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November 16, 2014

Present: Carey, McAllen, Rebecca, Marilyn, Andy, Corey, Richard, Nolan, Donny, Dan, Tim, Delia, Michelle, Cynthia, Burgess, Chase, Jack, Z, Gatlin, Hannah

Meet and greet

Tory: First meeting: Wants to become an associate. Just got back into town from Dallas, just had an interview for a job. Feel pretty confident about it, but not for sure. Housing situation is dicey. Willing to pay $50 a month and put in 10 hours of labor a month. Husband Joshua will help her with that. Joshus would also like to be an associate. They are both looking for a place to live. Need own unit eventually. Whatever is do-able. Very invested in the idea of raising a child in an intentional community. No pets or pet allergies. Whatever labor is fine. Cooking, cleaning, gardening. Need a stable source of income before move in. Will keep us in the loop about job situation.

Michael: First meeting: Plays music with Tim, works at Conan’s, likes painting, walking, smoking cigarettes. Wants to be an associate member for the time being. Has not been in touch with Marilyn yet. Will try to get a Wednesday or Sunday off for next meeting.

Agenda item 1

(Richard) Membership review of Tim Carmack

Complaints the review is based on:

  • Failure to clean up after guests, members forced to clean up instead.
  • Keeping long term guests, consume large amounts of resources of the coop
  • Failure to control behavior of guests
  • Holding concert that could be heard a block away

Richard: Long time coming, needed to happen. Intent is not eviction, just wants a contract to place a minimum on guests. Don’t think Tim is exploiting the house. Guests are exploiting his hospitality. House needs to step in and place clearly defined limits. Go through 4 complaints

Z: Why was this not a series of yellowcards at first.

Andy: They are not required to bring a memb review.

Corey: wouldn’t matter anyways,

Cynthia: Friends are living here, but this is not their place to sleep. They should go home. This is a coop, not their hang out spot. If Tim doesn’t want to help, then he should move. This is our living quarters and it is nasty in here. We want Tim to fix the issue. They don’t need to come over here.

Richard: 1. Failure to clean up: like clockwork, theres a huge bin overflowing with beercans and commons in disarray. Tim and guests never clean up those messes and leave it up to commons clean members.

Carey: Very familiar with the state of the commons, sometimes they don’t contribute to the majority of the mess. There were 2 days when Tim was gone that it was trashed. This is a bit ridiculous.

Burgess: Sunday morning with my yelling, brought up subject of mess and mentioned Tim, we can remember before Tim came here, that the commons got messed up some of the time. Nevertheless, Tim and guests have significantly raised labor needs around here. I like the idea of the contract, and of Tim telling his friends that the coop doesn’t want to be their parents.

Z: House rule, Tim doesn’t have a living room, he is allowed to have friends crash here. House needs to change rule if we don’t like whats happening. Tim and his friends have been a lot better than others that have stayed in the commons. Last half a dozen times that I’ve come down because of too much noise, they had nothing to do with Tim and his friends.

Cynthia: If that’s his living quarters, we gave him the front room then? When they aren’t members, is that okay?

Z: mistreating coop members is not acceptable, but right now the rule is: the commons is the commons but also Tim’s living room. If we don’t like that as a rule, then we need to change the rule.

Richard: Area outside the commons adjacent to the 106 window, back alley. Regularly trashed. Ten times the mess coming from Tim from the 10 guests he has every day.

Chase: I was one of the people who cleaned up that one day. It is disproportionate the way Tim gets blamed. There should be some kind of limit to overnight guests. Friends should become associate members so they can clean up after themselves. Or maybe switch Tim and someone else with less house guests.

Delia: I live right next door. I don’t have a problem with anyone having guests. The only thing: asked nicely to clean up, don’t go in the back alley, respect the coop. Their response: You’re not my mom. They should respect the time that ppl are sleeping. When my daughters asleep, they bang on the wall in the back alley. Make my dog growl and wake my daughter up. Seen them throwing our food at each other. Just have respect!

Cynthia: We are not trying to beat up on Tim, the issue is he needs to tell his friends to respect. It’s not fair to us who pay rent. It’s okay to have friends over, but they get out of hand sometimes.

McAllen: Noise, messes, several issues. One specific in Tim’s defense: I think it’s a bad idea to have the commons double as a residence. Problems that were caused by people living in the commons, it’s a terrible idea and we should abolish people living in the commons.

Tim leaves now.

Donny: Finish stack and then vote.

Chase: Solutions: get Tim another, more private, unit; complaints not about Tim, but about his friends. Maybe we could have a system for specific friends like saying they are temporarily banned from the coop.

Carey: Agree with Z. more indicative of problems in our own rules and systems than in problems in Tim’s behavior that need to be corrected. This is the wrong venue to address these problems.

Richard: 2. Keeping long term guests: seen the same faces recurring. Not here consistently enough to invoke policy. While 106 can use the commons as living space, a host of guests is responsible for behavior of guests. This has gone above and beyond that policy of having guests stay in the commons.

Burgess: Response to Carey: don’t recall anyone at this meeting singling Tim out. Almost all the conversation has been about his friends. It’s about the bulk of recycling, cleaning, etc. The responsibility is Tim’s to communicate this to his friends.

Cynthia: If his friends don’t clean up, then Tim needs to clean up after them. Simple!

