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May 4, 2014

Present: Astrid, Brian, Burgess, Donny, Georgette, Frankie, Mike, Peter, Richard

Meet and greet

Brian Donovan: I'm executive director for the Austin Cooperative Business Association. Spoke to a couple people on the CHEA board about joining the business association. Want to understand how LR is working. Organized a working group to do more cooperative housing as affordable housing around the city. Would like to hold LR up as an example of a way affordable housing can be provided and the people who live there can have control over it and keep things repaired. Often things are affordable because the landlord never puts a dime into the building.

Astrid: I'm an applicant. Interested in a room. No pets or allergies.

Burgess: What kind of labor would you enjoy?

Astrid: Cooking and cleaning is what I usually do. Can also learn new things.

Frankie also applying. Interested in a room. Have a cat who I've had for ten years. The friendliest cat ever.

Astrid and Frankie accepted for membership (first meeting was on Wednesday).

(Hannah) Brian Donovan from Austin Cooperative Business Association to speak about his organization and how it relates to La Reunion.

Brian: One of my issues through ACBA is trying to deal with the affordable housing problem in this town. Working with city staff and city council to change the way funding is given out so that coops will score more highly. The coops that existed before LR were all group living coops which didn't fit with what the city considered to be appropriate housing for families or the diversity of people that need affordable housing. I want to get the city to subsidize purchasing places that are affordable now for their tenants. I think that CHEA has the expertise, having launched LR, to be the group to help launch these organizations, or possibly doing some consulting to help get it started. Would like your support to using LR as an example, which potentially means bringing people from neighborhood housing over to show them how you operate the place. It costs a lot less to have tenants manage their own building than to be running all of these buildings.

Donny: Brian is also planning on going to the CHEA board.

Ryan: The first step is for someone from the Housing Authority to see the place?

Brian: I think it would be more appropriate for someone from here to go to the next meeting to answer any questions that they have. I wanted to make sure CHEA was on board to share with the city before I schedule anything.

(Peter) Form policy governing awarding of rent credits.

Peter: I think we should set up a committee to handle this, come up with numbers, then have something to bring to the general assembly.

Peter: The reason I brought the idea up is that we're granting credits based on subjective factors. If person A is given a credit and person B has similar circumstances, then we could extend a credit to person A but not person B. It's a problem for a nonprofit; could be discriminatory. I'd suggest coming up with a committee to write a policy.

Donny: I think this is a good idea. Possibly the membership coordinators and treasurer should be involved.

Richard: I'd be interested in seeing what the legal risks are, or anything pointing to specific laws that we should be paying heed to.

Peter: I can send you that.

(Jess) Formalize coop Sexual Behavior Contract.


New business

Need a new outreach coordinator by next Sunday. Mary is interested.

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