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December 21, 2014

Present: Andy facilitating, Marilyn on minutes, Ryan, Dusana, Burgess, Paul, Donny, Nolan, Richard, Don

Meet and greet


Agenda item 1

Nolan: Once an item has been consented to, it cannot be revisited in the same agenda except as new business, where it cannot be changed. The only way to change an item that has been consented to is to add it to a future agenda.

Nolan: This is in response to a meeting at which late arrivals attempted to change an item that had been passed a few minutes earlier. Ryan: This exists in the rules because decisions can only be made on agenda items, and the yellow card system could be used; Nolan does not want to use yellow cards in this situation. Burgess asks if Nolan would accept that the membership would block efforts to reverse decisions. Nolan doesn't mind passing this, but perhaps we need to have a formal process of telling someone they broke a rule in this situation, i.e., yellow cards. Richard agrees that such behavior in a meeting would not rise to the level of a yellow card. Donny says the rules are clear and he does not think that we need another rule. The item passed by consensus.

Agenda item 2

(Z) Discuss Torey's behavioral contract. I do not agree to a 6-month associateship being required for entrance at all much less without an announced Sunday meeting discussion or an advertised membership review. I move we change these terms, especially because Torey's labor requirements were misreported.

Z absent, Donny agreed to lead a discussion item. Richard comments that there was no behavioral contract or membership review. Donny clarified that during the Wednesday meeting at which Torey was accepted as a prospective member who needed to do labor and pay for Associateship consistently before she move in. Ryan proposed that we formally ratify the Wednesday evening plan. Richard thinks the motion would be violation of our rules about passing items not on agenda. Ryan thinks we have the choice to modify the agenda item. Marilyn clarified that she is a prospective member but has not paid the fees to become an Associate so has no contract but could be accepted in 6 months as a resident without evidence of reliable income. Ryan moves to table, Donny accepts. Item tabled.

Agenda item 3

(Z) Concerns that there are inconsistencies with acceptance policies. Z not present, no one takes up the item for her.

Agenda item 4

(Carey) Proposal: If a member voices that they believe a moderator is not objective or impartial then the moderator must:

1. Ask if anyone else is willing to facilitate the meeting.

2. Get the group's consent for the new moderator.

If two or more members voice that they do not think a moderator is objective then the moderator must step back. In the event the group does not consent to a new moderator, of only one objection has been voiced, the moderator may ask the group's consent to continue moderation. If more people have voiced objection and no replacement moderator can be consented on, the meeting is concluded and all items tabled. Similarly if there is no replacement moderator and the group does not consent the meeting is concluded and all items are tabled.

Carey absent, no one takes up the item.

Agenda item 5

(Z's proposal with Richard presenting) Allow Torey but not Joshua to stay in my bedroom in 109 while I am in Italy. Michelle is okay with this.

Point of information: Her staying here does not require a contract as a guest since she will be here less than two weeks. Question about what would happen if Torey refuse to leave, in which case the members would hold Z responsible. Ryan asks what the concerns are about her staying that caused the previous decision to extend her prospective membership for 6 months. Points of information: she had not done labor (kitchen fairy) when staying here before, left suddenly without fulfilling obligations (with worsening roach problem) and was hostile toward another resident over his comments about the size of a fetus. Question: should we ask Torey to do Z's labor, but her labor is covered by others. Friendly amendment: Torey must leave by Jan 6. Proposal passed as amended.

New business

Burgess asks about getting new dryers. Supplier has not responded recently so Andy may cancel the order and look for another dealer. Cynthia is ill with possible flu and could use some support.

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