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July 14, 2013

Present: Andy, Beth, Don, Donny, Gatlin, hannah, Jess, Kelcey, Leslie, Meghan, Mike, Nolan, Paul, Ryan, Sarah, Travis, Victor, William

Meet and greet

Kelcey here for her first meeting

Andy accepted for membership

Officer reports


William: Plumber was supposed to come today but did not. I called him. Might have been a miscommunication. He's due tomorrow afternoon. Will fix leaky shower faucets, find the city's cut-off for the building. Would like to install a cut-off so that we can work on the water.

Donny: Waiting on Cynthia's stove. It's back-ordered. Will be here around the 23rd.

Hannah: Bed bug guys found dead bed bugs but no live ones. They tore up the bed. Looks like we're all good on that front.

Victor: Frank was ill today. May not be able to work tomorrow but will give free advice. I need a lot of help.

William: We need somebody to find videos on how to do basic repair work.

Don: I'll help you out with that.

Victor: I was able to source about five videos last night. I shot them to Nolan last night. Sent an email on how to check and replace a flapper valve. Very easy to do, and can cost us a fortune in water. They didn't make clear that, to see if your flapper is starting to go out, look in the bowl. If it isn't perfectly smooth there, you probably need to replace your flapper valve. If you see any motion of water, you probably need to replace the valve.

Donny: The gasket is hanging to the right of the fridge.

detailed report

Over The course of the week, Greg created sustainable order out of the Chaos in our storage closets. Here is the report he put on line

The 101 maintenance closet (the one closest to unit 101, that is) now contains only the following items:

hoses and watering miscellany

paint and related gear/supplies

The shelves are labeled for what they should hold. Give it a try. Soon, I'll add some pegboard in there, too.

The 103 closet is the garden and minor tools closet. It has shelves and pegboard, but the board is unpegged at the moment. Stay tuned.

The 203 closet is a good candidate for our workshop, but for now, it's largely unused.

Thank you Greg, both for your physical labor and for creating order where they was none.

Monday 7/8/13

I Checked Sydney's pilot light, Apt #207, and discovered oven controls are not working

Discovered Donny's Oven controls not working

I Cleaned Claude's evaporator, 102 unit is not cooling well

William sized air filters

Tuesday 7/9/13

William and I Moved Greg's Refrigerator to 106 commons

I Checked Jess's AC/ Found a frozen evaporator, taught Jess & Beth how to clean an evaporator and left them with co-op coild cleaner and Metal tape and my baby hair Brush

Discovered Don's refigerator is not cooling lower compartment, room #110. Gasket is loose, b ut in good condition and re-gluable, Had him shut off unit.

Per William, 205, needs a new door handle with lock keyed to match existing locks.

I inventoried known problem A/C units. Scheduled Mark Smith to come out Saturday at 2:00 to exmine A/C units in 102, 203, and 206, spoke with Ryan and let him know I willneed a check soon.

Don from 110 reports that he has re-attached his Ice box gasket, and the unit only cools the freeezer

Wednesday 7/10/13

I Saw Don from #110 when I was getting home from work. Examined his refigerator and found that his gasket was well attached, but his cooling ducts were frozen over. Showed him the ducts and went to sleep. He figured out how to dismantel the unit and clear the ducts YEAH!

Emailed Greg to schedule a time to clean his evaporator before Mark gets here. Greg reports that his unit is c;ean.

William sealed Claude's door, as best as was possible. reports that door seal material is innapropriate.

Thursday 7/11/14

Thanls Primarily to Hannah and Beth, action was taken on the bed bug problem in Claude's room, 102. Beth said Claude reported that he has not been bitten in at least two weeks.

The contractor – ABC – checked pretty thoroughly inside (Claude's bed/scooter, chair, couch, curtains) and only found dead bugs. He said he didn't think any were there, but for $225 he can bring in dogs to smell for them. Then if they find bugs and do the treatment they would credit half of that cost.that back.

