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November 30, 2014

Present: Dan, Richard, Z, Delia, Cynthia, Claude, Frankkie, Beth, Paul, Burgess, Sam, Don, Ryan, Chase, Teofilo, Mari, Coretta, Jessica, Corey, Carey, Jess, Don, Jack. Hannah facilitating, Marilyn taking minutes.

Meet and Greet:

Anne Douglas, currently in Port Aransas, friend of Donny's, interested in an apt. in March. Kenzie Huth, currently in MN, interested in an apt in 6 months. Andy Dean, second meeting, interested in coming in whenever there's an opening. Andy is accepted as a prospective member. Delia's daughter's boyfriend Pablo, staying here part time, willing to do labor, helping her out.

Agenda item 1

(Molly, Frankkie, Dan W.) Membership review of Chase. Frankkie: A member who is not present has known Chase for a long time and has known him to be violent and controlling, punching holes in walls, not paying rent, and the other member is avoiding being in the common areas with him. Frankkie says she has confronted him about his charge for domestic violence; his answers disturbed and disgusted her, not taking responsibility, blaming, excuses. She is not comfortable that he is a safe person in our community. Molly posted a statement saying that she has known him 8 years, doesn't want him to move in here. He was arrested after a fight with his girlfriend over his nonpayment of rent.

Chase: He doesn't remember punching holes in doors, only a shed. He and Molly talked only 5 minutes and she didn't seem interested in hearing what he had to say. Frankkie's conversation was an accusation that he was an abusive boyfriend, and she was shouting, not listening, so he withdrew. He explained about the situation when he was arrested, was under a lot of stress, relationship was deteriorating, but he moved in with his girlfriend. She asked him for rent money, he said he would have it in time, she asked him to move out immediately. There was physical violence and screaming and neighbors called the police. He went to jail; the attorney advised him against a trial and there was deferred adjudication and he completed community supervision for one year with random drug tests, 6 months of counseling.

Discussion: Frankkie says she feels unsafe with him living here; he didn't answer Molly's and her questions, is speaking as a victim, blaming his girlfriend. Chase states he takes responsibility for not leaving the relationship. Ryan points out that we did not follow the usual agenda for posting this item on time. Hannah acknowledges that this may have been posted late, but Ryan thinks this discussion is potentially discriminatory and moves that we postpone this, but the two parties most involved want to go ahead with it. He moves that we go ahead with the member review, and there is consensus and no blocks. Cynthia: has not seen any reason to oppose Chase moving in. Jessica: feels this is a witch hunt, and she has no concerns about Chase moving in. Richard: did Chase know that Molly was living here when he came? No. He tried to spend time with her when he first came, but she ignored him and he did not ask her opinion about his being here. Beth: we can't pass judgment on something from the past, but discomfort among members should be handled by mediated conversations in private. Claude: doesn't know Chase, but these events occurred in the past, and he has no concerns. Frankkie: the current issue is that a current resident doesn't feel comfortable with Chase being here based on history of violence and nonpayment of rent. An abuser is a personality profile. Michelle: events from 4 years ago should be discussed in private with a mediator, and we should consider a behavioral contract which would end his residence if there is any sign of violence. Burgess: we are on the spot and have this agenda item because a person who lives here was not here to know Chase was seeking membership, and he has been doing his labor, but we should respect that she is fearful. Paul: has there been any formal mediation? Hannah has met with Chase at Molly's request to help alleviate the tension, but she was not interested in mediation at that time. Chase says he is open to mediation, but Frankkie is not at this time. Z: Wishes that Chase had brought this forth before Molly did, but is glad we are having a public discussion because there is legitimate concern. She advocates a membership contract. Carey reads a statement from Robbie, who cannot be at this meeting. Robbie would vote for a behavior contract, not eviction, based on current rather than past behaviors. Ryan: behavior contracts have been for actions occurring here, but we do not have examples here; the concerns are emotional, not behavioral. Richard: Molly had the opportunity to send objections before Chase's second meeting but did not. Beth: Frankkie admits that she has a bias based on her personal history. She wonders if we can go forward without Molly being here, as she is the only one who has first-hand knowledge of Chase's past behaviors. Michelle: Molly hasn't been engaged in the process, though she says this is important to her. She wants Frankkie to feel safe, and thinks that we at La Re can help. Jess signed the member review because his close friends have concerns, but he also has some negative things in his past and has not had problems here. Carey: unlike Chase, he was very open when he came here, sharing embarrassing information. He also doesn't think we can have an open membership policy and at the same time bring up things from the past. Frankkie: she is judging Chase about recent conversations, not just about the past. Chase: Molly was not a witness to the domestic violence, only knows about it second hand, and they used to be friends. Ryan: Carey's and Chase's situations are very different. Carey: he thinks people are being treated differently. Delia: she asks how people would feel about her having been accused of something in the past. She also has been the victim of violence, but doesn't think we should judge and that people should get a second chance. Ryan: we have strong mechanisms for dealing with people who are not a good fit here, and Chase seems to be doing well here with relationships and labor, and sometimes we need to learn to co-exist with people we don't get along with. Hannah: reviews options that have been brought up – wait until Molly can be present, go forward and then decide about behavioral contract, membership end, or no action. Jessica: Chase has said he is open to a contract, which provides the option of eviction if problems arise. Michelle: Chase has done extra labor. Richard: does not favor tabling, as Molly has had input via written statement. Paul: rules state that he has to leave for discussion of options; correction: he has to leave for the straw poll. Frankkie: her violent boyfriend convinced most people that he was charming and non-violent. Z: delay is not appropriate, would like to see a behavior contract involving management of any property damage and trying to make Molly and Frankkie feel safer. Molly is still friends with Chase's ex-girlfriend but she has never visited here, but if she does Chase should have advance notification so he can absent himself. Perhaps there can be no-contact provisions with resident members. Chase's requests: that he get advance notice if ex-girlfriend comes here and that property damage be specified as intentional.

