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February 23, 2014

Present: Chad, Donny, Honey, Leslie, Mike, Molly, Richard, Ryan, Travis

Meet and greet

Chad: I'm here to talk about the possibility of bringing authentic relating games to LR. Like interpersonal meditation: you'll have a series of constructs, called games, designed to help you experience what it's like to be present with another person and have a deep connection in a way that you normally don't get. Helps to get to know people better. The genesis of the version I facilitate was at a cohousing community in SF with the goal of helping members connect more deeply.

Donny: Are you charging?

Chad: No.

Meghan: I've been to one at Casa de Luz. Helps you retrain your brain. I'm a recluse; it teaches you how to take people at face value.

Chad: games range from fun and silly, to pushing your edge a little bit, allows you to be more vulnerable.

Donny: Might want a signup sheet.

Chad: My plan is to come with another facilitator. We'd like to have at least six people. Will talk to Eric about a signup sheet, not this Wednesday but the following Wednesday.

Molly: Does it have to be Wednesday? Could it be Thursday?

Chad: I'm hesitant because I know Wednesday works for my master facilitator. Thursday might work for her. I'll ask.

Brainstorm ways for the community to keep Eric from forcibly having to leave La Reunion. (Donny)

Donny okay with being a central point of information for people who might be able to help.

Proposal: meals cooked with house labor must accommodate the dietary/medical needs of our members. (Gatlin)

Gatlin: If we put ramps in at the door so that people can get in, if the house's resources are going into cooking food, all members should be able to partake, same with reading the agenda. Might be a pain, but, if I wanted a stress-free life, I'd move out of the coop. I was told that it was enshrined that cooks don't need to do that. I'd like to reverse this.

Victor: Not just a matter of the cooks doing work. I've done pretty well on Atkins. It's a far more expensive way to eat. Would add a considerable expense to the cooking.

Gatlin: It would. I still think that all members should be able to eat at our house.

Victor: You're making a definition of fairness which I don't think is going to be viable. I think that spending the same amount on all members is fair, but having everyone eat their diet would not be fair because of the financial imposition.

Meghan: I agree that more attention should be paid to peoples' diets. Also agree with Victor that each person cannot be accommodated at each meal. it's impossible. I don't eat sugar but don't expect things to be sugar-free all the time. I pay $25 into the food program but buy my own food, too, so don't count on the food program for all of my food. Recovery cooks' main priority is to make sure food doesn't go bad, so not sure they can accommodate everyone's diet, either. As part of the labor for cooks, I think part of their labor should be paying closer attention to diets. Should be a vegetarian meal. I think we should be more accommodating than what we've been.

Gatlin: We don't want to put ourselves in the position where we might not be able to afford things, but right now we might be able to do so. Obviously recovery cooks are dealt the hand they're dealt.

Meghan: A few people with diets where, if you just stop cooking at a certain point, they can finish it off where they feel like finishing it off.

Molly: Marilyn wants a special diet coordinator to ensure that everyone has at least one dish to eat at every meal. My opinion is that, every meal, I try to make something that is glutin-free and vegetarian. I know we have multiple people who embrace a glutin-free diet and do vegetarianism. Would be doable to introduce more special diets. Coming from the cooking perspective, I make what we have and how I can think of to make it. If I can count on someone to go through all of that and make me a recipe for each dietary restriction, I could do that, but that's a lot of labor. Would be fine making eight dishes instead of four but would want more labor and menus and would want to know for sure that all items accessible and in the kitchen. Don't know if we have the labor to do that.

Ryan: We have two cooks a night. One way would be to pick one cook to focus on making alternative meals. For the history of the food program, it has been under budget. We've received much more food money than we've spent out. Also, I have to make a budget soon, so we need to remove some of this variability. We should think about how we can provide the meal plan and the bulk plan to everybody so we don't have to discriminate between the two.

Honey: I feel like some diets are personal, and some diets are medical. Is a diet to lose weight, or a healthy diet, or because you're diabetic, or because you can't have certain food because of your condition? I just go with the flow; I don't come in here and eat. It feels unfair that we don't come in and jump in to the fight. When you have so many different people, common sense says we can't meet all those needs.

Cynthia: I haven't been cooking vegetarian food because sometimes there aren't any in here. Sometimes we'll always have everything. We'll need to work out a budget. I need to know what I'll have to cook / what's going to be in here.

Leslie: We all have totally different places that we are in life. All of these things equal more and more and more work. I'm about to be 31 years old. What if I want to be a mom? I work 65 hours a week. Can someone like me feel valid at this coop? Not right now. I can't give four hours. I've been the menu planner. Tried hard to create menus that fit everybody's requirements. This conversation has been looked over and over. We got tired, because there isn't an easy answer. I would love for this place to be for people who have the energy to give more time, but I'm a teacher; I can't do that. I hope whatever we devise is realistic for everyone.

Gatlin: I'm not proposing anything specifically. Right now, cooks don't have to use house resources. They don't have to try. Some are, and that's great. I think Meghan said what the solution is; there are things we know we can do and things we can't. This conversation has been mulled over, and I didn't find the resolution satisfactory. I think we can do something a little more accommodating that doesn't break the camel's back. I also work 50-60 hours a week. The goal isn't to generate more work. We can pay attention to things while doing the same amount of work we currently do.

Molly: I think what would be great would be to get a couple of cooking for diabetes cookbooks and have someone come up with recipes for diabetics. It's a large group of people not being served. If you're cooking for someone with medical needs and not a trained medical professional, it's probably going to be really hard. People go to culinary school to learn how to make meals for people with different dietary restrictions. Would be a strong education component. I think it would be an undue burden to ask one person to share that per meal.

Victor: Anything that is good for a diabetic is also good for Atkins.