Friday 7/12

Paul preped106 fridge for new gasket that Greg ordered.

I Replaced fill valve in Sydney's toilet

I Set Up Sunday plumbing work with Frank Stantonj

Ryan prepared the paperwork we needed to recieve tax exempt status at Crump's plumbing supply, and I turned it into their book keeper.

Donny purchased the parts needed to repair the washer and attempted to repair washer by himself, However, insatlling the stabalizer spring on the washer drum is a two=person job, which is yet to be completed.

Saturday, 7/13

Mark Smith added refrigerant to 102 and 203 A/Cs 206 was OK per Greg. Costt was $235

William Replaced Door knob and installed a prperly keyed lock on 205

After Greg provided transportation to Lowe's, William also Sealed Claude's front door, and installed a striker plate

I Could not locate new spring Donny sourced to repair Washing machine, so it remains Out Of Order.

I Could not locate Don to install the door gasket Greg sourced for the old 106 Refrigerator. So that remains undone.

Sunday 7/14 Frank the Plumber was unable to come today, due to illnessWill be here tommorow, after Doctors visit. May not be albe to work, but he will check in and give free aqdvice..


Meghan: We have people scheduled to cook for next week. Jesse planned a menu but didn't give me a shopping list. I'm not going to be around. He said he would deal with it. I'll be back by Wednesday. Dinner should be on by tomorrow.

Hannah: Who's cooking tomorrow?

Meghan: jesse and Donny. We need more people cooking. Only three of us on the schedule for this week.

Beth: I have a temporary schedule. Hasn't been approved by every cook.

Leslie: I'm an additional cook for sure.


Hannah: leslie and Travis are here. There was a snafu with 201. They agreed to be out by a certain date verbally. I did not get a written contract because I didn't think about it. They changed the plan without telling me until I knocked on their door. They agreed to be out by end of July. There's some weird displacement with Z and Gatlin having been in that space. I've started to migrate some files into the office. Getting HACA correspondence, current contracts, old contracts in the right places.

Kelsey: How many people on the waiting list?

Hannah: No idea how many people have been to one meeting. About 5-6 people on the waiting list. Maybe 7-8. Not all of those people are actively interested by the time we have something open up. They may have a lease ending and need to find something right now.


Ryan: had a conversation with Gatlin about late fees. He said that we've been charging late fees on the 7th and the 18th. I'll start doing that next month. Now I can deal with things as they come. It's starting to get smooth and routine.


Nolan: We're on the new wiki. There's a decent basic infrastructure in place. I'd hoped to migrate stuff over. I'm kind of overwhelmed with personal stuff. Victor sent a whole lot of maintenance stuff that I'd like to put on. I'm pretty sure I have a plan for the minutes. Will have to modify some code. I'm going to punt on the cameras and give them to someone else. There's only so much I can do without being able to see the cameras. It's a one-person job. I want to punt that off to somebody else. I want to start a tech committee for people who want to work on the web site, technology to make life for people better. Gatlin typed up a really awesome agenda. I want to put it on the wiki. I'd like to have a meeting Tuesday at 7 in this room.

Don: I'd like to get a hold of the manuals.

Nolan: I'd like to give to one person. I don't need to be there.

Mike: I migrated the minutes earlier today.

Nolan: We can talk afterwards about how to connect them up.

Community outreach

Jess: Been putting up signs for the house-warming. Somebody is taking them down right after me. Been trying to figure out what we have planned. Talked about having a lady do a class on nonviolent communication, doing another round with the Know-your-rights people.

Hannah: Would be great to have a kid-oriented activity, even if a face-painting, or an art corner.

Jess: I wanted to have a kid-specific party at least every other month. So much of what we do here is beneficial primarily to the adults. Could engage the kids a little more. Maybe renting a small kiddy-pool. Not sure what it would cost. Could put it in the parking lot, and other people would be drawn to it.


