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June 30, 2013

Present: Amyna, Beth, Dana, Erin, Greg, Hannah, Jess, Jessica, Meghan, Mike, Olivia, Paul, Ryan, Victor

Meet and greet

Amyna and Olivia have no pets.

Olivia likes cats but is allergic.

() interested in a unit and has two dogs.

Dana accepted for membership.

Officer reports


Greg: Electrical mostly done. Victor and I worked on the problem with the water yesterday, with the laundry room. Will take time to fix.

Victor: Contractor coming tomorrow. Not clear how that job can be done. We don't know if we can get to it from the bottom or if we'll have to pull the tub out. Pulling the tub out would be really tricky because we can't shut the water off.

Greg: I think we should just let it go and get it next week. No reason to rush.

Victor: Nobody who knows how to do the job has looked at it yet.

Ryan: Since we have the laundry room serviceable, I wonder if we could switch our focus to Claude's bed bug problem.

Victor: No. We've got septic water coming out of it. Someone can work on Claude's thing, but the septic water has got to be done.

Greg: That particular job was handed off over a month ago. I don't think it needs to be a maintenance-led project. Nobody has stepped up to make it happen.

Victor: Saturday the water never shut off. None of the water valves will hold. What we tentatively got planned for next Saturday and the Saturday after is to have a plumbing emergency to replace first the main valve out by the street. Gatlin and Ryan have volunteered to help me dig a ditch out of it. We'll have to dig it out ahead of time for it all to work.

Victor: Laundry room is serviceable. We've got one washing machine and two dryers. If you are sensitive to mold, you probably don't want to go in there for a few days. We found a whole area that was wet, full of mold. All we can do is let it dry and spray it down with bleach once it's dry. If you see water leaking out of that garden hose or water on the floor of the laundry room, let Greg or I or William know as quickly as you can. We need to contain the water until we can get the hub replaced. We got the door up for Claude. Next time we need to put a door in, I think we can get it done a whole lot faster. We discovered that the threshold was all rotten underneath it. We had to build a new threshold. Didn't have time to get it flat. They had built a threshold with caulk and newspaper to get it level.

??: Keeps the bugs from coming in.

Victor: Roaches eat newspaper.


Ryan: I have quarters. Nothing new to report. it's the end of the month. I'll have a detailed report next week. I went to court Friday. It was dismissed since he showed up with documentation saying that we would get paid.

Jessica: Is that what we were waiting for at Sasona?

Hannah: Yes. I told HACA to change the address. Originally we filed at Sasona because it was the address we had. They continue to send some things there and some things here. Don't forget that rent is different this month. It's $450 if you've been paying $400 and $850 if you've been paying $800. If you paid $50 extra last month, then you don't have to pay that $50 this month.


Paul: I've got a second waterer now.


Hannah: I made a membership roster. If you're curious about who's a member and who's not, when who's lease is ending, it's on the wiki now.

Ryan: Is that in a private place?

Hannah: Under membership. Been communicating with people around membership issues. I think we're making some progress with Honey. She wants to still be here. She suggested that we draw up a contract with her to say what our expectations of behavioral change are. I said that I'd be willing to sign a contract for what I would be willing to do if I saw these behaviors again. I'm going to Maine for ten days on Wednesday. I'd like to talk about this on the listserv. Should do sooner rather than later while it's on Honey's mind as well as ours. If anyone has the momentum to bring up a contract next week, great. If not, can wait until I get back. talking to HACA a lot. We're definitely getting paid.


Meghan: Next week we have three shifts. Those people are aware of their shift. One person got back to me with her shopping list. Said that, since I'm leaving, she wouldn't mind doing her own shopping. People Friday never got back to me. Victor cooking Monday. Said that he will deal with it. I don't know how the election will go. Jesse said that he doesn't mind being in charge while I'm gone, but he has been in charge for the past month. The people who said they'd cook will just have to cook and buy their own groceries.

Victor: I sent you an email.

