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December 1, 2013

Present: Andy P, Burgess, Diana, Don, Donny, Eric, Jess, McAllen, Meghan, Mike, Peter, Roman, Travis

Meet and greet

Peter accepted for membership

Officer reports


This past week has been lower key than the previous one, due to Thanksgiving and the holiday season ramping up at work. Been working on a Keynote presentation for new member orientation based on what I described in that topic pretty diligently, and am having fun playing around with animations and flare. Andy P has started work on a poster board explaining meeting process, and seeing as how we still haven't nailed down most of the specifics yet, it looks like it's finally time to start having that conversation. This will come in a different topic, probably in the awesome ideas section. Sent out a couple celly announcements over the past couple of days, haven't heard any commentary yet but I'm sure it'll come. Anyone go grab a door or six? Some fairly important decisions were made last night: * First, starting January 1st, the $50 bulk+meal food plan will be no more. Meals will be served for free to all, and the $25 bulk share option is still available for those interested. Some of this money will go toward providing the meals. * Second, we have standardized coordinator terms to regular January-June, July-December 6-month periods. All coordinators will be elected at the beginning of January and July. Coordinators elected in the middle of these terms will only serve until the next general election. * Third, Diana, our lovely bookkeeper, is moving out. There is a nominations sheet on the cork board for her interim replacement, to serve through the end of the month. * Flipside, Eric is moving in! Not only that, he has been elected interim food coordinator until the end of the month as well! Go Eric! welcome to the Co-op! :coop:

Finally, Leslie and I put together a draft for a food program contract last week, but it's gonna need some changing now that the program has shifted. If anyone feels like taking up those reigns, lemme know and I'll shoot what we have to ya. That's it for now. Steward Jones, signing out.


 The last two weeks have been spent trying to get this forum up and running. I have almost completed an administrator guide which will allow me to open up administrator privileges to people in
 the Officer group, making the chain of command much more cooperative. Once that is done, I plan to meet with Nolan to get the forum moved to the coop servers.
 I also want us to look into having a coop holiday party soon. I will have a poll with possible dates in another section shortly.

Food buyer

* Wed - emergency Trader Joe's run, 10:30-12:30 2hrs * Coordinating fridges: 15 minutes * Coordinating Wed - 2 runs TJ Fri 30 min * Fri Trader Joe's 10am-1:30pm

To do: write Food Purveyor Officer Description

Kitchen Manager Position

(Travis) Proposal to standardize 6-month officer terms to January-June and July-December

  • (Travis) Proposal to standardize 6-month officer terms to January-June and July-December.
  • Vacation of seats mid-term will result in special elections to finish out the rest of the standard term.
  • All coordinator positions will be elected in beginning of January and July, organized jointly by the Labor Czar and Steward from previous term.

Travis: Right now, if someone resigns, it starts a new six-month term that we have to keep track of. Gets confusing.

Travis motions to vote. Diana seconds.


(Diana) break contract and move out

From Diana: I would like to bring forward a request to break my contract to move into unit 211 on December 1st so that I can move into a different apartment outside of the co-op at that time. Upon serious reflection, I do not believe living at La Reunion is the best option for me. My job duties have intensified to the point where I can no longer fulfill my responsibilities at work and my obligations to the co-op. I would also prefer to live alone, but I'm unable to afford rent for a full unit. I have already paid my $400 deposit here and I'm willing to pay the rent for December should Hannah not be able to find someone to fill that spot. I understand that there is also a $100 fee for breaking contract and I am willing to pay that. I still love La Reunion very much and am grateful to have been a member here, but as it stands now my membership is causing me more stress than it is benefiting me. I love all the people I've met and the friends I've made and I plan on visiting often, but right now I don't think La Reunion is the place for me.

Diana: Signed a contract to move into Elaine's apartment, but have been reflecting. Not sure the coop is the right place for me right now. I'm not fulfilling my labor responsibilities the way I should be. I also want to live by myself and can't afford a full unit. Requesting not to move into 211 and moving out as soon as possible. We're still waiting for Elaine to move out. Don't know if she's going to stay until the end of the month, or the end of the week. If Elaine doesn't move out and there's still a vacancy, I'm still willing to pay December's rent so that the coop isn't in the hole. Would like the $100 contract break fee to be waived, but okay if it isn't.