Richard: Final point: Halloween concert, loud enough to be heard a block away, without asking house first. While that was happening, there were abuses. Pointed out to Tim that 10 pm was coming up soon, and we didn’t want to attract cops. Another band started after 10, Tim said he didn’t consent to that, but they proceeded to play on. A lot of the commons space was taken up by the band. Also, a lot of people that looked under 18 were hanging out by the punch while the band was playing super loudly.

Carey: Tim was just doing something that the coop asked him to do.

Richard: Agree that it came about as not so much Tim’s fault. Told him he needed to talk to Beth to get approval. Beth was never spoken to.

Andy: There were prior concerts and band practice without notice. This is not a music venue, these are not sound proof walls. Any concert should be approved by the house.

Chase: Solution: What if we had an event coordinator?

Burgess: This is a membership review.

Carey: This review is just going to create problems.

Strawpoll vote: No hands for eviction, 11 hands for behavior contract. 4 hands for no action.

Behavior contract: suggestions by Richard: 1. clearly stated expiration of contract after 3 months 2. Guests may no longer sleep in commons. 3. Individual guests may stay no longer than any two nights in one week. 4. 106 window to alley needs to stay closed during quiet hours, and no entry or exit through the window at all, to control noise. 5. Having more than 4 guests over, having band practice or a concert, all of these need to have house consent prior to. 6. If guests are outside, and get noise complaint, they need to get inside. 7. Tim needs to be here when his friends are here. 8. Before or during next visit of friends, Tim needs to tell his friends about this contract. 9. Clean up after guests by 12:00 PM the next day.

Points of behavior contract:

  1. 3 month expiration date of this contract: Passes
  2. Guests of 106 may only sleep in bedroom of 106: Passed
  3. Individual guests may stay no longer than any two nights in one week: Passed
  4. 106 bedroom window to alley needs to stay closed during quiet hours, and no entry or exit through the window allowed at all. No throwing garbage out of the window: Passed
  5. Need house consent if 106 has more than 4 guests over at one time: Passed
  6. Need house consent to hold band practice or concert at the coop: Passed
  7. If guests outside get noise complaint, they need to go inside: Passed
  8. Tim needs to be here when his friends are here: Passed
  9. Before or during Tim’s friends’ next visit, Tim needs to tell his friends about the expectations of this contract: Passed
  10. Clean up after guests by 12:00 PM the next day: Passed

Carey: We need to vote on each item individually.

Burgess: Does Tim need to be here when his friends are here? Added to list

Donny: Tim maybe needs to tell his friends about this contract during the next week. Added to list.

Hannah: Yeah, before or during their next visit.

Gatlin: we should respect quiet hours, we already have regulations for noise.

Hannah: Mess should be taken into account in behavior contract.

Agenda item 2

(Jessica) Amend Jessica's lease to be month-to-month.

Jessica works 17 miles away from La Re and she shares a car with Paul. Would take her at least 3 hours to get to work without a car. Looking for a place further south. Wants a month-to-month lease so she can move south when she finds a place.

Her current lease ends this month (November). Just looked at a place, so hopefully won’t be on month-to-month for long. Just needs to find some roommates.

Marilyn: Would be easier to know more of a time scale.

Corey: Maybe we could do a 3 month lease with no contract break fee.

Jessica: I could do that if it helps. Accepted.

Consensus! 3 month lease with no contract break fee.

Agenda item 3

(Hannah) Allow Adrian to install a lock on the kids' supplies closet, to prevent disorganization between sessions. Steward and Maintenance will have keys as well. Feel free to discuss without me.

Nolan: suggest to put a sign on the door labeling it for kids program. Adrian seemed cool with it. Would be okay with starting with that and see how it goes.

Andy: People go in the closet and rearrange things and things go missing. Adrian wants to put a lock on the door to keep things in order.

Michelle: Can we make some type of system to keep things in order? We spent 4 hours organizing the closet and we don’t want it to be messed up anymore. Need a sign in English and Spanish.

Andy: You would have to see someone messing stuff up in order to yellowcard them. Adrian says that the beads are missing. Having a sign there wouldn’t necessarily keep people from taking stuff.

Carey: The whole coop doesn’t need to be punished for the acts of one or two people. And Adrian is not a member of this coop. I am completely opposed to someone who is not a member owning a key to a locked space.

Andy: Proposal is to put a lock on the door to prevent and purposeful or accidental taking of things. Add friendly amendment to make him an associate without charging him.

Michelle: Adrian has intentions to become an associate member in the next week or so.

Richard: Friendly amendment: Assign key to Dusana and Michelle.

Cynthia: Adrian has been here a long time and everything is working out fine. It’s just a closet with the kids stuff in it. No big deal. Michelle is a member and she should have the key.

Modified proposal: We will put a lock on the door and give keys to Dusana and Michelle. Consensus!

New business

Burgess: Cynthia, Marilyn, and Burgess are serving Thanksgiving meal around 2-3 PM on Thanksgiving Day. Buffet style, anyone is invited. These 3 will take responsibility of cleaning up, so no worries. Just come and enjoy!

Hannah: Ryan and Hannah want to have a birthday party on December 6 at 9PM here. They are going to cook a giant ass pig in a box. They would like to host the party in the commons.

Andy: Google Fiber will be here tomorrow to check out the property.

Hannah (AGAIN): Coordinators meeting on Tuesday night at 8 PM.

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