because she is pregnant is very illegal. Torey is willing to have a mediated conversation with Carey. Carey would just not like her to interact with him. This is something we could work out. This should be a safe place for her to come to, to get away from Joshua.

Donny- 10 minute mark, majority to continue for 5 more minutes.

Donny- I’ve seen several interactions with her, she was very disrespectful to people who said anything against her, very disrespectful to our process, she does not seem capable to deal with living in the coop, dealing with people that might disagree with her, etc.

Carey- When her membership comes up in conversation, it almost always has something to do with her pregnancy. I don’t have to agree with her choices, it does make me very upset.

Richard- Did she give any details about what happened in the commons?

Z- They got into an argument, he tried to hit her, she blocked it, hit him over the head with a bowl, Tim woke up about 20 minutes later, Carey came in a little later.

Carey- Does anyone not feel that it the job of the coop to make its members feel safe?

Z- we should talk about how to deal with these sorts of situations, there should be a safety officer, I think that banning Torey is not going to prevent these situations from coming up again.

Donny- to carey- I don’t know that the coop can make anyone feel a certain way. We do have the power to not allow threats, but not to necessarily make everyone feel comfortable and safe. That is probably impossible.

Do not have consensus to ban Torey from property. Does not pass.

Z- Does Carey want to have a friendly amendment to make him feel safe?

Carey- maybe a ban until there is a mediated conversation between me and Torey? Not comfortable with a time limit ban, and then just show up. I really don’t know that there is anything that will make me feel comfortable in this space. Ban Torey until a mediated friendly conversation between Carey and Torey can take place.

Z- I would like to be a resource for her to have a safe place from Joshua. Maybe could she be escorted in the courtyard to get to my apartment? She needs to have a place to go.

Donny- We cannot ban her from an individual apartment.

Carey- I’m not really in a space to work out a lot of details.

Friendly amendment: Torey be banned from property until a mediated conversation between Carey and Torey can occur, but she may be escorted through courtyard into a members apartment.

We have consensus on agenda item being modified to friendly amendment.

New business

Dan- 1. Wants to know what we think of Dan still being kitchen manager? I might be out of town for bits of time in the future. I’d like to give it another shot. Yes, I’d like to continue being kitchen manager. I will let y’all know if I ever need to leave promptly.

Z- Would you be willing to co-manage the kitchen?

Dan- yes, interested.

Burgess- the job of kitchen coordinator is simple. A co-coordinator is just another person not doing anything.

2. I have bed bugs in my room, I wanted to know if anyone else had them. Has not had any experience with them in the past.

Andy- Maintenance meeting Tuesday 8 pm

And enchiladas on Thursday night at 8:30 pm

Richard: Labor holiday on Valentines day. Handful of proposals. There is a proposal sheet on the fridge, we will do a vote next weekend to formalize it.

Hannah- we do have a keg confirmed from Black Star for labor holiday.

Donny- there are one spot left for yoga 8:30 tomorrow night

Richard: I bought a wheelchair that I’m donating to the house. I hope the house is okay to store the wheelchair in the garage.

Corey- from board rep: nasco ballots go up on the fridge this week. GM is coming Saturday March 7, 2 pm at sasona. The list of board reps include some people from here and sasona.

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