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June 16, 2013

Present: Z, Becca, Donny, Gina, Greg, Hannah, Jess, Meghan, Mike, William

Meet and greet

Becca: Lived at HoC in the past. Work for a preschool coop. I'm the only employee. It's a 15-family coop.

Officer reports


Donny: Electrical project on-going. Victor doing search to see if there are buried plans for this place.

Greg: All the panels are in all the units. Outside disconnects on this building but not on that building. When the city was here, decided that we need to put ground rods in. Mostly installed. I'm concerned because it's a lot of copper that can be easily pulled out of the ground. There's insulated wire going from beneath ground to the box. Asked if we could put it in a sturdy steel pipe. Will see what he says. I think we should pay for it. Once the city approves, we can put concrete over where the ground rod is so that people don't tear it out. It's a little bit above our bid. Original bid didn't include ground rods. If the city wants metal sleeves around the big risers that go from the box on that building to the drop, the insulation is frayed. That will be another cost. The problems that 205 had with the outlets are now cleared up. Claude having trouble with his garbage disposal. I'll get the contractor on that. 10 units will be off. All the units that are attached to the drop on the south building will have to be off on June 25. The city will shut down the power at 9:00 and hopefully get it all done that day. If anyone has problems like what Claude uncovered, then let us know. I think they estimated 2 hours/panel, and it's taking 2.5/3. Will probably be over $20,000 easily before it's all done.

Donny: Heard from Ruth that they were discovering things about the aluminum wiring. Seemed to be in every unit except the run to the refrigerators, which seemed to be copper. May be an issue as we go forward.

Z: Would be cool to have a group to help each other do interior repaints and projects to beautify their own units. Start with Claude's unit. Claude wouldn't be required to do labor towards other projects. A commons repaint would be second. Is the maintenance team amenable?

Donny: Yeah. Shouldn't be limited to maintenance. We can make sure everyone knows where the pans and brushes are, how to clean them.

Z: Sherwin Williams on Airport is having an awesome deal on paint. $5/gallon. Their buckets aren't structurally sound.

William: Cynthia brought up the light on the stairs.

Define criteria for ranking maintenance projects so that maintenance team can work on them in priority order

Greg: Rather than ranking projects, we define criteria. The one I have in mind is preventing harm to humans, protect structural integrity.

Donny: Damaged property.

Greg: Define property.

Donny: Personal property. Assuming structural integrity covers public stuff.

Greg: Does that include theft?

Donny: It could.

Victor: Once we can get safety out of the way, need to have opportunity cost. What is the cost that we incur if we do not do this? We have water leaks. Money going down the drain all the time. Once we get safety taken care of, I think we need to start thinking in terms of dollars and cents costs.

Greg: Environmental impact.

Victor: What are we thinking of?

Donny: Crappy a/c units, dumping water into the sewers.

Meghan: Liability.

Victor: Aesthetic.

Meghan: Personal space. Don't want to be doing construction at 5am. Don't leave things lying all around. Quiet enjoyment. Also, if children are running around.

Greg: Convenience of residents.

Z: Building community. Talking about how the common space is going to be used. There's an opportunity cost of having the unit be empty, but we need to figure out how to make the money happen. Windows in the apartments are pretty bad. Most don't have screens. A lot of them don't open. With the West Nile Virus, and children, all of the windows should be updated.

Mike: Quality of life.

Z: Universal access. Would Sarah be able to use the bathrooms?

Mike: NP has money for accessibility, but has been lean lately, but we could also do independently of NP accessibility budget.

Greg: Propose that everyone get four votes.

Preventing harm = 8
structural integrity = 6
preventing personal property damage = ?
theft = ?
opportunity cost of no action = 7
environmental impact = 3
legal liability = 5
aesthetics = 1
personal space = 1
residents' convenience = 0
building community = 6
quality of life = 3
accessibility = 3

Greg: Propose that we take this online and get additional votes. I don't think we have enough votes with the people here at the meeting.

Jess: Could we come up with a print version?

Mike: Projects have costs and benefits; if something will marginally benefit one or two people, then might be lower priority.

Greg: By that definition, accessibility would never get done.

Define criteria for ranking the relative importance of all activities that require labor to ensure that all of the important work is done first Meghan: Will the food program, are only people involved required to work, or is that part of labor?

