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January 11, 2015

Present: Andy, Richard, Nolan, McAllen, Rebecca, Donny, Tori, Joshua, Jack, Gatlin, Marilyn

New business

Donny: Starting nomination period for NASCO nominees board rep. Nominate yourself or someone else! Posted on corkboards in commons. Don’t know dates for NASCO property meetings but can find out. We and Sasona will gather nominees and them elect maybe in a few months.

Richard: I’m posting sign off sheets tonight. If someone does not sign and is no-showed, they are automatically no-showed and they have to take it to the house. If someone does sign and is still no-showed, we’ll talk to both parties and see what happened. If someone is no-showed for not completing a labor, it could potentially be a half no-show. Chronic non-signers will receive extra scrutiny!!

Donny: City council person will be here in a week to check out our co-op. Maybe we could do some things like throw make up labor at this? We are not just trying to impress this person, we could potentially get some money and support in general about more co-ops in city.

Andy: What is high priority maint?

Donny: finish painting arch in commons, light fixtures in commons, basically anything we see that would make us not up to code.

Marilyn: suggest make the nasty carpet go away (in commons dining room)

Richard: the 15th I need to do a no-show report, I’ll think of some ideas to get some things done.

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