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Present: Azzurra, Carey, Corey, Don, Karena, Marilyn, Merle, Mike, Richard, Robbie, Rowan, Ryan, Tim

July 6, 2014

Meet and greet

Merle/Karena here for their second meeting

Cory: Live at a cooperative down south, but it's breaking up. Also here for a second meeting.

Robbie: Also live at a coop down south. Were here at the last meeting on Wednesday. Lots of experience with manual labor.

Cory: I know how to build screens and do some plumbing.

Rowen is also interested in being an associate. Will be here for the next month. Second meeting.

Cory has one cat.

Merle, Karena, Cory, Robbie, and Rowen accepted for membership.

Kylie called in by phone. From Australia. Married an American. Want to live somewhere where we could be part of the community. Have an eight-month-old son.

Proposal by Gatlin: Any item on a meeting agenda which is intended to result in a vote must be worded as a complete motion on the meeting agenda; the content of a motion may be amended during the course of the meeting. A 2/3 supermajority vote is required to add a motion to a current meeting.

Tabled since Gatlin is not present.

Proposal to time-box meetings to two hours

(Richard) Proposal: Timebox house meetings to two hours. If, at the two-hour mark, there remain outstanding agenda items, the meeting chair MUST request via straw poll a time extension of 15

 minutes. This time-extension process MUST be repeated every 15 minutes until a straw poll returns negative or all agenda items are exhausted. If a straw poll passes, the meeting chair MAY,
 using personal discretion and feedback from attending members, rearrange the order of outstanding agenda items to ensure that the most serious items receive attention first. If an outstanding
 agenda item remains after a meeting is adjourned, that item MUST either be rolled over to the following week's meeting or withdrawn by the item's proposer.

Richard: Was inspired by the agony of last week, which went to three hours.

A previous meeting that included a member review also lasted three hours.

Friendly amendment to have a cap per agenda item vs. per length of meeting, or possibly both. Richard does not accept.

Proposal passes.

Discuss the proposed CHEA mission statement, “CHEA creates and sustains affordable cooperative housing communities.” Give feedback or questions regarding such to the CHEA Board. (Do

Tabled: Neither of the board reps are present.

Discuss change machine

Ryan: Could get $1-$5 worth of quarters. There are machines that take 10's and 20's, but cost over $1000. The cheapest ones are $500 but can only hold $120. I can easily give out $100 of quarters in a month, without people even knowing that I give out quarters. The biggest ones hold $250 and cost $700-900-ish.

Why do we need a change machine?

Ryan: It would be nice. I don't necessarily like people knocking on my door all the time but want quarters to be available.

Could have a time period allotted where people can come for quarters.

Ryan: I could do that. Would still rather it be available at all times. It saves me time, and I can use that time for things that are actually important.

Do you think it would not be safe to have it in the laundry room? People come from across the street.

Ryan: I think it could be made safe. Would help us make money, but higher risk of damage.

Carey asks whether taking 10-20's would be valuable.

Richard: I usually don't have cash on me. Can only get 20's from an ATM.

Don: I don't want to have damage done to it.

Azzurra: Would like us to spend as little money as possible.

Ryan: If we get a small one, would want it inside.

What's the cheapest of the ones that go up to 20?

Ryan: Going to be at least $1,000. Needs to have the bigger change bucket. Small ones can be had for $400-600.

Richard: I prefer the big fancy one but don't have too strong of an opinion. A tiny one is better than none at all.

Marilyn: I think the larger one might save you from having to go to the bank so often.

Richard: Could you keep a personal reserve of quarters?

Straw poll taken: 7 for the smallest one, 8 for the medium (larger bucket but still only takes 1's and 5's), 5 for the largest machine.

June financial report


Pay $1000 to join the ACBA and lobby CHEA/Sasona to pay us back $500.

Ryan: I really want us to be members. I think it's a recurring fee but can discuss the recurring part for our next budget. I think we can pay the $1000 and try to get CHEA and/or Sasona to pay the other half. ACBA is just starting up, and they really need the money.

What else would the membership net us?

Ryan: I'm not really sure. We've got a guy that's working for us. He used to work for ICC, so we get the benefit of having a lobbyist representing us.

What business do they do?

Ryan: They're a lobbying organization. There was a City Council resolution a few months ago to investigate how coops could benefit from certain policies.

Are you going to talk to someone at Sasona or go to their board?

Ryan: I figured I'd ask Donny to do it / lobby the board.

Do they help coops network with each other? Could we get to know other worker coops to possibly get greater donations?

Ryan: They hold social events.

Azzurra: But we can go to the social events without being a member.

Concern that it's a lot of money, and, if Sasona doesn't go in with us, we'd be left holding the bag. Friendly amendment to have it only go forward if Sasona agrees to give us $500?

Ryan: I'm not concerned about it. I think we have enough money to do it. I think it would be relatively easy for them to do it.

Azzurra: I'd still like to see us remodel the kitchen. We just spent a ridiculous amount of money on the refrigerator. Lobbying city council isn't high on my priority list. I'd rather see us give labor to someone to go to their meetings.

Merle?: Agree with Azzurra.

Ryan plans on contacting Sasona/CHEA regardless but doesn't accept the amendment.

Azzurra: This would typically be the time you can force a non-friendly amendment on someone, but we haven't discussed procedures.

Carey: Occupy didn't have non-friendly amendments.

Azzurra: maybe some more information on concrete things we would get from membership. Would it get us discounts from other coops?

Marilyn: Could you give information on other projects we're looking at funding?

Azzurra: We've talked about tearing down the wall, etc.

Ryan: It's a long-term goal. My view is that it's a discussion for the next budget. We made a surplus last year, and I expect to make a surplus this year. In the future we'll have bylines for such items. I think a kitchen remodel will cost multiple 10's of thousands. We have $25,000 in the discretionary account right now. Will require a few years of savings and credit to get that done. We're doing really good on maintenance expenses. We only spent $200 on maintenance last month.

Marilyn: I think we have an obligation to the wider community.

Richard: I think that getting our faces out there is important. Sometimes a few of us are looking for work.

Marilyn: When you think about how much the Austin business alliance spends to support corporate efforts, I feel that we need to be the counter voice.

A temperature check is taken: take no action, pass the proposal, or pass the proposal with Azzurra's amendment. More consensus towards option 1.

Azzurra: A brochure would be nice.

Discuss termite bids

Ryan: We have termites. I sought three bids. One didn't respond, one would only do one apartment, and one bid $375. Use the same chemical for termites as for a pet's flee medication, so it's pretty benign.

Robbie: Spot treatments typically don't solve the problem. They just delay it.

Carey: Most of the outer structure isn't wooden. The infestation is in the one external wooden structure we have.

If we went with chem-free, would they be able to take care of everything on the 11th?

Ryan: I don't think so. They're separate groups. I think it's a little short notice.

How confident are we that it's just a spot?

Ryan: The only evidence is a couple of swam castles in the adjacent room.

Proposal to pay ABC $375 to spot-treat the building for termites.


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