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September 14, 2014

Present: Andy, Burgess, Carey, Corey, Donny, Marilyn, Richard, Ryan, Sarah

Meet and greet

[no prospective members]

Agenda item 1

(Hannah/Marilyn) Amend acceptance policy so that a social service proxy referral (i.e., through Caritas) that is available for an immediate move-in has higher priority for membership than an associate.

Marilyn: It’s something we had actually talked about in prior meetings. Hannah and I both thought we had passed that, but apparently it was only a discussion. We couldn’t find it documented in the minutes that we had changed the order.

Burgess: I support it being formalized. It’s just something that didn’t make the minutes. We did formally agree to put in Caritas at the top. And then, if they move in, the two behind would not be Caritas. And then the next would be Caritas. That’s what we had passed.

Richard: (POI) There was something that was passed that gave Caritas a position in line on the waiting list on behalf of Caritas.

Burgess: (amendment) A prospective member referred from Caritas gets bumped to the top, then two associates (or other members) are at the top, then Caritas again. So Caritas is at every third position in line. [accepted]

[consensus reached]

Agenda item 2

(Mark/Hannah) Allow Mark to stay until the end of September.


Agenda item 3

(Richard) Proposal concerning the handling of members who have fallen behind on dues:

If, on the 16th day of a month, a member is overdue on an amount of at least $100, the member has fallen out of good standing with the coop (is “NGS”). In order for the NGS member to good standing, he or she must contact the Bookkeeper and reach an agreement on a payment plan. The Bookkeeper may also reach out to NGS members to assist them in returning to good standing.

If, by the 21st day of the month, a payment plan agreement is printed and signed by the NGS member, or the amount due plus any late fees have been paid in full, the member returns to good standing. Otherwise, the member is to be given a notice to vacate. A member who has violated the terms of a payment plan agreement is also no longer in good standing and is to be given a notice to vacate. The Bookkeeper must post the eviction notice and also announce its occurrence on the official coop mailing list by the end of the 21st day of the month.

An eviction notice given to an NGS member for financial reasons may be rescinded by one of the following means, before the time limit to vacate (as written on the notice) has expired:

* The NGS member pays the overdue amount in full, including any late fees.

* The NGS member becomes current for the month on a payment plan agreement that was signed before the eviction notice was posted, meeting all terms found in the agreement.

* The NGS member brings an agenda item to a Sunday house meeting proposing the rescission of the eviction notice and (if applicable) alternative payment plan, and the proposal is accepted.

Burgess: I think is sounds well thought out and quite thorough.

Ryan: I think is sounds good. This is basically the kind of policy I would put in place and how I've been telling Andy to do it. Something very similar to this is how they do it at ICC. (CQ) Should this apply to all members now?

Richard: I think in the case of Mark, he’s already at the end of this process. I'd be fine leaving the decision to grandfather other cases at your and Andy's discretion.

Ryan: (amendment) The new rule goes into effect in October. [accepted]

Andy: (POI) People on payment plans are in good standing right now.

[consensus reached]

Agenda item 4

(Richard) Proposal concerning the pursuance of evictions:

If the time period of an eviction notice has expired, and the evicted tenant has not vacated, the Steward must announce this occurrence on the official coop mailing list the day of the notice period's expiration. The Steward or another member appointed by the Steward must also file an eviction suit within three business days following expiration of the notice period. If the evicted tenant vacates within those three business days, the Steward may choose to not file an eviction suit.

Richard: (POI) I took out the language specifying the time period provided in an eviction notice since that is already found in the lease.

Ryan: (amendment) I would remove the last line. There’s no grounds to file an eviction suit if the tenant has vacated. [accepted]

Ryan: (amendment) Effective October 1st. [accepted]

[consensus reached]

Agenda item 5

(Donny) Approval of dates added to the (already approved) CHEA Maintenance funds allocation system: “The Maintenance Committee will convene by January 15th to begin a discussion of where the greatest need lies and what projects each house has been thinking about. By March 1st the Maintenance Committee will decide what projects to approve for that funding cycle so that any leftover minor maintenance money can be spent before it becomes inaccessible.”

Donny: All this is doing putting dates on the last quarter budget allocation. Sasona has approved the dates.

Burgess: Does Sasona having approved it mean there's no conflict between the rendezvous meeting for priority spending and those dates?

Ryan: I'm concerned January 15th is a little early.

Donny: We pushed it back from January 1st out of concern that other dates before the 15th would be too early.

[consensus reached]

Agenda item 6

(Carey, Donny, Sarah) Approve $1500 from reserve funds for major repairs to 109 (Tub, toilet, front door, stove).

Donny: I think we’re tabling this on Ryan’s advice.

Ryan: (POI) The proposal was to take money out of the reserve funds for maintenance items for apt. 109. If we use maintenance money, we get reimbursed by NASCO. Doing it the way this is propose would cost us more money.


New business

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