Paul: It's been hot. Ocra coming up. Jessica and I cleaned up a bunch of the lillies. I will not be here from Wednesday until Tuesday. We need to have watering people sorted out, ideally twice a day.


Beth: Trying to make a schedule, but no one wants to commit to anything. I have a temporary draft here. If you haven't talked to me, please talk to me so I can see if what I have you down for works. I'd like to hard-code it next week. Next meeting I'd like to institute something for no-shows and credit for covering them. If you have comments, talk to me this week.

Hannah: Explain no-shows?

Beth: Will have labor be really public. If some labor doesn't get done one day, you know who to talk to. You can write down that someone didn't show up for their labor. Will have to figure out if we want to punish people. I'd like to have a record of people credited with extra hours or given a deficit.

Hannah: if you don't make up, you have to pay a fine.

Beth: Or can take large projects on a labor holiday.

Victor: Did anyone volunteer for maintenance?

Beth: Most people said they'd do maintenance but have no idea what they're doing. Anyone who is willing to be on-call for maintenance, let me know. Victor wants to have a few different headings of people. I'm happy taking people off sweeping to do maintenance.

Victor: Enthusiasm is enough.

Hannah: Cassandra, who came to the Peaceful Streets thing, would like to do some regular kid stuff.

Victor: Roberts Rules has committee chairs submit to the secretary before the meeting. If the chairman felt it was a good idea, could submit their full report early. People could go to the minutes to get more detail.

Hannah: We will have meetings where we absolutely need to get four things voted on. Will be brutal if we spend 45 minutes doing officer reports.

(Nolan) Hear presentation from Charles Wyble of the Free Network Foundation about mesh wireless networks, and possibly vote on purchasing necessary equipment to build one

Tabled again. Charles didn't come.

(Hannah) Gatlin requested a rent break. Fairness and amount up for discussion and a vote.

Gatlin: We've had a lot of confusion. I didn't fully understand the plans to make room for Leslie and Travis. Didn't understand that I'd agreed not to have a room anymore. I'll just leave my stuff in that room and give them their privacy. I'll probably be sleeping mostly elsewhere. I can't really rely on that room. I was toying with asking for a rent break so that I could pay hosteling fees somewhere else or do what I need to do. Don't want the house to be overly injured.

Hannah: Original plan was for Z to be away and they could take the room while she was away. Gatlin and Z decided to switch places. Gatlin didn't totally understand that he would need to go up to Z's space in July. There is a room for him, but has Z's stuff in it. It is an inconvenience, and he has been flexible and moved around a lot. He won't be able to sleep in that room for the last two weeks of July. I think giving him a $100 rent break might be fair. I think it's something the house could just eat.

Kelsy: There are two rooms, and two people need space?

Hannah: Gatlin was in a room that Leslie and Travis are in now. There's another room that's there, but has stuff in it.

Kelsey: Would Z mind if you guys were there?

Hannah: She thought that Gatlin was going to go up there.

Travis: We are obsessed with our cats, and Z and Greg are allergic to cats.

Gatlin: My confusion was that at no point did I say, 'yes, I agree not to have a room to myself.' I didn't want to move myself up and back again for two weeks. I would no longer have a room that's soully mine. It's a lot of stuff to go up to Z's room, and it's still not mine. A $100 rent break is acceptable.

Jess: Normally we wouldn't do rent breaks, but it's such a unique situation that seems like a no-brainer. You're not going to have your own space. We have an extra room with a mattress.

Don: I also have an extra room.

Leslie: I just want to thank you. Was a lot of people communicating complicated things. I think it's inevitable that something's going to happen. I'm sorry, and I'm so thankful that you're being generous. I don't think you're being selfish at all. If you need any help, please let us know.

Donny: We were able to get two more people in here paying rent, so not a big loss.

Donny motions that the house grant Gatlin a $100 rent break for the month of July.

Proposal passes, 13-0-2.

New business

Gatlin: Would anyone be opposed to setting up an inter-cooperative luncheon? I don't think the people in other coops know what's going on here.

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