Travis: propose to allow Diana to move out. I think we should waive the fee because you've been a great co-oper here. Will hold on to the $400 deposit until we can get someone to fill that spot and pro-rate it based on how long the vacancy is there.

Eric: I signed a contract last night to move into 211.

Peter: Should have a standard rule. If you leave before your contract, should have a penalty.

Jess motions to return all fees and waive fines if the slot is taken. Travis seconds.


Diana: I'm still technically bookkeeper. Can train the person who is elected next. I can keep fulfilling the position until then. I'm moving two blocks away.

Talk about the carbon monoxide detectors, explain the alarms some folks have been seeing, and plans for improving our heating system. (Donny, discussion only)

Donny: Has anyone had their detector go off?

Travis: Leslie says ours has.

Donny: there's been confusion. It isn't natural gas coming into your unit. It's the combustion product of natural gas that isn't coming out of your unit. We have ancient furnaces that have cracks. The air that should go up the pipe isn't going all the way up the pipe. Has probably been happening for years in this complex. If it goes off, it isn't necessarily at a level that's particularly hazardous, but you should crack some windows. Long term, we want to seal off the furnace entirely. Victor has talked to Andy G about doing that. He has a cheap plan for it. To be fully up to code, you need two sources of combustion air.

Peter: Seems you're proposing an energy-saving device; could obtain grants from the Department of Energy. I could find a grant.

Jess: Our CO detector hasn't gone off, but we had a problem with the flu that takes the CO out. Looked like it was connected, but was just placed there and not doing anything. If your alarm is going off, you should shake it around and see if it's attached well. it's a metal pipe that goes from the top of your AC unit and curving off to the site.

Donny: Most of it should be going up. It's hot air mixed with the CO, but should be sealed as close as you can.

Travis: I looked up CO poisoning on Wikipedia. Chronic exposure to low levels of CO can lead to depression, confusion, and memory loss.

Travis: Mark has been doing some tests where the alarms have been going off. Our apartment registered at 60-something parts per million all over the apartment. We opened the windows.

Eric: Honey's neighbor got some industrial fans to push the CO out.

Travis: Don's oven needs to be replaced.

Elect a new Food Coordinator

Travis: Nomination sheet has been up for a week. Nobody made any nominations.

Meghan: I thought there was supposed to be a meeting with Leslie and Z and the cooks about what the exact position was. Did that take place?

Travis: No.

Donny: How many lumps?

Travis: 1 hour. Mainly coordinating meals, ensuring the cooks are communicating with each other.

Donny nominates Eric. Travis seconds. Eric accepts. Travis: We always have a vegetarian option, and several people are glutin-free. You can talk to Leslie and Z about other dietary restrictions that people have.

Vote to elect Eric as food coordinator until the end of December.

Unanimous with one abstention.

Switch to $25 optional bulk buy + free meals, with understanding bulk buy will subsidize certain meal plan requirements, in order to streamline inventory

Travis: Z put on the agenda but isn't here. Gave me some background when she was here a few minutes ago. Seems that we have a lot of money and can afford to make all of our meals free. Meals mostly made with donated food.

Andy: Would that make the food program cost for everyone $25? Would mean a considerable amount of money lost to the coop.

Travis: it would, but we've found that we're not spending much at all of the money that we're taking in. A lot is just going into this pot.

Andy: The money isn't just going to general finances for the coop? It's being kept separate?

Travis: Yes, it's designated specifically for food.

Donny: I think this is an awesome idea. I'd rather see more people coming to meals more often. I'd love to see the bonus money rolled over to maintenance to help with the carbon monoxide problem. If we can lower the price, a lot more people will buy into it.

Peter: Who is making the donations, and on what grounds?

Travis: We have a relationship with Keep Austin Fed.

Nolan: I love this idea. I think it's great that we have these donations and can offer free meals. In light of the fact that we're dropping the food program, I think we should also consider dropping the associate fee. $60/month is kind of steep if people are also buying groceries for themselves. If someone can pay $30-40/month and can get meals, it's more people providing labor, at meetings, at meals.

Donny: the food that we're getting is food that would be thrown away otherwise.

Paul: When we originally bifurcated the food plan, I was worried that people would be resentful of the different levels and the labor split that was discussed at the time. I have heard resentment expressed about not having access to as much food as everyone else. I'd like to see an equalization there.