Proposal: spend $100 on speakers for commons. (Gatlin)

Gatlin: I have speakers up there that people have been enjoying. Those are mine; sometimes I like to listen to music outside the commons. Up to $100; could be much less than that. We should get some speakers for the commons.

Donny seconds.

Ryan: I think it would be appropriate to take out of the tech budget. We got them $1,000, and hasn't been spent.

Victor: I have some speakers that haven't been used in years that might work.

Proposal: monthly officer reports at meetings. All officers must give a verbal report or submit a written report to be read by a proxy at a meeting once per month. (Travis)

Travis: We used to give officer reports, and would take forever. Then we stopped doing that with the idea that officer reports would write their reports on the forum. Happened a little bit but hasn't happened since the new year afaik. This is sort of in between. Officers would give a report but not at every meeting. if they can't give it in person, can write it and have someone read it at the meeting.

Gatlin: I'd like to motion that officers read their report on the first meeting of the month, every month.

Meghan: I agree. I am working with other peoples' money. I need feedback. Propose that officer reports are an agenda item every month, so that people can give feedback. Gatlin accepts.

Donny: Amendment to have officer reports staggered throughout the month.

Gatlin: I'd be willing to add that it's the labor czar's job to distribute them evenly throughout the month.

Ryan: Was going to oppose because most of the stuff I have to do is around the first meeting of the month, so I try to give my reports mid to late in the month. I think that having the labor czar organize the times might be a little tricky. I understand that people might procrastinate but hope that we wouldn't have to have somebody organizing the officer reports. Maybe have a schedule suggesting when people give their reports but don't think it should be an active role. That way it gets added to the agenda automatically.

Donny: “it appears on the agenda automatically” is a problematic statement since the agenda is blank at the beginning of the week. Someone has to remember to do that.

Ryan: Maybe it should be the labor czar's responsibility to set up the agendas. Would be easy to do it without them having to actively do it.

Donny: Proposal is to change the officer description for the labor czar to require them to require the officers to make monthly reports.

Gatlin: I think we already have the purview for this. Don't think we need to change the description.

Meghan: I think it's each officer's responsibility to tell the labor czar that they've put themselves on the agenda.

Victor: Somebody needs to make sure they're spread out. The reason we quit doing them is that we had an hour and a half of reports.

Ryan: I think it's easily self-regulating. If 4-5 people are doing a report one week, can table, or give it to the minutes taker.

Travis: The description of the steward says to monitor the officers. I think it's more the responsibility of the steward than the labor czar.

Victor: This is a work day for me. A lot of times it's hard to get up and come to a meeting. I would be pissed if I got up and came to a meeting and it got tabled.

Ryan: I think you could get priority if that were the case.

Travis: Original language put the responsibility on the officers to deliver reports. I think it's a good idea to have oversight. That's already in the steward's description. I don't think we need to get into more detail about how that happens.

Travis: Amend so that an officer can put it on the agenda if they feel it necessary.

Meghan: I'd rather it always on the agenda so that, if people want to give feedback, they know to go to that meeting.

Travis: Amend so that an officer should put it on the agenda.


We shall find a place outside for the LADDER. (Donny)

Victor: Biggest concern about putting the ladder outside is that ultraviolet light deteriorates fiberclass. We should get a tarp and cover it.

Ryan: I'm offering my three-foot-long cryptonite bike chain. Nearly indestructible.

Proposal: spend up to $100 on soaker hoses for garden (Jessica)

Gatlin moves that we spend $100.

Ryan: Isn't a budget for the grounds. Isn't enough faucets. I think it's going to take a lot more than just buying hoses.

Donny: Would like Jessica to research.

Ryan: Getting gutters would be more effective to conserve water and extend the lifetime of our roof.

New business

Leslie: This Thursday is movie night, 7:30 in Travis and I's apartment. Bring a movie or dvd. March 6 is scrabble throw-down in the commons. Will be food and servesa. If you have ideas for little easy social events, let me know.

Meghan: I work early Saturday and Sunday mornings. I live right above here. The other night it was pretty loud pretty late. Even with my earplugs in I could still hear the guitar. Asking for some advice.

Molly: Can you hear people as loudly if they're in the side rooms?

Meghan: hard to tell. It's more reverberations than anything else. When I put the earplugs in, it was a slow murmur except for the guitar.

Gatlin: I apologize. I think a midnight curfew would be more than fair.

Donny: Sound-proofing the ceiling might be worth considering.

Travis resigning as steward.

Travis: A big group of Michigan student coopers taking a road trip the week after this coming one. Volunteered to give them a tour.

Donny: Next weekend is the general membership meeting. Saturday afternoon; still don't have an exact time.

Meghan: Voluntary cooks? Potluck?

Donny: We were going to ask for an hour of cooking and a couple hours of clean-up.

23 de febrero 2013


Conocer y saludar

Tema 1 del programa

Piensen en maneras para la comunidad para mantener a Eric de tener la fuerza para salir de La Reunion. (Donny)

Tema 2 del programa

Propuesta: comidas cocinadas con el trabajo de la cooperativa deben adaptarse a las necesidades médicas / dietéticas de nuestros miembros. (Gatlin)

Tema 3 del programa

Propuesta: gastar $ 100 en los altavoces para la sala común. (Gatlin)

Tema 4 del programa

Propuesta: informes mensuales de oficiales en las reuniones. Todos los funcionarios deben dar un informe verbal o enviar un informe escrito para ser leído por un poder en una reunión una vez por mes. (Travis)

Tema 5 del programa

Vamos a encontrar un lugar fuera de la escalera. (Donny)

Tema 6 del programa

Propuesta: gastar hasta $ 100 en las mangueras de remojo para el jardín (Jessica)

nuevos negocios

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