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February 2, 2014

Present: Z, Eric, Gatlin, Leslie, Marilyn, Mike, Molly, Ryan, Travis, Virgess

Meet and greet

(Leslie) Proposal to add labor position

Leslie: Not intended to be an officer position. Little one-hour events that are simple and to bring us together for surface reasons. Molly and I have been brainstorming several ideas. Eric wanted a poetry reading. Low-stress events. I'd probably do one every two weeks, put fliers up in Spanish and English, ensure that it is cleaned up. I'm really busy at work. I'd like to keep my stress here to a minimum as far as inter-personal conflict goes.

Gatlin: Was hard to schedule: we want these meals, we want upkeep, it's hard to find places to pull labor from. I think the position makes more sense as an elected thing. To put together an event, you might need resources. I like the idea of stress-relieving social events. With an officership and purview over house resources, I think it'll be more effective anyway.

Z: I tried to put the social coordinator on the schedule, and then we realized that we did not have the time to do it. I would like to give myself an hour as KAF coordinator, and I just don't have the time to allocate. Is there a specific one hour of labor somewhere else that you'd suggest replacing it with?

Leslie: I'm doing two hours Sunday cook and fridge clean. I'd take away from watering or something.

Z: When I first moved in, we did some salon hour events. My concern is being able to allocate the labor for it. Can we have 2-3 of these events be announced on the calendar and be done and see if they catch on, and then we can decide the question of whether labor should be allocated?

Leslie: I'm barely doing stuff here as it is. Don't have time to do it in addition to the labor I already have. Don't want it to be a big deal. If we don't have the labor for it, then I'll just dislike my labor for a while. I have gifts. I like my two hours of cooking. The other labor makes me sad. I'd like to give my gifts to the coop in a way that's low-stress for me and helpful to everyone else.

Molly: I don't think we necessarily need four dishes for Sunday meals. I think there have consistently been left-overs. Maybe we can have you make one dish rather than two, and the other can be a social coordinator.

Leslie: I can always make a salad. Takes twenty minutes.

Travis: Sunday is supposed to be a potluck anyway, right?

Leslie: People were bringing stuff, but wasn't enough. It's become less potluck as the time's gone on, because there's always other food.

Gatlin: It's everyone's schedule. It's Z's and my job to make decisions that are practical. It isn't that I didn't like you having that labor. Somebody has to do these jobs.

Virgess: You'll have more labor in two weeks, when I'm moved in.

Z: We haven't been scheduling Marilyn and VIrgess for four hours since they haven't been able to live here. Been giving them two hours of maintenance labor on their apartments. I've heard rumors that people in the kitchen are talking about reorganizing the way meals occur. Don't know if that'll require more labor. We should know Monday.

Leslie: You guys are fine if it's an elected position? I won't plan anything that needs resources; will take time I don't have.

Gatlin: If you plan an event, you have a small budget.

Molly: Provisionally, Sunday will be three hours for the next few weeks. If people are okay with Sunday dinners being that size, we can keep doing it.

Eric: I think three hours for the meal is feasible. As long as we have food, you're okay. I think this will help with the growth of the coop. When we had desserts and dominos, everyone enjoyed it.

(Travis/Leslie) Proposal to go halvsies on a new oven

Leslie: Travis and I have been without a functioning oven for about two months now. Victor has tried to fix it a few times in various ways. He's been really busy. I really love to cook, as does Travis, and I really dislike cooking in here because it's not my kitchen. We've been looking at ovens. Ryan can speak more to this, but one that I want, that's quality but not fancy, is $469 at Home Depot. 10% off right now, with free delivery and haul-away. We can't be without an oven anymore. Victor is too busy, and we don't know how to fix an oven.

Travis: Our proposal is to split the cost. We'll pay half, and the coop will pay half.

Ryan: You should let the coop buy it, and you can reimburse the coop. It's tax-free if the coop buys it.

Z: Both Donny and Andy and I have purchased new stoves for the coop and just paid it 100%. When Cynthia needed a new stove, because her stove top and oven weren't working, I know that that was purchased by the coop. My oven wasn't working, either, and our stove was disgusting, so Andy and I decided to go halfzies on it. I don't know if our stove could be better than yours, or if parts could be salvaged to fix your stove. As far as I know, we're really, really low on maintenance money. I'd want to hear Victor's opinion.

Ryan: If we consider the two extra months, we still have about $3,000 left in the budget, about half for capital and half for minor maintenance.

Mike: Do you know if NP will give us money for those two months?

Ryan: They'll give us money. We had 4,000 extra dollars, and we've already used $1,000 of those dollars.

Leslie: We couldn't buy the oven ourselves. We really need an oven.

Travis: We don't necessarily need to haul away the old oven.

Leslie: Ours keeps setting the CO alarm off in various ways.

Eric: Might be just as easy to buy a new oven, rather than spending a lot of money to fix the old one.

