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December 22, 2013


Meet and greet

Laura West, first meeting, no pets or allergies, would want one room

Jack Ingel, first meeting , no pets or allergies, wants a room

Samuel Oakley, first meeting, no pets/allergies, wants a room

Agenda item 1

Z and Gatlin: Cancel Tuesday and Wednesday dinner

Cooks for these days will be responsible for doing a recovery cook shift sometime this week.

Except for Cynthia, who has volunteered to cover Sunday.

Z: Rationale for keeping other cooks on the hook is that we have a lot of salvage food.

Guests are welcome

8 in favor/0 opposed/0 abstentions

Motion passes

Agenda item 2

Agenda item 2: Cancel 12/29 meeting


Agenda item 3

Agenda item 3, Z: Elections will be held on Jan. 6 and will go into effect on 1/7

Z: I will give out ballots on Jan. 2 or Jan. 3, will be tabulated by Jan. 6.

Marilyn: I think we should push it back a week, ballots issued on Jan. 5 and tabulated on Jan. 13.

Z accepts friendly amendment that ballots will be issued on Jan. 5 and tabulated on Jan. 13th.


Motion passes

New business

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