Ryan: I can give you guys the card. They would have to bring me back a receipt. Try to spend under $40. That way we can have a barbecue at the end of the month. How many people running for labor czar?

Hannah: Beth and Travis.

Meghan: If I get elected as food person, since I'll be gone, I need to be in contact with them to create a schedule for this month. Whoever gets elected, if they could email me after I'm elected. We could develop a schedule for the rest of this month. If Azzurra gets elected, she's not coming back until August, but I wouldn't mind being food buyer for another month. Most important to get a workable schedule, cooks knowing what their responsibilities are. For the next week you're on your own.

Paul: Could we get it posted in a public area?

Gatlin: The copier jammed. I'd love to do that.

Jessica: I can print stuff at Sasona if you want.


Gatlin: Trying to do elections right now. You'll get them under your door, or I'll find you in person. I probably did not properly communicate. Made a lot of assumptions having lived in coops. Implicit assumptions is that schedules repeat until they're changed. Also, Azzurra's labor needs to be switched around.

Meghan: When are the ballots due, and when is the counting?

Gatlin: Thinking about having that be Tuesday night. As soon as I get all of them, I'll announce where and when. I want to get a box for you guys to put stuff in.

Meghan: I'm leaving at 5:00 in the morning. Can we vote online?

Gatlin: I'm going to work with you guys specially on that.

Approve grounds coordinator labor description (Hannah)

Hannah: The Sasona one that we yanked didn't seem to cover all of our basis. Did you add anything to it?

Paul: Minor changes; mainly suggestions you had made. The version on the wiki hasn't changed in two weeks afaik.

Greg moves that we approve the description on the wiki.

Proposal passes unanimously.

Proposed description

(Erin) Have a La Reunion house-warming party on Saturday 20 from 6:30 until LR kids need to go to sleep

Erin: I think it would be incredible. Initially I just wanted to get Sasona over here. There's energy that could be brought, but we've got to get them here. Victor and a lot of other people suggested inviting lots of coop people. I'm the events coordinator for Sasona; moonlighting as events coordinator over here to run the party. No alcohol but will provide a big thing of gateraid. Byob.

Meghan: I want to make sure we get 4-5 people on a volunteer basis as clean-up crew.

Erin: I agree.

Motion to have a house-warming party on July 20 from 6:30 until the La Reunion kids need to go to bed, with 4-5 volunteers as clean-up crew.

Proposal passes unanimously.

(Erin) Allow Associate Member Erin Bannen to use her marketing background to run a fundraising campaign to raise money to make Reunion’s building better. The house officers and house itself will decide what the money will be spent on, and who will be doing the work, before the campaign is launched. If Erin raises the amount of money decided upon, she will be awarded 1 year free membership with no labor.

Erin: I'm probably going to table the second part. I've run nonprofit fundraising campaigns before. We'd have a campaign run predominantly by me. The house / officers can decide what we want to spend the money on. Won't begin until we have estimates on the web site. Want to know exactly who will be doing the work. Sarah W. had a lot to say about grant-writing and grant matching. If this starts in two months, great. Just getting permission to start working on it, to build a web site. Will consist of a section saying what we're fixing, a section discussing La reunion, a Contact Us tab, allow people to donate to a certain project.The concept will be that we have an amazing community and a broken house. We want the amazingness level of the house to match the community. Money will be kept in a Velocity account. Will probably last three months.

Jess: Other than the web site, what sort of fund-raising?

Erin: We need to gather a lot of social media content. Getting pictures, testimonials. Every time I get new information, I post on Facebook / the web site. The goal is to create a web site where people can give us money.

Erin: Last thing I did was to raise $2,000 for someone who wanted to get a meditation certificate. Was an intern for a nonprofit.

Mike: Planning on soliciting loans, or donations?

Erin: Just donations.

Mike: Loans might be worth considering at some point. Might increase the amount we could raise. Could ask Wheeatsville, College Houses.

Erin: There's a place for that, but I don't feel qualified. Not in this campaign.

