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January 18, 2015

Present: Claude, Donny and dtr Kennedy, Michelle, Gatlin, Jack, Nolan, Donny, Richard, Ryan, Carey, Burgess, Dusanna, Z, Cythia, Tori, Jessica, Alex

Facilitating: Corey, Minutes: Marilyn

Meet and greet

Marcella, interested in moving in. No pets or pet allergies, desires either a room or an apt, whatever comes up first, friends of two members (John and Michelle) is a permaculture and is active in Food Forest movement, an artist photographer, seamstress, musician, yoga teacher, and translator (not f/t employed) currently), and cooks. Is interested in living with a cat.

Brad, is interested in a place to live; has 2 cats; interested in room or apt, can do general labor, help with gardening, and cook.

Agenda item 1

(Hannah) Change the deadline for Steward to post the agenda to 12 noon on Saturday. It is currently 12 midnight on Friday. Hannah says she finds it hard to meet the current Friday deadline. She asks if a posted agenda is still necessary, and the general response is yes. Proposal is accepted by consensus.

Agenda item 2

(Richard) Members with legal dependents shall receive a labor credit of one hour per dependent, up to a maximum of two hours. Richard states the motivation is to make it easier for people raising children to live here. No points of information, questions, concerns, or amendments. Motion passes by consensus.

Agenda item 3

(Richard) Members with disabilities must be accommodated when given labor assignments. Where appropriate and at the discretion of the labor tsar, reasonable adjustments should be made to predefined labor tasks. An accommodation in the form of a labor credit may be granted but must be approved by the house. If an accommodation-related decision is challenged by another member, it should be brought to a house meeting for review. No questions, points of information. Concerns: Ryan states this is the law anyway. Richard says it would make it easier of labor czar to explain to house members. No amendments or concerns. Motion passes by consensus.

Agenda Item 4

(Gatlin) Amend the decision regarding Frankie's deposit to be what was agreed upon while she was present at the 7 December 2014 meeting. Specifically: “Frankkie gets to break contract. Gets full deposit back minus cost to repair window, $100 break fee, and money that she owes Jesse. She may leave her car here until the end of January.” [sic] (Michelle agrees to facilitate this item as well as #6 and #7.) After we had passed the item it was amended after she left the room to the normal deposit process. He doesn't feel this was a good decision-making process and he would like to see the above commitments met. Points of information: Richard – current decision leaves her owing us $40. Carey says not everyone felt they got heard and at least one person did not understand the initial decision. Donny – minutes say she was called and invited back to the meeting. Amendments and concerns: Jack – We were modifying a contract which had already been broken. Ryan – he acted according to the authority he has as treasurer. Nolan – felt her actions were bullying and contentious. Gatlin – the words were said to him, and what we did was not illegal, he just objects to our changing a decision with the member being out of the room. Richard – we reneged on a decision without the member present. Three blocks (as the block has been seconded); Ryan believes the second set of actions was within our regular process. Marilyn challenges. Ryan says it wasn't clear to him that additional action was requested. Corey says Frankkie was informed that the process was continuing and she did not return; also the process wasn't clear and we should not have exempted her from regular process. Claude – her actions were excessive and egregious. Concern from Cynthia – thinks we may need to tow the car. The votes supported the block so the proposal will not move forward.

Agenda item 5

(Richard) Purchase four indoor recycling bins (“Recycling Rules!” brand stackable, $50 for set of four) for pantry and four outdoor recycling bins (Rubbermaid model FG9W2773BLUE, $65 apiece) for courtyard. Total price would be approximately $310. Richard explains it is to tidy up the courtyard Question from Claude, where would $$ come from. Richard: discretionary funds; confirmed by Ryan (savings acc't). Concern from Burgess: they will still spill over if not taken care of, and they should not obstruct wheelchair members and visitors. Concern from Michelle – high cost, possibly research more? Richard: these are sturdy. Concern from Claude: who will take care of them? Richard: two people are assigned to recycle labor. He would like to table this to provide dimenstion, other information.

Agenda item 6

(Corey) Ratify edits to the house manual located at He clarified the time of the Sunday meeting and the order of people accepted to move in in the following order: In-house members, social service proxy referrals, former members, associate members and former associates and general prospective members. He also clarified rent amounts ($420/840) and deposits ($400/800). Amendments and concerns: Nolan – concern about a typo, which Corey says he will fax. Motion passes by consensus.