Hannah: Technically that's Gatlin's area. If people agree to it, I don't think it necessarily matters. If somebody owes two hours and only available Wednesday nights and we need a Wednesday night cook, then great.

Greg: I think there's a difference in the labor requirement. Two hours if you're not; four hours if you are. How many do we have in the food program?

Hannah: 15. 24 total.

Greg: We have 78 hours total per week to allocate. 30 are absolutely dedicated to meals. I'm encouraging us to define what is most important to us. Let's list the things we're doing labor towards.

Greg: Maintenance.

Victor: We can split maintenance into preventative and fix-on-failure. You can predict preventative maintenance. Can't predict the other kind.

Donny: Cleaning. The courtyard, kitchen, parking lot.

Hannah: Grounds, which might overlap with cleaning.

Greg: We need a definition of what is grounds.

Hannah: Generally I'd say that cleaning grounds is part of grounds. Also, cleaning the commons.

Z: There was a shower failure. We had to possibly offer the shower to another resident. It's not just your shower if you live in the commons.

Greg: Garden.

Victor: Are we going to have a recycling program?

Greg: Somebody is doing it. I don't know if they're getting credit for it.

Hannah: Administrative.

Hannah: Membership.

Meghan: Technical.

Meghan: Food. Do we have any kind of security program?

Hannah: We have cameras, which we talked about putting under the information systems person.

Hannah: We've had people interested in seeking out grants.

Hannah: Maintaining the common space is spiraling out of control, especially after meals.

Greg: Administrative would also be meeting minutes.

William: Would be helpful to have a blank space on the survey for someone to inject something.


Meghan/Z: Face painting / clothing swap the 28th.

Z: Salon hour Monday from 8-10. Conversation on different types of consent, and the difference between work and labor. Peaceful Streets coming Wednesday.

Hannah: If you are involved in a conversation with the police officer, what can you do, and what can't you do? Come on down. 7pm in the courtyard.

New business

Meghan: I need to get everybody's availability for July. If you're in the food program, I need to know when you can cook and clean to make sure we have enough people. Jesse was supposed to meet with Cynthia and get back to me, and that didn't happen.

Z: Gina and I cleaned and reorganized the pantry.

Meghan: If we could get a couple of volunteers to inventory the pantry by July before we add to it.

Donny: Z, did you and Gina do this?

Z: Was an initial inventory, but need more things inventoried. There are things on the top shelf where we weren't sure who they belonged to. Willing to do more work. Don't want to do it all by myself.

Meghan: Do we want our meals to be assigned by the meal planner, or collaborative with the cooks?

Donny: Can be up to the cooks. One way that it's worked before is that the menu planner assigns a menu. The cooks change it if they want to.

Meghan: Cynthia is the menu planner but doesn't have any experience. Flying by the seat of her pants. I want to get an idea of how to work this. Is Cynthia going to assign meals to people?

Hannah: Not necessarily the answer, but I would recommend that we at least have a menu every day. If the cooks decide they don't want to use the menu and have other ingredients, then great, but we should have a backup.

Meghan: Is this Cynthia's decision?

Donny: It's the menu planner's job. They write out the menu.

Gina: If you want to cook something in particular, you'd send your recipe to the menu planner.

Meghan: I think we're going to piggyback with Sasona for produce. They're going to buy it for us. I want to pick it up. I need to get a menu for July by the last week of June.

Donny: We need to talk to Cynthia.

Meghan: I talked to her earlier. Will meet with her on Friday. I tried to communicate with Jesse. Haven't heard back. I'm going to do the best I can. I need help, especially from people who have experience in coops. If people could volunteer who have experience for the first week of July, we could get a shopping list and a menu. You guys could collaborate with Cynthia and help her. That would help me tremendously.

Hannah: I think I'll be gone.

Meghan: I'm also out of town the first week of July but will do everything I can the last week of June to ensure everything taken care of.

Hannah: If you haven't gotten the information and Gatlin hasn't, bring a piece of paper next week.

Meghan: I'm going to email everyone in the food program personally. Hopefully they'll respond.

Hannah: If you're looking to get answers from people, be prepared to hound people.

Donny: Do we really need to have a new fridge by July 1?

Meghan: I don't think that that's a priority. We've got people moving in and out of that room right now. I think that everyone has a kitchen. We can do some side work in those places. It isn't the only kitchen that we have. I don't want to spend that amount of money right away.

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