Greg: Is it possible to have this account at Velocity created by the LR treasurer?

Erin: I would prefer that. Let's do that. I would prefer not to have access.

Paul: There's a threshold. What's that number?

Erin: The amount of money that we wanted. We have to decide. Marketing campaigns lose momentum after a while. If I don't get you your money in three months, then it's probably not going to happen. Whatever we target, we'll probably have it or not within three months.

Jess: What will the web site cost?

Erin: Nothing. I'm paying for it. I want this to be easy. Worth it to pay for myself because it's easy.

??: What is your main problem with the building?

Hannah: We could talk about this for a while.

Proposal passes unanimously.

Erin: The reason there was some form of payment asked was that people I talked to said that you needed some kind of exchange for people to be taken seriously. I wanted to do it for free in the first place. This hit a huge nerve in this house. I didn't realize that asking for payment would hit such a huge nerve in this house. It seems that there are lots of great discussions about labor and payment that I didn't know are happening. I don't want to lead that discussion. If at some point LR decides that they want to pay people for labor, that's great. I feel really burned by the community because of the reactionary emails of Nolan. The reason it was there is that I wanted to be professional and wanted to help both parties. It's clear in this community that it will not. Will talk to Nolan.

Gatlin: Donny pointed out that, at a previous meeting, we voted to allow this sort of thing at a per-project basis. Discussion on April 14, went without a vote. It is perfectly legal and ethical to discount peoples' dues. Nothing stopping the labor czar from specifying someone's labor for the next three months. College Houses gives dues rebates. It is a matter of whether we want to compensate you for this. I stopped reading the thread because it hurt me as well.

Beth: At 21st St, that would happen a lot, and people were paid $10/hour for extra labor. Rather than paying maids, we would pay our own.

Hannah: We aren't in a position to cut people rent subsidies. We're on a shoestring. This is different, though. It's an associate membership. There would be very little cost to this. We need money. The cost-benefit calculator is extra weighted by that we need money.

Mike: Other people were commenting aside from Nolan, as well. Should be part of a larger discussion of how to compensate for labor for people going above and beyond.

Ryan: How much will the web site cost?

Erin: $30/month.

Ryan: Should ask for reimbursement for those expenses.

Erin: I will take that into consideration.

Ryan: People get reimbursed for expenses all the time.

(Hannah) In the event of our next vacancy do we want to continue generating income from renting out the common space, or phasing out the renting of common rooms?

Hannah: Should I fill the next vacancy with someone from the commons, and we'll lose $400/month, or should I move a new person in? With the understanding that, if someone in the commons wants to move in.

??: It was voted on that the people who just moved in would be the last people. We could have a re-vote, but was already voted on.

Greg: Nearest-term opportunity to have a big amount of space out is to empty out the back bedrooms and knock out the door. Would give us a very large room that we can do something with. Going down from 3 to 2, we can do a lot.

Meghan: Is it possible to get a cost-benefit? If we don't have anyone living here, it's awesome that we can work on the house, but, if we don't have money, then it's just empty space.

Ryan: As soon as we can not be discovering maintenance problems every other day, we can answer that question. If we don't discover any more maintenance problems, we could probably afford to renovate the commons. Probably won't be the case.

Meghan: Whenever the next vacancy comes up, will we have money to renovate that empty space?

Greg: Removing walls is cheap. There's nothing structural out there.

Meghan: When are vacancies of non-members?

Hannah: One ending in August that I'm still communicating with. One that I can think of in September but already communicating about renewal. Several in October.

Paul: Not guaranteed to allow new folks in, either.

Mike: I don't think having people living in the commons leads to people interacting less, but there are issues of boundaries with people in the commons. Maybe people want to put things in the closet on top of things that someone needs access to. Maybe a new person will have a couch that they don't want to put in storage and that we don't have room for. Don't want new members to come into a situation where they don't know what they're getting into.

Meghan: Will need space if we'll have a community kitchen.

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