​Agenda item 7

(Robbie/Carey/Corey) Ban Tori from the property for repeated instances of verbal abuse and threats of physical violence against house members. Carey takes the lead: On three occasions Tori has been aggressive and threatening toward him and he has felt unsafe in his own home. He is not comfortable with her being here. Direct response from Tori: One one occasiona Carey made a comment that her unborn child was a parasite. Also she and Carey have a history. On another occasion she had been assaulted by her boyfriend (J) and she broke a bowl over J's head. Cynthia: we have had similar problems with others [unsure if this is the what she is saying - Marilyn]. Tori says she has been in a situation in which it has been impossible for her to communicate with others. Cynthia – she has seen changes in Tori, “has been going through stuff.” Claude – J was behaving inappropriately. Richard – what threats were made? Corey – Tori was loud and angry and asked Carey to leave the Commons. Carey states he is unable to stay in meeting and says he will move out if she stays on the property. Tori says she wants to raise her child in an intentional community and keep social workers off her back, and that she never threatened Carey. She did not realize that Robbie is a safety officer and would have sought help if she had. She is aware that the actions between her and J frightened Tim and kept him in his room. Z comments about a prior accusation that Tori did not do her labor when staying here in the spring, but she only failed to do labor when she was not staying here. Also we have lost records of her becoming a member and she should be higher on the housing list. Point of process: this is not relevant to the proposal. Z also states she has seen J being violent toward someone else, and she believes that J attacked Tori first. Carey has made a threat by saying he will leave if she stays. Corey has witnessed Tori get aggressive with folks, as during this house meeting. During the fight between Tori and J he was aggressively told to leave the Commons when he came to see what was going on (he had been awakened by the fight). During the argument she said that she could kill J and nobody would care. Ryan witnessed a situation in the kitchen a month ago that could have called for a member review and possibly a suit; she was rudely telling Carey to move to a different apt. so she could have a place to stay, chased him around the Commons, and Ryan had to separate them. Question from Jack: Carey and Tori lived together for a year? Z responds that Carey has told her he did not want Tori to be an overnight houseguest. Andy has known Tori for 10 years and has never known her to violent unless assaulted. She does communicate in an aggressive manner but her situation (homelessness and being in the place tonight where she was recently assaulted) needs to taken into account when discussing her pushing Carey to move. Marilyn would like to see this tabled so that the house can receive written complaints (point of process). Nolan objects to her using the word “blind” as a synonym for stupid and he feels offended and asks her to stop. Gatlin: there are things that have been mentioned in the proposal but not described in details. He recognizes that he cannot identify with Tori's situation and doesn't feel sitting in judgment. He also would like to see detailed complaints in writing. Z: in general we need scripts about how to deal with these conflicts, and thinks there are class issues (use of language). She wishes they had gone into mediation after the first conflict. Her behavior if she were male or not homeless would be viewed differently, and she supports the way Tori handled the assault. She would like to see J banned from the property. Corey accepts this last as a friendly amendment. Claude supports Tori. Donny would like to see the threats of violence substantiated, and he would like Tori to participate in meetings without interrupting and getting loud. Richard asks Corey if he is willing to table this and Corey agrees. Z would like to know if she can be on the property until the next house meeting and would be willing to monitor her (she is not living here now but would like her to be able to visit Z). Corey asks that she not sleep in the Commons. Jack: He has not seen or heard any evidence of Tori being violent. Ryan: we did not ban J because he didn't think J would be around but he is fine with J being banned from the property. Z would like this to formalized and writes a proposal for next week's meeting.

Agenda item 8

(Jack) Waive Jack's late fees. Jack: He was late in making payment (on payment plan) in Nov and Dec with additional $150 late fees. He has not asked for this before and doesn't think he will. No questions points of information, concerns, amendments. Passes by consensus.

Agenda item 9

(Hannah) Discuss future of La Reunion in affordable housing advocacy. Ryan and she and Donny have been advocating at the municipal level for politicians to support our and other co-ops, present and future. She wants to know that this activity, e.g., visiting dignitaries, is not going to interfere with current members. She says she will try to let the community know in advance so we can clean up if we will have visitors so we can be a showcase. Burgess thinks we should just make it ever cleaner, not focus on visits. Hannah thinks the visits are an impetus for us to make our place more attractive and functional. Z says her apt is not fully habitable (poor functioning sink, holes in walls, and poor door seals) and there is an opportunity cost in focusing on visits instead of caring for our property appropriately. Apparently not all the maintenance requests are being met. Hannah invites others to contact he and UT city policy expert and others next

Agenda item 10

Marilyn requests that a box be placed in the commons for communication and exchange documents with members. Friendly amendment that documents with personal information go in the rent box and Marilyn have a key, and that there also be a non-locked box for documents that are not sensitive. Marilyn accepts. No concerns, questions, amendments, and the proposal is accepted by consensus

New business

Richard states the next labor holiday will be one of the last two weekends in February. He will formalize this and ask for labor proposals.

Hannah says we will have a donated keg for the labor holiday.

Z: We have an official Christmas gift from Anonymous, a children's book about political prisoners. In exchange Anonymous asks us to send them a picture of us reading the book to a child.

Corey: NASCO will have meetings and CHEA is taking nominations for a representative, and the perk is free airfare to the meetings.

Richard: he has collected month's no shows and will make a report.

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