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*August 24, 2014


Meet and greet

Agenda item 1

Membership review of Mark.

Agenda item 2

(Sarah & Marilyn) Vote on behavioral contract for members of 205.

Agenda item 3

(Peter) Asks to have his labor fines dropped as he plans to move out at the end of the month.

Agenda item 4

(Carey & Azzurra) Associates who have not performed their labor should be ineligible for rental contracts.

Agenda item 5

(Azzurra) Cancel weekly My Fit Foods run, and then a) receive “emergency” KAF food b) Invite KAF planners to meeting c) Continue receiving KAF

​Agenda item 5

(Claude) Reimburse overpaid rent.

Agenda item 6

(Hannah) Deadline for agenda to be posted physicall and on the wiki for items to be voted on is Friday at midnight. Deadline for putting items on the agenda is Friday at noon.

New business

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