Travis: We'd still have a bulk sharing program that's just for people buying in.

Motion to switch to a $25 optional bulk buy and free meals with understanding bulk buy will subsidize certain meal plan requirements in order to streamline inventory.

Andy: Doesn't say that meals are free to everyone.

Travis: Says free meals. Doesn't say who gets the free meals.

Andy: I read it as meals free to people who buy into the program. Want to make the language clear.

Nolan: the food that we get for donations cannot be sold. I think that we can safely say that Z's intention was to make it available to everybody. Would not make sense to put it behind a $25 paywall.


Travis: It's December 1. I guess the change will go into effect next month.

Storage of leftovers by DCU - please put in proper containers

Travis: there are containers that are nicely organized. Use them.

Meghan: Things should be labeled and dated. I clean the kitchen and want to know when to throw things away.

Reimbursement for Honey's hotel

Travis: Last week a fire truck came and told Honey that her apartment had so much CO2 that she should not b staying there. We were required by law to give her space. Z fronted the $65 for her to stay in a hotel for a night.

Andy: She has a receipt. $64.29.

Burgess moves to approve.


Is 109 code compliant? What will it take to get it up to code?

Tabled / not discussed.

New business

Burgess: I think that attention should be given to Nolan's suggestion for associates on next week's agenda.

Travis: I'll try to talk to Z. We also now have a food coordinator, so could task Eric.

Travis: I'm working on a keynote presentation for a new member orientation. Coming along quite nicely. there's more information in the forum.

Nolan: Do we know what's going on with our banner?

Travis: was assigned to Jess. I think he's been really busy with the forum.

01 de diciembre 2013


Conocer y saludar

Tema 1 del programa

( Travis ) Propuesta para estandarizar los términos normales para coordinadores de 6 meses, de enero a junio y de julio a diciembre.
Vacaciones de puestos a medio plazo resultará en elecciones especiales para terminar el resto del término regular.
Todos los puestos de coordinadores serán elegidos en los principios de enero y julio , organizado conjuntamente por el Coordinador de Trabajo y el Steward del plazo anterior.

Tema 2 del programa

(Diana ) Romper su contrato y salir .

De Diana: me gustaría presentar una solicitud a romper mi contrato para entrar a vivir unidad 211 el 1 de diciembre para que pueda mudarse a un apartamento diferente fuera de la cooperativa en ese momento. Después de reflexionar en serio , no creo que vive en La Reunión es la mejor opción para mí. Mis deberes del trabajo se han intensificado hasta el punto en que ya no puedo cumplir con mis responsabilidades en el trabajo y mis obligaciones con la cooperativa. Yo también preferiría vivir solo , pero soy incapaz de pagar el alquiler de una unidad completa. Ya he pagado mi depósito de $ 400 aquí , y estoy dispuesto a pagar el alquiler de diciembre debería Hannah no ser capaz de encontrar a alguien para ocupar ese lugar. Entiendo que también hay una cuota de $ 100 para romper el contrato y estoy dispuesto a pagar eso. Todavía me encanta La Reunion mucho y estoy agradecido de haber sido un miembro de aquí, pero tal y como está ahora mi membresía me está causando más estrés de lo que me está beneficiando . Me encantan todas las personas que he conocido y los amigos que he hecho , y estoy planeando visitar a menudo, pero en este momento no creo que La Reunión es el lugar para mí.

Punto 3 del programa

Hablar acerca de los detectores de monóxido de carbono , explique las alarmas de algunas personas han estado viendo , y los planes para la mejora de nuestro sistema de calefacción. ( Donny , la discusión solamente).

Tema 4 del programa

Elegir a un nuevo Coordinador de Alimentos

Tema 5 del programa

Cambie a $ 25 compra a granel opcional + comidas gratis , con entendimiento compra a granel para subvencionar ciertos requisitos del plan de comida , con el fin de racionalizar el inventario

Punto 6 del programa

El almacenamiento de las sobras de DCU - por favor ponga en recipientes adecuados

Punto 7 del programa

El reembolso de Honey Honey (¿? )

Punto 8 del programa

¿Es compatible con el código 109 ? ¿Qué se necesita para conseguirlo hasta el código ?

nuevos negocios

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