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November 23, 2014

Present: Andy, Cynthia, Dan, Richard, Gatlin, Dusana, Burgess, Jack, Don, Jess, Michelle, Corey; Andy facilitating; Marilyn taking minutes

Meet and greet

Stephanie Lage and Mike Pierce, 805-886-3474,; looking for a unit; their lease ends at the end of January; both of have lived in co-ops before and miss the community environment; they have a dog; both cook, Mike is good with his hands, can do manual labor; Steph is a clean-freak.

Andy Dean, 512 744-5578;, interested in being an Associate, part of the community, sharing meals. Brother lives in a co-op in Pomona, likes it. Prefers maintenance and outdoor labor. Has a dog.

Agenda item 1

(Gatlin) The full text of all motions, resolutions, contracts, and other documents produced as a result of a vote of the members must be presented at least 24 hours ahead of the applicable meeting. Gatlin states that the intent of this discussion item is to make meetings more streamlined and briefer, separating the proposal from the word-smithing. Concerns: that wording doesn't express the idea Gatlin is bringing. Concerns that some people would routinely have more say than others.

Agenda item 2

(Hannah) Approve Hannah and Ryan's birthday party to use the Commons on December 6 and waive quiet hours on this night. Points of information: they have this party every year. Their parties are usually quiet and they are considerate. Suggestion: change “waive quiet hours” to a specific time, 4 a.m. Concern: police could be called if there is late-night noise. Response: usually no action when police are called other than asking people to leave. Generally a good idea to follow city regulations. Proposal accepted as amended.

Agenda item 3

(Hannah) Approve behavioral contract for Tim. Contract reviewed. Suggestion: Rewrite it to be consistently in the first or third person. Vote 10 to 3 to accept the contract. No abstentions. We will ask Hannah to complete it and for Hannah and Tim to sign it.

Agenda item 4

(Carey) Repeal of Yellow Card System. Carey says the yellow card system was approved with difficulty, and no one has used it thus far; it has not resulted in prevention of membership reviews. If we're not going to use it we shouldn't have it. Clarifying questions: Is it creating a problem to have it as a policy? Response: as presently constituted our system is awkward and may not be functional. It would be easier to implement a new system than to try to fix “the mess that we have.” Question: Do you know of a better version? Response: There are milder versions than what we have, with two tiers, yellow and red cards. Question: Doesn't this system avoid using no-shows as a punitive action? Point of information: Another house has a version that divorces labor and punishment. Point of information: most recent membership review was prompted by events that occurred before the yellow card system. Point of information: The system is not well understood yet. Response: We've had it for over a month, which is enough time to use it, and he's heard about complaints that people have not addressed through the system. Clarifying question: Instad of eliminating it perhaps Carey could bring an alternative proposal. Response: It is not working after a month. Point of information: Nothing has come up that would have called for a yellow card. Concerns and friendly amendments: Would like to see a new reporting system proposed. Response: Would be open to working on a new system with someone else, but is not a fan of the punitive justice aspect of the idea in general so not sure about spending his time on it unless someone else is interested in it. Concern: As long as it's not being abused it's better than nothing. The proposal did not move forward.

Agenda item 5

(Carey) Revocation of behavioral contract for Tim Carmack. Carey says he disagrees with the outcome of the review and the cap on number of guests. Carey sees this as taking away Tim's living room, and it's not reasonable. Clarifying question: What does Tim have to say? Answer: Tim doesn't want to speak. Another concern: what if Tim's friends come when he's not here and don't know they're not supposed to be here? Reply: that would be a separate proposal. The item did not have the consensus to move forward.

Agenda item 6

(Frankkie, Molly, Dan W.) Membership review of Chase. Postponed to next meeting.

Agenda item 7

(Andy) 30-day limit on make-up labor before conversion to fine. (Richard facilitating for this item.) From the first day of the month to the last day of the month all labor is tracked and labor czars have until the 15th of the following (second) month to determine no-shows. If labor hours are not made up within 30 days the hours will convert to fines to be paid with the third month's rent. Points of information: Member has hours outstanding and would like to have the chance to make them up before this come into effect. Current system: After 10 hours the Labor Czars have been pressuring members to make up hours. There is a system coming to more clearly track and show missed hours. Clarifying question: When would this start? Concerns and friendly amendments: If a member is behind in month one the Labor Czars will report the missed labor to the house no later than the 15th of the second month. The member will have until the 15th of the third month to make up the labor or set up a plan with the labor czars. If there is no plan the hours will convert to a fine to be paid with the rent for month four. Friendly amendment: Plan to begin Jan 1st. Accepted by consensus.

Agenda item 8

(Andy) (Richard facilitating for this item.) Lease renewal and broken behavioral contract for 205. Discussion item: Israel is not being attended to, labor hour requirements are not being met. Concern: The involved parties are not here. Andy agrees to table the item.

New business

New Labor Chart presented.

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