Straw poll: Most votes are in favor of behavioral contract.

Proposed conditions from Chase: If ex-girlfriend is known to be coming he would like to be notified so he can avoid her; no one-on-one contact with Molly or Frankkie; zero tolerance policy for physical violence with Chase responsible for repairs within 72 hours;

Propose conditions from others: No move-in until there is more time as an Associate. [Point of information: he may be able to move in as soon as one week from now. He would have to ask friends for a place to stay if he is not accepted here.]

Accepted: House members are strongly encouraged to notify Chase 24 hours in advance if ex-girlfriend is coming over, and he will then be responsible for absenting himself during that time.

Accepted: No one-on-one contact with Frankkie and Molly when there is no one else present.

Accepted: Zero tolerance for any personal violence except in self-defense.

Accepted: Chase is responsible for labor and expense to repair intentional property damage within 72 hours.

Accepted: Standard 6 month lease

Accepted: Length of behavioral contract for the time of Associate membership plus the term of his lease.

Agenda item 2

(Sarah/Hannah) Violation of 205's behavioral contract, how to continue regarding their lease here. Report from Hannah: There was a contract for labor and taking care of Israel, and Mari has said that she can't do labor. Teofilo and Mari are here with interpreter Rocio and say that they haven't made up their minds to move out. Clarifying question about the rules for this as it is not a membership review, but it is f/u on a membership review. Hannah says we can make motions. Richard moves that we affirm that they violated their behavioral contract and move toward an eviction. Marilyn recommends 2 month time frame. Question about total labor hours owed: 3, after re-set of labor hours after the labor holiday. Teofilo asks about the process of signing off labor hours. Hannah says she has given that information to Mari but behaviors have not changed, and Mari has said she can't do the labor. Z mentions that the contract about Israel's behavior has also been a problem. Hannah says that the rest of us here do the labor, so it's hard to have others staying here and not doing labor, though we have reduced their required hours. Motion amended to substitute non-renewal of contract for eviction. In favor of motion: 13, abstentions: 4, opposed: 0. Motion to extend current contract to the end of January. Teofilo agrees to that. Vote in favor: 16, abstention: 4, opposed: 0.

New business

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