Ryan: My policy has been that I'm okay with expenses that save us money or improve health and safety standards. I think this falls under that category.

Molly: It's not like you guys haven't put any money into your apartment, either.

Virgess moves to have the coop split the cost with Leslie and Travis and ask Victor if the stove is worth keeping.

Molly: When we have more money, we could retroactively reimburse people for half of the cost of their stoves.


(Donny) Propose to extend current board rep term to 1 year; applies to all future board reps

Z: A one-year-long board term would make sure there is enough continuity. A lot of the things they do have taken longer than a six-month term. The CHEA board hasn't been as on top of things as we'd like them to be, and they have been building momentum right now. They're both willing to continue to serve, and we forgot to put them on the election, so would avoid the need to run another election.

Travis: Would need to change the wording to “all current and future board reps”

Propose to extend the term of all future and current board reps to one year.


(Hannah) If there are personal items remaining in the garage, Gatlin's old room or the large studio room __2 weeks__ from this meeting, I would like to take them to Goodwill.

Travis: We discussed this a month ago. Can we just make it one week?

Ryan: I like that amendment.


Help Central TX ABC w/ mailing distribution through non profit status


Discussion: Modified vs consensus process - differences from democracy

Z: I heard there were discussions about wanting to move up the percentage of votes needed for something to go through. When you bring a proposal in a democratic system, there's the idea that you want your proposal to win. In a modified consensus process, the idea is more that a proposal is brought forward, and any concerns are addressed. Any points of information and clarifying questions are addressed, and, after that, you have a round of concerns. The proposal doesn't go forward until all concerns are addressed. A lot of people have been feeling disenfranchised lately. Maybe our policy has left people feeling that they're the only person with the concern, and they'll get voted over. We have a long, continuing cooperative relationship. If someone feels their concern is not being heard on one proposal, that's bad because it's somebody who's still a member of our community.

Travis: I think it's a better conversation to have with more people here. There are people who don't have any idea what any of this means. When I was in the coops in Ann Arbor, on the board of ICC we used a form of modified consensus. In the houses we used normal democracy–votes might require 50%, or 75% or 80%. In a way, we're more like the ICC board in that we are, in a way, individual apartments coming together to make decisions. We're not necessarily all on the same page. The modified consensus we used worked well for that situation. I think something like that might work well here, too.

Leslie: I never thought of it that way. At CH, there was conflict between 21st and Pearl.

Z: Been reading this book called “Thank you, anarchy,” discussing the role of modified consensus in occupy. The idea is that, if someone has a concern, you want to hear it. We should address it sooner rather than later. At an occupy GA, there was an event during sxsw. People wanted to stagger it to happen at the same time as a band playing. Someone raised a hand, knew a lot about acoustics, said that you wouldn't be able to hear a speech at the same time as the band playing. The moderator didn't understand the difference between a vote and a consensus process. They voted, a few of us voted no, everyone else voted yes, the event went on as planned, the band got pissed, the speaker was not very happy. Even if there's one dissenting voice, we can use the process to help come up with an amendment to capture the strength of everything going forward. I think Molly's compromise earlier was a good example of that. You end up with a compromise that can be stronger than the original proposal. I feel like our current process doesn't allow us as much flexibility in friendly amendments and taking minority concerns seriously.

Molly: I want Z to explain more about your research at an event. I'd love to hear an hour of you explaining this.

Z: If enough people interested, I could do a little bit about compromise from my thesis and talk about consensus process. I wanted to have James from Occupy come but haven't been able to get him here.

New business

Travis: Ryan and myself and Hannah met with Tyrone from AORTA. He's a conflict mediator. We've been talking about writing a proposal to have them come and help us with conflict mediation, meeting facilitation, and process consulting.

Z: Everybody get in the habit of checking the schedule when you come into the commons. There's a new schedule for next week out.

Ryan: Do you put the date for the schedule there?

Z: Yeah.

02 de febrero 2014


Conocer y saludar

Tema 1 del programa

(Leslie) Propuesta para añadir una posición de trabajo

Tema 2 del programa

(Travis / Leslie) Propuesta para ir halvsies en un nuevo horno

Tema 3 del programa

(Donny) Proponer al prorrogar el mandato del representante al consejo de administración a 1 año; se aplica a todos los representantes futuras

Tema 4 del programa

(Hannah) Si hay cosas personales que quedan en el garaje, la habitación previa de Gatlin o la gran sala de estudio despues de 2 semanas desde esta reunión, me gustaría llevarlos a Goodwill.

Tema 5 del programa

Ayudar a central TX ABC w / distribución de correo a través de nuestra estado sin ánimo de lucro

Tema 6 del programa

(Gatlin) Legalizar el cannabis

Tema 7 del programa

Discusión: Modificado vs proceso de consenso - diferencias de la democracia

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